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We identify!

AutoID Profesional Solutions

We identify!

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AutoID was founded in 1997. It is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in providing complete solutions for the integration of labeling/marking and automatic verification systems into automated production lines.

Specialized AutoID consultancy
Custom software applications
Authorized service and technical support
Design and installation of automation systems
Equipment rental

Why Choose AutoID as a Partner?

Free Testing
Test before you buy to ensure the reliability of the offered solution.

Direct Partner
As a partner with direct acquisitions from the largest manufacturers in the industry, AutoID offers innovative equipment at advantageous prices.

Fast Delivery
Customer Support
Authorized Service
Extended Warranty
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Angaben zum Unternehmen

Unternehmensname: SOFA SOFT SRLVorname: SOFT SRLNachname: SOFAAdresse: Florentina nr. 16, 307285 Mosnita Noua, RumänienTelefonnummer: +40 736629965E-Mail: contact@autoid.roUSt-IdNr. RO 9601390