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Details zu  Neu SunFounder Lab Uno R3 Projekt Starter Kit für Arduino Starter Anfänger

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Neu SunFounder Lab Uno R3 Projekt Starter Kit für Arduino Starter Anfänger
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Neu SunFounder Lab Uno R3 Projekt Starter Kit für Arduino Starter Anfänger

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Product Features

    This is the new Sunfounder Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested in Arduino.
    The kit has 14 projects for the beginners.
    A complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components.
    Detailed tutorial including project introduction and their source code will be provided FOR FREE.
14 Projects for beginners:
Class 1:Use button to controll LED
Class 2:Controll six Leds by digital output pins
Class 3:Use various of LEDs to create car traffic light and pedestrian traffic light
Class 4:Use potentiometer to controll the LED on PWN pin
Class 5:Use photocell to control the blinking rate of an LED
Class 6:Use potentiometer to controll the servo motor
Class 7:Use tilt switch to controll an LED
Class 8:Use NPN transistors to create touch switch
Class 9:Use thermistor to controll blink of an LED
Class 10:Make an old school buzzer game
Class 11:Use two button to controll servo
Class 12:Controll a servo position by voltage from 0 V to 5 V
Class 13:A simple loop sequencer
Class 14:Simple RGB LED on an ARDUINO UNO
Please click HERE to download the material for Starter Kit

Package included
  1. 1x SunFounder Uno R3 Board, compatible with Arduino
  2. 65x Jumper Wires
  3. 1x USB Cable
  4. 1x Breadboard
  5. 1x Hookup Wire Set
  6. 1x Project Box
  7. 8x Resistor - 220R
  8. 4x Resistor - 1 kR
  9. 4x Resistor - 10 kR
  10. 4x Resistor - 100 kR
  11. 1x Resistor - 1 MR
  12. 1x Resistor - 5.1 MR
  13. 2x NPN Transistor
  14. 1x FET Power Transistor
  15. 2x Diode (Rectifier)
  16. 1x Diode (Zener)
  17. 1x Motion Sensor (Tilt Switch)
  18. 1x Light Sensor (Photocell)
  19. 1x Temperature Sensor
  20. 2x Button
  21. 1x Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)
  22. 1x Servo Motor
  23. 1x RGB LED
  24. 2x green LED
  25. 2x red LED
  26. 2x yellow LED
  27. 1x Piezo Buzzer/Speaker
  28. 1x Relay
  29. 1x Acrylic Uno and Breadboard Holder

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