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  • Chon - Homey [CD]

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  • Animals as Leaders - Madness of Many

    Animals As Leaders - Backpfeifengesicht 4:28. Animals As Leaders - The glass bridge 5:05. Animals As Leaders - The brain dance 7:02. Animals As Leaders - Arithmophobia 6:03. Animals As Leaders - Ectogenesis 4:57.
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  • Born of Osiris - Eternal Reign

    In 2007, Chicago-area deathcore outfit Born of Osiris released their first EP, The New Reign. Wrapped and topped with a big bow for their die-hard faithful, The Eternal Reign improves upon the debut with polished production that results in a sharper, more punishing attack.
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  • City in the Sea - Below the Noise

    City In The Sea - Light the way 3:33. City In The Sea - The purge 3:45. City In The Sea - Dead beliefs 4:21. City In The Sea - Without an answer 3:01. City In The Sea - Convoluted 3:46. City In The Sea - Those who vanish 3:53.
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  • Betraying the Martyrs - Resilient

    Betraying The Martyrs - The resilient 4:09. Betraying The Martyrs - The great disillusion 4:17. Betraying The Martyrs - Dying to live 3:45. Betraying The Martyrs - Behind the glass 3:20. Betraying The Martyrs - Lost for words 3:59.
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  • Erra - Drift

    The third studio long-player from the Birmingham, Alabama-based metalcore unit, Drift is Erra's first outing for new label Sumerian Records. Drift is the first Erra outing to feature new vocalist J.T. Cavey, who replaced outgoing screamer Ian Eubanks after the latter injured his voice just a few weeks into the sessions.
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  • I See Stars - Phases

    I See Stars - Take me 2 church 3:52. I See Stars - Your love 3:37. I See Stars - What this means 2 me 3:33. I See Stars - Murder mitten 4:02. I See Stars - The common hours 3:06. I See Stars - Youth 4:04.
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  • Structures - Life Through a Window

    The sophomore outing from the Toronto-based (djent)lemen responsible for 2011's fractured metalcore missive Divided By finds the hard-hitting Canadians parting ways (amicably) with vocalist Nick Xourafas and handing guitarist Brendon Padjasek the mike.
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  • Asking Alexandria - Black

    There's something to be said about letting go. In 2015, after a period of internal turmoil and divisive creative differences about the band's direction, Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop left the band.
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  • Through Fire - Breathe

    Through Fire - Blood on My Hands 2:57. Through Fire - Breathe 4:00. Through Fire - Breathe [Acoustic] 4:13. Through Fire - Reborn (Intro) 1:05. Through Fire - Breathe [Extended Version] 4:15. Through Fire - Breakout 3:13.
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  • Chon - Grow

    San Diego-based emo prog instrumental quartet Chon followed their 2014 EP Woohoo! with the expanded production values and compositional intricacy of debut full-length Grow. First single "Story" was followed up by "Can't Wait," one of their few tunes with vocals, shortly before the release of the album.
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  • Asking Alexandria - Stepped Up and Scratched

    On their remix album, Stepped Up and Scratched, Asking Alexandria hand the keys over to artists like Celldweller and Borgore as they attempt to take the bands dance-pop touched metalcore out of the mosh pit and onto the dancefloor.
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  • CHON Homey CD NEU PRE ORDER 16/06/17

    Here and There. CHONxGiraffage: Feel This Way. DD5 2AX. The Space.
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    Aus Großbritannien
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  • After the Burial - Wolves Within

    For some, progressive metal will always be a genre defined by its sprawling song structures and classical fusion. However, there comes a time when one has to wonder: if progressive metal never changes, is it still progressive?.
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    >>>> Alle Bilder sind nur zur Anzeige. Wir werden nicht responsibile werden für diese Variationen gehalten. Habitual Line-Stepper [Explicit]. Label: Warner Music. Remain Indoors [Explicit]. The Way The News Goes. [Explicit].
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    Aus Kanada
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  • Evan Brewer - Your Itinerary

    Evan Brewer - Adjacent Possible 3:53. Evan Brewer - Microscopic Scale 3:29. Evan Brewer - Another World 4:20. Evan Brewer - This Seems Familiar 6:05. Evan Brewer - Little Goes a Long Way 2:31. Evan Brewer - Cause For Concern 5:10.
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  • Chon - Homey

    (Chon - Sleepy Tea 3:05. Chon - Waterslide 3:26. GoYama) 3:43. Chon - No Signal 3:48. Chon - Checkpoint 3:05. Chon - Nayhoo (feat. Masego & Lophile) 2:51. Chon - Here and There 3:40.
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    Aus Schweiz
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