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  • CD Arena - The Unquiet Sky

    In several songs classic elements of the Arena sound of earlier years have been incorporated. New band member on bass is Kylan Amos who already performed with Caamora and on Clive Nolan’s “Alchemy“ and who contributed the photos and artwork of the booklet.
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  • CD Arena - The Seventh Degree of Separation

    The new conceptual album deals with the last hour of life and the first hour of death. With Paul Manzi (Oliver Wakeman Band) the band has found a new very good and powerful singer. The new work is well produced and recorded.
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  • The Savage Rose: "Savage Rose & In The Plain" (2on1 Digipak CD Reissue)

    Two original recordings on 1 CD In The Plain (1969). Savage Rose (1968). Savage Rose. I'm Walking Through The Door. Let's See Her. A Trial In Your Native Town. His Own Happiness / God's Little Hand.
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  • PANTA REI-same-1973-heavy progressive from Sweden - CD

    Panta Rei is attributed to Heraticlus thoughts about change. (panta rei) meaning everything flows in ancient Greek. And this is exactly what you get in this album. Originally issued on the Harvest label in 1973, this is a wonderful stream of trippy Heavy Swedish prog with an intensely groovy jazz-rock & fuzz oriented approach that comes close to Frank Zappa circa "Hot rats", with some spacey-freaked-out atmospheres and an underlying Canterbury feel.
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  • Beggars Opera Pathfinder CD progressive Rock 1995

    Die CD ist im Top Zustand, die Hülle hat vorne leichte Gebrauchsspuren. Vielleicht findet sich ein Liebhaber dafür.
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  • DEMIAN-rock star farm-CD 1974-unknown progressive Hard Rock

    Originally released 1974. It contains an excellent and quite eloquent rock opera, which sounds like The Doors meets early Bloodrock- whit trippy organ work and very fine and strong vocals similar to early David Bowie and Arthur Brown!
    EUR 10,00
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  • TOMORROW´S GIFT - Tomorrow´s Gift - CD 1971-Krautrock- Longhair

    Tomorrows Gift first (double-) album is a true German Krautrock classic. The recordings were newly remastered and for the first time there is a comprehensive story of the band with a lot of unseen photos describing the decline and fall of Tomorrows Gift written by band founder Manfred Rürup.
    EUR 13,50
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    Produkt: NOVALIS "SCHMETTERLINGE" 16-CD DVD-BOXSET NEU! VÖ 31.03.2017. Zustand: NEU !
    EUR 139,99
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  • CANNABIS INDIA - SWF- Session 1973 - CD Longhair

    Another forgotten pearl from the vaults of radio station SWF, Germany. When he heard Keith Emerson for the first time he changed his instrument and played organ with great enthusiasm. Together with drummer Rüdiger Braune (in the 80ies with Gianna Nannini) and furious bass-player Dirk Fleck Cannabis India run through their pieces with infernal speed but also with a sense of drama.
    EUR 14,79
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  • BLODWYN PIG- bbc sessions-1969-1974-CD-progressiv Rock

    The Lady Of Liberty (by Blodwyn). Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man. Moon's Gone (by Blodwyn). The Change Song. Baby Girl. CD / Cover Zustand sealed ! It's Only Love (live). Für Kunden aus Deutschland bevorzuge Ich eine Überweisung auf mein Konto.
    EUR 11,50
    EUR 2,50 Versand
  • FRANK ZAPPA - DEMO'S 2CD (ultra rare!!!)

    Original und in Top-Zustand. DEMO'S (2CD). Für Zappa-Bootleg -Sammler dieabsolute Rarität Format: CD. Land: UK. 3 Lisa's Story Of Her Life 5:37. 6 Easy Meat 8:42. 1 The Deathless Horsie 10:23.
    EUR 345,00
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  • GANDALF-same-CD 1968-psychedelic Rock

    Can You Travel In The Dark Alone, which is easily the best of Peter Sando's two originals on the album. There's also an ethereal and delicate cover of Harry Belatonte's 1957 recording. Scarlet Ribbons.
    EUR 12,05
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  • ReGenesis - Live at the Empire CD NEU OVP

    New Age & World Music. Ankauf von CD -Sammlungen. Da häufig gefragt wird: Alle CD's sind Originale (original CD's only). Musik DVD. Zustand/Condition: 1 OVP / sealed. Funk & Soul, Hip Hop. Jazz Avantgarde Swing.
    EUR 7,49
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  • CD Alan Reed - First in a Field of One (Pallas)

    After his largely acoustic CD-EP “Dancing with Ghosts“ the former Pallas singer Alan Reed came up with a magnificent album in full length in 2012. On this work he presents himself as an excellent songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist (guitars, bass, synthesizer, percussions).
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  • ASIA - Best of - CD - NEUWARE

    ASIA - Best of. Heart of gold. Neu / Nicht versiegelt ! (ohne Folie). Boys from diamond city. Moon under the water. Fight against the tide. The mariner's dream.
    EUR 6,99
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  • Crow: "Crow Music" (CD Reissue)

    CD reissue 2010 Flawed Gems. It would be hard to beat Crow for good old biker/garage rock! Dave Waggoner (Wagner) had a hell of a distinctive voice. Larry's.
    EUR 11,90
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  • If: "If / If 2" (2on1 CD Reissue)

    2 original recordings on 1 CD - If 1 (1970). - If 2 (1970). Dick Morrissey Sax, Flute. Dennis Elliot Drums. Jim Richardson Bass. Terry Smith Guitar.
    EUR 13,90
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  • Hackensack: "Give It Some" (Digipak CD Reissue)

    Fans of Iron Claw, Leafhound, Incredible Hog, Budgie take note. This is said to be heavier than their only officially released album. Rock and Roll Woman. Heavy Blues Rock (UK). Black-Witch Woman. No Last Verse.
    EUR 12,90
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  • LIMITED Ultra DELUXE 3CD +LIVE 1983 + 5.1 2DVD BOX Set MIKE OLDFIELD Crises 2013

    Mit zusätzlicher 2-DVD "LIVE at WEMBLEY 1983" und neu remasterten 5.1 Audio mix by Mike Oldfield (2013). ULTRA RARE LIMITED DELUXE EDITION 3-CD in BOX. "CRISES" - 30th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET EDITION. ULTRA RARE und schon vor Erscheinen SOLD OUT und vergriffen !
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    Good (almost a lot marks and scratches, but still plays without any problems, viele Oberflächenkratzer, CD spielt natürlich ohne Probleme). 2-CD-Set, guter Zustand (vg).
    EUR 2,99
    EUR 2,60 Versand
  • TEMPEST-in concert 1973-74-CD-progressiv Rock

    TEMPEST-in concert 1973-74-CD-progressiv Rock-on the air. Für Kunden aus Deutschland bevorzuge Ich eine Überweisung auf mein Konto. CD / Cover Zustand sealed !
    EUR 12,05
    Preistendenz EUR 12,48
    EUR 2,50 Versand
  • Magenta - Robert Reed - Sanctuary II (neu)

    CD 2 1. Salzburg 2. Pen Y Fan 3. Les Penning Section (Single Edit) 4. Marimba (Single Edit) 5. Side Two Opening (Alternative Edit) 6. Side Two End (Alternative Edit) 7. Marimba (Chimpan A Remix) 8.
    EUR 16,99
    EUR 2,20 Versand
  • Frank Marino: "The Power Of Rock'n Roll" (Digipak CD)

    THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL is a 1981 release by hard rock guitarist Frank Marino, former leader of Mahogany Rush, featuring "Play My Music" and "Stay With Me.". The Power of Rock N Roll. Ex-Mahogany Rush (Hard Rock).
    EUR 12,90
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  • Demian: "Rock Star Farm" (CD Reissue)

    It contains an excellent and quite eloquent rock opera, which sounds like `The Doors meets early Bloodrock` - whit trippy organ work and very fine and strong vocals similar to early David Bowie and Arthur Brown!
    EUR 13,90
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  • Ray Wilson - LIVE (2 CD's) / Pop & Prog Rock

    Die CD's sind gebraucht und können die üblichen. z. Teil altersbedingte Gebrauchsspuren auf Hülle und/oder Disc besitzen, müssen dies aber nicht. Ray Wilson. Der Käufer trägt grundsätzlich das Risiko durch Verlust und Beschädigung der Ware auf dem Transportweg.
    EUR 27,00
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