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Details zu  PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32

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PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32
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28. Mrz. 2015 02:39:16 MEZ
EUR 21,88
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Shenzhen,GuangDong, China

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PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32
PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32
PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32
PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32
PCB5.0E Willem EPROM programmer, BIOS009 PIC BIOS Chip PCB5.0SMD PLCC32

100% Brand new

  Introducing our newest Universal Willem EPROM programmer PCB5.0E SMD  version! This is a brand-new and fully tested enhanced Dual Power  (USB/AC) Willem Universal EPROM EEPROM programmer, PCB version  PCB5.0SMD. We've added support for those new 25 series SPI Flash Bios  chips ! This board has many enhanced features, such as built-in PLCC32,  FWH / LPC sockets, thus NO NEED to pay extra to purchase these optional  adapters. The PCB layout is fully optimized and the digital circuitry is  separated from the power supply circuit, thus reducing interference.  High precision digital switching ICs are used to control the Vpp circuit  ( vs cheap regular transistor controlled), thus dramatically improves  the burning accuracy and reliability by multitudes. Quality components  are used, for example, the high current tolerant coil is used to boost  the robustness of the circuitry. Optional higher Vcc voltages (5.6v and  6.2v) will be available when an external AC power supply is used. This  is very important when you want to smoothly and reliably burn those old  CMOS and even older NMOS EPROM chips. This programmer can also read and  burn EEPROM, FLASH, and Microcontroller (MCS-51, AVR and PIC family)  chips. We also added software support for more Winbond chips !
   This ready-to-go package includes  everything you need to get your project start rolling:
  1. Willem Universal E(e)prom Programmer Board, PCB version 5.0E SMD  version, fully assembled;
  2. Software sent by electrnic file to you email address;
  3. FREE DB25 and USB cables;
  We use USPS First Class mail service within USA, it usually takes about  2-5 working days to reach most locations within continental US. The spec  sheet is listed below for your reference. Happy bidding !!


Device types supported:

  SPI Flash Bios chips support added !







  Numonyx (ST)


  **      AT45DF011D,AT45DF021D,AT45DF041D,AT45DF081D,AT45DB161D,AT45DF321D,AT45DF641D

  **  AT45DF011D,AT45DF021D,AT45DF041D,AT45DF081D,AT45DB161D,AT45DF321D,AT45DF641D


EPROM27C64,  27C128, 27C256, 27C512, 27C010, 27C020,  27C040, 27C1001
M27C1001, M27C2001, M27C4001
27C080 (A19) , M27C801, M87C257
27(C)16,  27(C)32
2764, 27128, 27256, 27512, 27010
EEPROM28C65,28C64,  28C128, 28C256,28C512, 28C010, 28C020,  28C040
M28C16A/17A (DIP28) 
(Adapter or Jumper) 28C16,XLS2816  (DIP24)
FLASH Memory28F64,  28F128, 28F256, 28F512,28F010, 28F020
MX26C1000, MX26C2000, MX28F1000,  MX28F2000
Am28F256A, Am28F512A, Am28F010A,  Am28F020A (New command erase/prog.)
-- intel ---
i28F001BX, 28F004, 28F008, 28F016
FLASH Memory29F64,  29F128, 29F256,  29F512,29F010, 29F020, 29F040, 29F080
29F001,29F002, 29F004, 29F008, 29F016,  29F032
Serial (I2C)  EEPROM
24C02,24C04,24C08,24C16, 85C72, 85C82,  85C92
--- page write ----
Microwire  EEPROM
<------ Data  8bit -----> (pin 6 ->ORG. [Schematic  connect to GND])
93C06, 93C46, 93LC46, 93C56, 93C57, 
93C66, 93C76, 93C86 (8bit), AT59C11,  AT59C22, AT59C13
CAT35C102, CAT35C104, CAT35C108 (pullup  pin7)
<------Data  16bit------> (pin 6 ->NC [No  Connect])
93C06A ,93C46X,93C56,93C66,93C76,93C86  (NS)
MicroChip  PIC16C84 ,  16F84 ,16F84A , 16F627/16F628
12C508/A , 12C509/A , 12CE518 , 12CE519  , 16C505
16C620 , 16C621 , 16C622 , 16CE623 ,  16CE624 , 16CE625 , 16C710/711
---ICSP connector----(you will need  to have an optional PIC adapter in order  to program these newly added PICs)
16F870 , 16F871 , 16F872 , 16F873 ,  16F874 , 16F876 , 16F877 PIC16F873A ,  PIC16F874A , PIC16F876A , PIC16F877A
-Add PIC microchip 14bit 
PIC12F629 , PIC12F675 , PIC16F630 ,  PIC16F676 , PIC12F635 , PIC12F683 ,  PIC16F636 , PIC16F684 , PIC16F688 
PIC16F72/73/74/76/77 ,  PIC16F737/747/767/777 , PIC16F87/88 ,  rfPIC12F675x , PIC16F785/PS200 ,  PIC16F716 
-Add microchip 14bit,12bit OTP 
PIC12C671 , PIC12C672 , PIC12CE673 ,  PIC12CE674 
PIC16C61/71 , PIC16C62/64/65/73 ,  PIC16C62A/62B/62C/63/63A/64A/65A/65B/66/67 
PIC16C72/72A/73A/74A/74B/76/77 ,  PIC16C620/620A/621/621A/622/622A 
PIC16CE/623/624/625 ,  PIC16C710/711/712/716 , PIC16C773/774 ,  PIC16C745/765/923/924 , PIC16C925/926 
PIC16C554/556/557/558 , PIC16C432/433 ,  PIC16C717/770/771/781/782 
-Add PIC  microchip 14bit 

PIC12F629/675 ,  PIC16F630/676 , PIC12F635/683 ,  PIC16F636/684/688 , PIC16F72/73/74/76/77  , PIC16F737/747/767/777 , PIC16F87/88 ,  rfPIC12F675x , PIC16F785/PS200 ,  PIC16F716
-Add microchip 14bit OTP
PIC12C671 , PIC12C672 , PIC12CE673 ,  PIC12CE674 , PIC16C61/71 ,  PIC16C62/64/65/73 ,  PIC16C62A/62B/62C/63/63A/64A/65A/65B/66/67  , PIC16C72/72A/73A/74A/74B/76/77 ,  PIC16C620/620A/621/621A/622/622A ,  PIC16CE/623/624/625 ,  PIC16C710/711/712/716 , PIC16C773/774 ,  PIC16C745/765/923/924 , PIC16C925/926 ,  PIC16C554/556/557/558 , PIC16C432/433 ,  PIC16C717/770/771/781/782
-Add PIC microchip 12bit (FLASH memory) 
PIC12F508/509 , PIC10F200/202/204/206 ,  PIC16F505 , PIC16F54/57 
-Add PIC18Fxxx 
PIC18F242 , 18F248 , 18F252 , 18F258 ,  18F442 , 18F448 , 16F452 , 16F458 
PIC18F1220 , 18F2220 , 18F4220 , 18F1320  , 18F2320 , 18F4320 
PIC18F6520 , 18F6620 , 18F6720 , 18F8520  , 18F8620 , 18F8720 
PIC18F2331 , 18F2431 , 18F4331 ,  18F4431 
PIC18F6525 , 18F6621 , 18F8525 ,  18F8621 
PIC18F6585 , 18F6680 , 18F8585 ,  18F8680 
PIC18F2439 , 18F2539 , 18F4439 ,  18F4539 
PIC18F6410 , 18F8410 , 18F6490 ,  18F8490 
Add PIC18Fxxx 
PIC18F2410 , PIC18F2420 , PIC18F2455 
PIC18F2510 , PIC18F2515 , PIC18F2520 ,  PIC18F2525 , PIC18F2550 , PIC18F2585 
PIC18F2610 , PIC18F2620 , PIC18F2680 
PIC18F4410, PIC18F4420 , PIC18F4455 
PIC18F4510 , PIC18F4515 , PIC18F4520 ,  PIC18F4525 , PIC18F4550 , PIC18F4585 
PIC18F4610 , PIC18F4620 , PIC18F4680 
Add Find and edit value OSCCAL  (PIC12F629/675 , PIC16F630/676) 
Add Edit config at address
 0x2008,0x2009  (PIC12F635/683 , PIC16F636/684/688 ,  PIC16F785) 
Fixed Programming PIC all 
Test on chip 
PIC12F675 , PIC16F676 , PIC16F684  ,PIC16F767, PIC16F74 
PIC16F872 , PIC16F876 , PIC16F877,  PIC16F876A, PIC16F873A, PIC16F819 
PIC16F84 , PIC16F84A , PIC16F628,  PIC16F628A, 
eprom PIC12C509JW , PIC16C505JW ,  PIC16C711JW , PIC16CE625JW 
PIC18F458 , PIC18F4320 , PIC18LF258 ,  PIC18F4539 , PIC18F4431
Atmel  Flash Memory
(Sector Programming) 
(Software Data Protection)
AT29C256,  AT29C512,AT29C010A, AT29C020,  AT29C040,AT29C040A
W29EE512,W29EE011, W29EE012,  W29C020(128),W29C040 

ASD  AE29F1008 (AT29C010), AE29F2008  (AT29C020) 
Ver 0.992 up(DOS). Can run under win9x 
(disable prog. CPUIdle or CPUCool)

Atmel  Flash Memory
AT49Fxxx (Subset 29Fxxx)
(Byte-by-Byte Programming) 
(Software Data Protection)
Command  seq. 5555/AA, 2AAA/55, 5555/A0
AT49F512, AT49F010, AT49F020, AT49F040 
SST39SF010, SST3S9F020 ,SST39SF040
AT49F001,AT49F002 , AT49F008A

Command seq. 555/AA, 2AA/55, 555/A0
Am29F512, Am29F010, Am29F020,  Am29F040,HY29F080
29F002, 29F002T, Pm29F002T
Serial  Peripheral Interface (SPI)
EEPROM Mode0 (0,0)
AT25xxx, W95xxx
[Atmel]  AT25010,020, 040 (A8-A0) 
AT25080, 160, 320, 640, 128, 256  (A15-A0)
[ST] W95010....256, Microchip 25x010 -  25x640

--- Byte  programming
--- Page programming
AT25HP1024 (24bit address)

--  CAT64LCxxx (16bit DATA IN/OUT) use  Socket 93Cxxx
CAT64LC010, CAT64LC020, CAT64LC040

Atmel EEPROM  (page prog.) 
(Software Data Protection)
AT28C256,  AT28C010, AT28C040
Nonvaltile  SRAM (DS12xx)DS1220,DS1225Y, DS1230Y/AB, DS1245Y/AB,  DS1249Y/AB
static RAM  (Test RAM)6116, 6264,  62256, 62512, 628128
EPROM  winbond,SST
Electrical Erase Chip
W27E512,  W27E010, W27C010, W27C020, W27C040
SST27SF256, SST27SF512, SST27SF010,  SST27SF020
Vcc = 3.3-3.6V SST37VF512, SST37VF010,  SST37VF020, SST37VF040
Flash Memory  SST,SanyoSST28SF040A  ,LE28F4001


Atmel  AT89Cxx (MCS-51)
Adapter 32pin  to MCS-51
Atmel Auto  Setect
AT89C51,52,55, AT89LV51,52,55
AT89S8252 (8K+2K), AT89S53,  AT89LS8252,AT89LS53
AT89C1051,AT89C2051,AT89C4051 (20pin)
AT89C51RC (32KB), AT89C55WD (6.2V)
SST89C54/58, SI89C52
Intel Auto  Select
i87C51, i87C51FA, i87C51FB
i8xC51,i8xC52,i8xC54,i8xC58 (tWP =  100uS*25 Pulse)
Atmel AVR  8-bit RISC AT90Sxxx
(Parallel programming)
Adapter 32pin to MCS-51
(read,write,erase,verify,checkempty,Lockbits  ,Fusebits) [Flash memory/EEPROM]
90S2333, 90S4433, 90S4414, 90S8515,  90S4434, 90S8535
reference AT90S2313 pin
Function Lockbit read  AT90S2313 Errata Sheet.pdf
Adapter 32pin  to MCS-48/41
ROM (read/verify)
P8048AH, P8049AH,P8050AH
, P8042AH Vea  = 12V
P8041, P8042

OTP (read/verify/Progam)
P8748,P8749H,P8742H Vea  = 18V

EPROM (read/verify/Progam)
D8748,D8749,D8742,D8741, D8742 Vea  = 18V

FLASH  memory 8/16bit
(Software Data Protection)
Adapter (TSOP48)
Am29F400,Am29F800,29F160,29F320  (read,write byte mode) 
HY29F200, HY29F400, HY29F800 ,  AT49F2048A, AT49F4096A, AT49F8192A
FLASH memory  8/16bit (Vpp12V)
(Software Data Protection)
Adapter (TSOP48)
i28F200,i28F400,i28F800,i28F160 (TSOP48)
28F001(DIP32 or PLCC32) 

EPROM  16bit (DIP40) (1-4Mbit)
Adapter Eprom 16bit 
Eprom only
27C1024  (27C210), 27C2048 (27C2002), 27C4096  (27C4002), 
Schematic by Toomas Toots 
(read,Program byte mode
by use Resister pull up Data Bus (0xFF),  A0 select low or high byte)
EPROM 16bit  (DIP42) (4-32Mbit)
Adapter Eprom DIP42 
Eprom only
M27C400(DIP40), 27C800, 27C160, 27C322 
Schematic by Toomas Toots 
(read,Program byte mode
by use Resister pull up Data Bus (0xFF),  A0 select low or high byte)
FLASH  memory 8/16bit
(Software Data Protection)

Adapter (TSOP48LV)
29LV200,  29LV400,29LV800,29LV160,29LV320 (read,write  byte mode) 
Firmware  Hub / LPC FLASH
Adapter  Firmware Hub/LPC
 (PLCC32)  (PP mode) (3.3V)
-- Firmware  Hub
82802AB, 82802AC, AT49LW040, AT49LW080

SST49LF002A, SST49LF003A, SST49LF004A,  SST49LF008A, PMC 49FL008T
W49V002FA, W39V040FA

-- LPC  flash
SST49LF020, SST49LF040 W49V002A,  W39V040A 
W39V040FA, W39V040FAP, W39V040BP,  W39V04OBPZ, W49V040FBPZ, W39V040FCP,  W39V040FCPZ
W39V080AP, W39V080APZ, W39V080FAP,  W39V080FAPZ 
(Newly  added for software 0.98D8)

Adapter  P28F002BC (DIP40)

- P28F002BC



   Package Content:
  1. USB Willem EPROM Programmer PCB5.0E
  2. DB25 printer cable
  3. USB power cable 

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