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  • DS Engineering Chronograph - Pedalboard Clock/Timer

    The Chronograph is first and foremost a clock that's purpose designed for your pedalboard. We all know how unprofessional that can look to your audience. Nobody will suspect a thing when you simply look at your pedalboard!
    EUR 48,44
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 12,33 Versand
  • One Loop True Bypass Passive Looper Box Effects Pedal

    All through the new 1 Loop. United Kingdom 10 -20d Italy 10-30d. Does not apply. Australia/New Zealand 10 -15d West Asia/Middle East 15-25d. East/South Asia 10 -15d France/West Asia 10-25d. USA/Canada 10 -15d Spanish/Portugue 10-25d.
    EUR 0,87
    1 Gebot
    EUR 7,05 Versand
    Endet am Mittwoch, 3:46 MEZ1T 4StdAus Hongkong
  • NEW Guitar A/B Footswitch Pedal AB MUTE Switch

    (Making it perfect for use as a tuner mute switch or leave one. A compact pedal for switching your. The A/B switch can be used in reverse to switch between two guitars. 22AWG wire & low profile switch. ).
    EUR 26,42
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 10,34 Versand
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  • Soldano-100 tube floor preamp

    I made that pedal based on Soldano-100 preamp`s schematics. I never use any power (9-12v) external adapters. It is with the "Presence" option. AS Soldano100 tube pedal - YouTube.
    EUR 136,52
    Aus Bulgarien
    EUR 22,02 Versand
  • Rectifier mini head

    There are orange and red channels. Serial-Parallel loop. Also you can connect a head phones or guitar cab. - 220v version only. Recifier mini head - YouTube.
    EUR 343,51
    Aus Bulgarien
    EUR 22,02 Versand
  • That Crazy Pedal ( boutique fuzz, overdrive, feedbacker). Free worldwide ship!

    What you're looking at is a unique guitar pedal. It can go all the way from a clean boost, through a mild to lush overdrive, to an all-out square wave fuzz. It’s handmade top to bottom. Solid hardwood enclosure, solid aluminum plate on top.
    EUR 131,24
    Aus Polen
    Kostenloser Versand
    oder Preisvorschlag
  • Active FET DiBox with Preamp EQ Stompbox Pedal Effect BASS&GUITAR Musicman Sabre

    Enjoy the Possibilities with Pristine Sound Quality and an EQ inspired from early on-board Musicman Sabre guitar and Bass. The Preamp EQ Features Bass and Treble cut & Boost and a Bright toggle dial down.
    EUR 149,18
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 22,95 Versand
    oder Preisvorschlag
  • Midnight Amplification Devices - Starburner Fuzz / Filter Guitar Pedal.

    MIDNIGHT AMPLIFICATION DEVICES - Starburner Fuzz & Filter. Peerless Music is proud to bring youMidnight Amplification Devices. World class hand made guitar pedals hand made in Australia! A pedal that even Kevin Shields would fly to the sun for.
    EUR 162,82
    Aus Australien
    EUR 22,35 Versand
  • Mark L Custom MLC Vanilla Sky Overdrive

    MLC Vanilla Sky Overdrive - the idea behind this pedal, was to create an effect which would retain its dynamics and allow the guitar’s individual tone to shine through even at the highest GAIN settings.
    EUR 160,60
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 18,30 Versand
  • rangemaster stacked with fulltone ocd pedal - best paired, tone refined, no rese

    Rangemaster is one of the worlds most iconic effects. The rangemaster treble booster, originally produced in 60's has been used to by many of the worlds most respected artists including Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Rory Gallgher, Brian May, Marc Bolan, Richie Blackmore and many more… although classed as a treble booster the rangemaster was used as an overdrive pedal to give a more distorted but focused tone with many classic British amplifiers that included the legendary Marshall Bluesbreaker and Vox.
    EUR 50,20
    0 Gebote
    EUR 17,62 Versand
    Endet am 21. Nov, 2:24 MEZ8T 3StdAus Kanada
  • MXR CSP202 CUSTOM COMP Guitar FX Pedal / Stomp Box

    Custom Comp CSP202. Introducing the Amazing CSP 202 pedal from MXR. The MXR Custom Comp is built from the finest components available and designed with a blend of modern and classic compressor technology.
    EUR 130,65
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 8,03 Versand
  • JangleBox J-Boost, USA Made Non-Compression, Clean Boost Pedal w/ 3-Band EQ

    Or you can tweak your overall tone to perfection by eliminating low-end dullness or ice-picky highs. With three bands of EQ, specifically placed in the “sweet Spot” of a guitar's frequency curve, you have the ability to sculpt and vary the tone of your entire rig.
    EUR 176,15
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 13,47 Versand
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  • NEW! Keeley Electronics Tone Workstation (Compressor, 1962, Red Dirt, Katana)

    Next up is the 1962/Katana Boost section, because the Keeley Workstation gives you plenty of options for your core tone. With the 62/Katana channel, you can select a sound with just the right amount of break up.
    EUR 263,35
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 40,56 Versand
  • Boss eBand Audio Player with Guitar Effects & Full Range Channel Sound (2 Pack)

    Gratis 1-3 Tag Lieferung mit problemlosen und 30-Tag Rücknahme!
    EUR 704,62
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 37,30 Versand
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  • Gallows Dual True Bypass Looper - with Soft Touch and Hard Click Footswitches!

    EUR 45,85 bis EUR 80,27
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 11,48 Versand
  • MXR 10 Ten Band EQ - Griffin Effects - Silent Night Modification Service

    MXR 10 Band EQ - Silent Night Modification Service. Griffin Effects Silent Night Modification Service. MXR 10 Ten Band EQ - Griffin Effects - Silent Night Modification Service (#321623156055). Griffin Effects.
    EUR 52,84
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 42,26 Versand
    Nur noch 1 verfügbar!
  • EC Custom Shop 'Overlord Drive' Hand Made Guitar Effects Pedal

    The OverLord guitar pedal is a low to high overdrive guitar pedal which is also good if you want to use it as pregain booster before distortion pedal. Pedal is in excellent condition with no sign of wear (see pictures for more detail) and is in excellent working order.
    EUR 86,07
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 14,34 Versand
    oder Preisvorschlag
  • NEW! Keeley Electronics Neutrino Envelope Filter & Auto Wah

    The Keeley Neutrino gives you all the classic, funk, auto-wah sounds and that Jerry-In-A-Box sound. We have used the classic opto-coupler design for a rich and warm depth to the effect. Envelope filter sound is an effect triggered by your pick attack or strength.
    EUR 184,08
    Aus Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
    EUR 40,56 Versand
    Nur noch 1 verfügbar!
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