Greeted As Liberators von VO1D (2016)

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[ENG]Deluxe 2CD version of the second album from Toronto-based electronic producer v01d.Joe Byer AKA v01d returns with a new album (with bonus unreleased early album as a 2nd CD!) that mixes industrial, metal, rock and IDM. An album not to sleep on! Genre-agnostic, but drawing inspiration from post-metal, experimental techno and old-school industrial. Odd time signatures designed to challenge the listener as much as the subject matter in the lyrics: imperialism, war, misogyny and race. "We will be greeted as liberators" is a phrase uttered by historical revisionists as they revise history and distort facts. This album is a protest of that narrow view of history: from the position of the victors, who are often the oppressors.
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