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Details zu  NEW! muvee Reveal X HD DVD slideshow photo montage music video editing software

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NEW! muvee Reveal X HD DVD slideshow photo montage music video editing software

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Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Version: Full/Unrestricted/Exclusive Deluxe Retail Version Brand: muvee
Software Type: DVD Slideshow, Music Video, Photo/Video Editing Format: CD-ROM
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States


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Home movies have just never made themselves.  Until now.

In 4 simple steps, muvee Reveal X HD  takes your digital photos, music, and video and automagically (!!!) creates your own professional-looking muvee (multimedia slideshow or music video). 

It even burns them to DVD, uploads them to YouTube, or transfers them to your iPod, cell phone, or PSP.

Breakthrough Software Garners Acclaim From Digital Media Experts and Novices Alike For Revolutionary Approach to Eliminating the Ordeal Associated With Home Movies, Video, and Saving and Sharing Personal and Family Memories

Dave WhittleHi there - I'm Dave Whittle, and if you're looking for some amazing, highly-acclaimed software that will change your mind about what's possible with video and home movies (whether you're a digital media expert or don't even really know what digital media is), then THIS LISTING will probably be the most interesting and exciting eBay auction listing you can read on eBay.

I don't just say muvee Reveal is phenomenal because I'm selling it. I've chosen to sell it BECAUSE it's phenomenal. Almost everyone who tries it absolutely loves it - and that makes my life easy. Would I have 100% positive feedback and an incredibly high rating on "Product As Described" if almost every one of the thousands of people who have bought muvee from me here on eBay didn't absolutely love it?

For the past decade, I've made a living helping discriminating PC user group members discover really cool products that are not, for various reasons, as well known or widely advertised. And muvee software is the best loved, best-selling software of them all.  And before you buy anywhere else, you'll want to read on to discover why the version of muvee Reveal X HD that we manufacture EXCLUSIVELY for muvee Technologies, Ltd. is the one you'll want.

Part of the problem in explaining something so revolutionary is that it's like nothing you've ever seen before. This killer app of the multimedia age automatically transforms your digital photos, videos, and music into video productions so compelling and well-done that your friends and family will swear you had them done by a professional. 

Since muvee first appeared on the scene in 2000, other software has tried to copy muvee, and some even claim to do what muvee does - but experts know that muvee is simply the best. The others just can't compare - even a Yugo can claim to be a "great driving machine," but that doesn't mean it can measure up to a Lexus. 

When you use muvee, you'll swear that there must be a video editing expert inside your PC. 

Professionals and novices agree: this amazing software is the easiest, best, most powerful way you can find to create professional-looking video productions from your own photos and videos. But that's certainly not all it does. Read on for more.

It's creating a revolution in how people use their PCs and digital cameras and digital camcorders. It's making video easy. Just consider what other eBay buyers like you had to say (on the right), and then read what Forbes magazine had to say below:


"Every year millions of earnest hours of home video go unwatched and tossed on the shelf, never to be shared, because no one has time to edit the films into something watchable. The problem will get worse as the 50 million camcorders in use today are joined by cell phones and digital cameras in video mode.

The biggest names in tech are anxious to make video less of the ordeal that it is today. Video files eat prodigious amounts of bandwidth, memory and processing, spurring businesses and consumers to upgrade their PCs, screens and Internet connections.

Microsoft's Movie Maker and Sony's MovieShaker both have featured very limited automation of the video editing process. Yet sales of traditional consumer editing programs, such as those from Adobe Systems, Sonic and Pinnacle, are rising at least 15% a year. The industry claims to have sold more than 10 million copies.

But an unknown company from Singapore called muvee (pronounced "mew-vee") has trumped them all with a simple, fun piece of software..."

- Forbes Magazine, 10 Jan 2005

So what is the ordeal that Forbes is talking about? Well, speaking as someone who has been editing digital video since 1996, I think it's safe to say that the ordeal includes all of the following and more:

  • Learning what to do with the video you could take (but probably don't) with your digital camera.
  • Tedious manual video editing of lengthy video clips using timelines and tools, including splitting videos into scenes
  • Learning how to style and blend digital photos and videos into a professional-looking production using traditional video editing software.
  • Boring and time-consuming manual syncronization of video and photos to music.
  • Frustrating attempts to add those extra touches (like consistent but varied transitions, smooth pans and scans - the Ken Burns effect, stylized effects, voiceover, captions, etc.) to your slideshows, music videos, and home movies using other less intelligent software.

muvee Reveal solves all of those problems and more, creatively and easily - leaving you free to focus on creating and selecting just the right photos, videos, music, and style so muvee Reveal can use them to automatically create stunning music videos, slideshows, and home movies on DVD.

Now before you get too excited, let me point out that muvee Reveal is not for everyone (almost, but not quite). If you don't know how to install new software on Windows, then please don't buy this from me unless you have someone who can help you install the software from the CD we'll send you.

If you have an older computer that doesn't meet the system requirements for muvee Reveal X HD, be sure to check out muvee autoProducer 6 - Reveal's older sibling. If your system DOES meet the requirements for Reveal, however (see below), then you'll certainly want Reveal, because it's newer and better than autoProducer.  But anything people say about autoProducer almost certainly applies to the improved, easier, and more powerful Reveal as well.

So if you have a relatively recent or powerful computer, and know how to install software on your PC, read on. You'll discover why muvee Reveal is as right for you as it has been for me and for the tens of thousands of others who have used it and love it.

muvee Reveal Box Shot

NEW! muvee Reveal X HD
on CD in retail DVD case

Now at an incredible price -
just use Best Offer

(Reveal is Like a New & Improved muvee autoProducer supporting HD, 3D, audio trimming, caption positioning, individual frame and slide control, and much more)

Exclusive Highlights For This Version:

  • New! Full, Unlimited Version of muvee Reveal X HD in physical form (on CD)
  • Packaged in shrink-wrapped retail DVD box (as pictured)
  • Buy Direct from Authorized U.S. Manufacturer
  • Free domestic (U.S.) S&H
  • Best price guaranteed


"terrific product - it really IS super easy to use! fast ship & excellent quality"

- swampmom1965 (31)

"muvee is by far the best package of its kind and dave has the best price by far"

- simonanddenise (39)

"Great program. My wife loves it. Thanks+++++"

- ronnielark3853 (129)

"A+, excellent service, amazingly good product"

- yoshi9055 (305)

"love love love LOVE this software...great communication and customer service!"

- pamorales (6)

"great price, fast shipping, thanks!"

- upto75percentoff (25)

"Great product, customer service and communication. eBay great seller!!!! A+++++"

- chu4buy (241)

"This is my 4th purchase with this seller! great guy!"

- larryplusdna (536)

"Wonderful program and super fast shipping, will buy from again, Thanks A+++"

- horselake2004 (51)

"The Best seller I have come across on Ebay! Thanks for a Great transaction!"

- niv1121 (75)

"Great Product. It is the real software. Buy from here and save $$$$$"

- 231martin (21)

"Awsome software and a seller to match! Thanks! AAA+++++++"

- stubbyjcar (391)

"Incredible program at great price. I love it."

- imkrinjo (5)

"Will purchase from again! Great Product. Makes my business life much easier."

- dimenchon (261)

"Great fun! what a system. editing for the lazy but pass it off as all your own work."

- debbies6582 (52)

"love love love this program, fast free shipping within 2 days thank you"

- tamhere2003 ( 22)

What's a muvee?

Well, according to muvee (the company), a muvee (a show that Reveal makes) is a music video or slide show made up of pictures and video clips set to music according to a user-selectable style.

A style is a set of artistically elegant special effects, transitions, and rules for making a professional-looking video production.



- Bob Wolenik, Editor, Camcorder and Computer Video Magazine

So What Does muvee Reveal X HD Do?

That's easy to answer. muvee Reveal X HD creates professional-looking music videos and slideshows set to music - muvees. You specify which digital photos, if any, you want it to use, which digital video clip(s), if any, you want it to use, which digital song file(s) you want it to use, and which one of muvee Reveal's eight styles (included) you want it to use. muvee Reveal will then do the rest to create an amazing music video or slideshow (muvee), and let you burn that muvee to a DVD or Video CD or save it to a variety of industry-standard video formats or upload it to some popular video sharing sites or copy it to a device such as an iPod or iPhone or PSP.

What's more, though, with Reveal, you can customize to your hearts content - even though the customization is completely optional, since muvee does everything for you automatically. You'll spend a LOT less time customizing using muvee than you will with any other software out there - but it's nice to know that you can enhance your muvees by adding captions in a variety of fonts or colors, anywhere you choose, adding voiceover, personalizing styles, rotating or enhancing photos, removing redeye from photos, setting a duration in # of seconds for each photo, telling Reveal whether to make the muvee as long as the content or as long as the music, controlling the panning and zooming, and much more.


"This astonishing piece of software will automatically make a good job of selecting the most interesting parts of your movie, edit out the boring bits, insert transitions and special effects, then present you with a packaged, professional-looking piece of work in seconds."

- David Hewson, The Sunday Times (UK), "Sounding Off: Editing Made Easy"

"Impressively Professional!"

"Folks like my mom are never going to use a computer unless whatever they're trying to do is dead simple.  Fortunately, when it comes to creating movies, that's pretty much what muvee's Reveal is all about..."

- Jon L. Jacobi, PC World

What Can I Use muvees For?

Here are some of the reasons I've made muvees over the past few years, and some of the reasons why YOU will want to make muvees:

  • To create a video slideshow of a wedding you can play at a later reception or dinner that same day!
  • To preserve family and personal memories on DVDs you can share
  • To show a moving memorial tribute to a loved one at their funeral service
  • To celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary with a slideshow of photos and home movies from the past
  • To get friends and family to actually watch your home movies and really enjoy doing it
  • To burn a DVD of a family reunion and send it to the families who were there
  • To create a video of the bride and groom, from the time they were babies until their engagement, to show at their wedding reception
  • To create your own music video for your band
  • To make a morale-boosting video for showing to employees of that special company event
  • To make thematic videos (vacations, birthdays, holidays, etc.) of family memories
  • To create muvees you can upload to YouTube or Google Video or other video web sites and impress your friends and strangers
  • To make people laugh with your creative montages
  • To help a friend rent a vacation property with an online muvee showing off the place to music
  • To gather round the fireplace after a day of skiing and watch the photos you took that day, set to your favorite music
  • To make money (or save money) creating videos, music videos, or slideshows that look like they were done by a professional

That list is far from complete, I'm sure. The only limit to what muvee can do for you, without hassle, is your imagination.


"What would otherwise take me hours to produce can be done, professionally, in a few minutes with minimal experience. muvee is a time and memory saver."

- Jim Cleek, Mobile Gadget News


"For the typical hobbyist just trying to make a 31-minute ballet recital tolerable for those other than the grandparents, autoProducer is a wise investment."

- PC Magazine


"Crazy, it works! It has to be the most amazing program I have ever used. For the consumer who does not want to edit at all using a program like Avid or Premiere, it is perfect. Our show uses many high-impact mini music montages from 15 to 30 seconds in length. Your product is perfect for that. Congratulations on an outstanding product."

-Skip Fredricks, Exec. Producer, Xtreme Sport Television

Can You Show Me a Sample muvee?

Sure, let me share with you an example of the kind of great music video/slideshow (called a "muvee") that muvee software can create for you. Just click below to experience a muvee I made for our dear friend, Natanya, on her wedding day. Once I had the pictures picked out, it took me about fifteen minutes to make this - but don't tell Natanya!

The music is an example of the kinds of new music you get with this new Reveal X HD version, that you can upload to YouTube or Facebook without having to worry about copyright violations. The new muvee styles in Reveal X HD each have a suggested song or two you can use, and muvee has already arranged a license for you to be able to use the music as you choose with your muvees.  
  I wish I had pictures of YOUR family to share with you so you can truly feel the full power of watching a customized muvee bursting with both memories and familiar faces in new settings, but perhaps you can enjoy this anyway by imagining that you made this wedding video for a couple you know:


"[muvee] has kept me interested in using my digital video camera, and everyone wants to know how I make those awesome video edits. Thanks again for a really cool product!"

-Chuck Lazaro, Kenilworth, NJ


I made my first muvee of our 6-month old son using the trial version of the muvee program. It took me, literally, 3 minutes. If I had done something similar with the other programs I had been using, it would have taken me at least 20 minutes, and that's if I worked quickly.

I fell in love with muvee and wanted to show my husband how awesome it was so he would agree that it was worth the money. I showed him what autoProducer had done, and he loved it too. Basically, the man in him took over and he realized that buying muvee was smart because you could make one purchase and then make all the muvees you want for free, because with all the styles muvee has you'll never get tired of it - there's always something different to do with it.

Now he wants to use it to make music videos for his rock band and I'll be using it to make muvees for my sister's wedding.

- Amy Beltz, Marion, Iowa

How Easy Is It To Make a muvee Like That?

Believe it or not, once I knew which pictures and music I wanted muvee to use, muvee took less than a minute to put that production together, including its analysis of the pictures and music. All I had to do was:

  1. Tell muvee which digital photos to use,
  2. tell muvee which style I wanted it to use,
  3. pick the song for the background music,
  4. personalize the title and credits, and
  5. click on the "play" button.

Then, you just sit back and watch the amazing production muvee autoProducer creates. Truly, it's that easy to get fantastic results.

Like what you see? Click on the Save / Share button and Reveal will burn you a commercial quality DVD or Video CD. muvee also lets you share your muvees on Facebook or YouTube. You can also save the production it creates directly to muvee Cloud for sharing with others, or as a file in any one of a half-dozen industry standard video file formats for playback on your PC, or on your iPod, iPhone, or other mobile device, or even a Playstation.

Want to customize your muvee? That's easy too - just click on Personalize, or right click one of the thumbnails, and you can customize your muvee to your hearts content. Add captions, add a voiceover, adjust the audio mix levels, tell muvee which scenes you want (or don't want), control the "Ken Burns style" motion on photos, add titles and credits, set a minimum number of seconds per photo, remove redeye, tell Reveal how long you want your video to be, and much more - ALL OPTIONAL. muvee does a great job whether or not you're a control freak.

It really is as easy as that! No more agonizing over difficult-to-learn video editing software, timelines, transitions, effects, and other tedious tasks you have to fuss with in other software. With muvee, that's all automatic - with amazing quality. So even if you're already a video editing pro, muvee saves you a ton of time and makes it fun again.

Now, in the case of the muvee you just watched, since this was a special video, I spent EXTRA TIME to designate which specific photos I wanted to accompany the appropriate parts of the song. For muvee "EXTRA TIME" is less than an hour. With other products, it would have taken many additional hours to get even close to what I got with muvee.

So the bottom line is that muvee did the rest of what you saw and heard above. It's that good.


"muvee autoProducer ... is a great deal and a tool I recommend that everyone purchase. If you're a beginner, this is a wonderful introduction to the world of video editing. It allows you to experiment with different styles and music clips without getting into the sometimes complex interface of a video editing application."

- Jason Dunn, "Faster Smarter Digital Video," Microsoft Press


"Get some digital editing software. I'd suggest muvee - make a music video in just three easy steps by combining photos and video with the music and themes of your choice. Make demo videos of your new tracks, performances, etc. Many professional video editors use this software to make demos and rough cuts for their clients."

- Rockstarist


"Both Movie Maker on Windows XP / Vista, and iMovie on the Mac OS X are easy-to-use applications -- but again they are very basic and you'll still end up working inside them for hours before creating your own VCD or DVD.

If you can identify with this situation, you should check out muvee.

For what it does, muvee autoProducer does it exceedingly well. It allows you to make your video captures more entertaining and interesting. It also provides you with a logical assortment of editing, tweaking, and sharing options -- nothing could be easier."

- Indezine

How Does muvee Compare to the Alternatives?

Before muvee came along, I spent hours and even days trying to accomplish similar results using other video editing software or slideshow creation software. Over the last seven years, I've tried or used Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft MovieMaker, Microsoft's free PhotoStory, Adobe Premiere Elements, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio EZ CD Creator, PhotoSuite, VideoWave, Ulead DVD Movie Factory, and others I've forgotten.

Not one of those programs I've tried can really compare with muvee Reveal in terms of simplicity, built-in intelligence, and the elegance of the results you get. If they did, I'd be using them instead of muvee's great software.

To be totally fair, some of those software packages do things that muvee Reveal doesn't do (and doesn't try to do because it doesn't try to do everything). Examples: you can't choose a different transition between every picture and video scene, or fine-tune the precise timing of every second of music and video, so every once in a while, I'll even get motivated to spend the time and mental energy necessary to use one of those other tools to work on video - but if you forced me to choose one piece of software in my digital media production arsenal, there's no question that muvee is the one I'd pick.

You see, even though I can be a bit of a control freak, I prefer to have software that does it all for me, and doesn't force me to make artistic decisions I'm not always qualified to make, even if I think I am. In my earlier video editing days using other software, for example, I'd put multiple different transitions in every show I made (because I could). Rather than enhancing what I was showing people, viewers were distracted by the variety of transitions. muvee, on the other hand, keeps things simple but professionally elegant by combining all the rules of good video productions (such as how many transitions to use and what kinds) into a single, simple choice you can make called a "style." More on styles in a minute.

So, if you're a bit of a control freak like me, keep in mind that there are still many, many settings you can tweak and customize to get just what you want, but the beauty of muvee is that you don't NEED to learn much more than the basics explained above to get GREAT results. No other software out there can really claim the same combination of simplicity and sophistication - in fact, many competitors have tried (unsuccessfully, I should add, based on everything I've seen at least) to imitate muvee.


"muvee AutoProducer (movie, get it?) is an amazing video product...The best endorsement? I asked the sales manager from a well-known imaging software program (yes, you'd recognize the name; no, I can't tell you) if he heard about muvee. "Yes," he exclaimed, "it's phenomenal and we have to do something similar." muvee is cheap...You'll be dazzled, I promise."

- Steve Bass, PC World, TechBite.com


"muvee is such a great piece of software, I can recommend it without reservation for anyone wanting to make a video commemorating an event or making a music video. Other programs attempt to copy some of muvee's functionality as an "add-on" feature, but I have not seen these produce results anywhere nearly as good as muvee, and the manipulation, tweaking, and editing tools don't work nearly as well."

- Konstantin Othmer, CEO, CloudCar


"I've seen plenty of video-creation software packages, but few look as flat-out fun as muvee's autoProducer. autoProducer 6 gives you more creative control than most software I've seen, and is certainly easier to use: Instead of worrying about timelines, the program itself will analyze the video and images you select to fit the music you want to use, so everything lines up perfectly. Even more entertaining are the program's superStyles, which give you still more control over the final product."

- Matthew Murray, Computer Shopper

What's the Secret Behind Such Amazing Technology?

As I understand it, after Pete Kellock and Terence Swee came up with the basic ideas, they learned a lot from numerous video editing professionals and observed lots of video footage done by professionals to learn every possible detail about what the experts did to create the emotionally compelling, Hollywood-style movies and music videos we're all familiar with.

They then implemented that knowledge combined with their own genius and creativity from their backgrounds in digital music and analysis, and came up with some of the following key ingredients, many of which are patented and won't be available for use in other software for many years.


  • smartCuts - automatically trims on video boundaries and summarizes video
  • smartAnalyze - looks for key moments, faces, logical scene divisions, and low-quality video to remove
  • smartSync - synchronizes the effects and transitions with your music
  • smartStyle - creates finished productions in a wide variety of styles
  • smartSpot - automatically adds subtle motion (the "Ken Burns effect")

I've been involved in technology since 1978, and only rarely have I ever encountered a product or company that solves such a common problem so elegantly, and is loved and used by both experts and novices alike.


"muvee is like many great products - it has a deceptively simple purpose - make music-video type movies out of files users shoot with their camcorders or digital cameras with a single click. And, like many great products, it has serious technology behind it. The real hook is autoProducer's uncanny ability to pick out the best bits and mash them together with the music."

- Nicole Freeman, Under the Radar Blog


"I have dozens of hours of video and thousands of photos stored on my computer, but I rarely have the ambition to actually sit down and edit all that footage down to an interesting DVD I can send to my parents. Thanks to muvee autoProducer, I no longer have to. muvee uses some sort of space-age technology to look for interesting parts of your videos and synchronize cuts to whatever music you choose. The results are great, and it takes very little effort to create short videos that are sure to satisfy the grandparents."

-Dave Johnson, PC World, Canada

How can I turn my own digital photos and videos into great productions like that?

Well, you have a few choices. You can take your content to a professional and pay anywhere from hundreds of dollars to a thousand dollars or so per professionally-done muvee - and it would be worth it. Even so, at that price, you'll probably only have muvees made for special occasions.

A second choice is to buy a piece of software from a well-known company such as Adobe or Sony or Apple (these packages generally run around $100 or $1,000 or even more), spend the hours and days it takes to learn how to use it, spend a semester or two taking video composition classes, and then take many more hours to put each muvee together. Again, it would be worth it.

But the best solution is to simply buy muvee Reveal (even at full price of $99.95, it's a steal if you value your time), and use to make as many muvees as you want, at no additional cost, in mere minutes each. You'll spend more time sorting through your digital photos and videos and choosing your music than you will actually using the software. After all, it's automatic.

What you need to run muvee Reveal is a relatively new PC running Windows 7 or Windows Vista and a basic knowledge of how to use it (you have to know how to install and start a program, how to choose files on your hard disk, and how to click on things). Check out the system requirements:

* At least a Pentium 4 or Dual Core CPU or an AMD Athlon 64, running at 2GHz or faster

* At least 1GB of RAM - 2GB if you want to process HD video files.

* At least 128MB video RAM - 256MB if you want HD support. Note: most newer on-the-system-board Intel graphics chips qualify because they borrow system memory as needed.

If that's all geek-speak to you, then you can base it on the age of your PC. If it's newer than 5 years old and cost more than $500, you're likely to be fine. And if your PC isn't up to spec, well, then you can justify getting a new one just so you can run Reveal. Or, you can buy muvee autoProducer 6, available in some of our other auctions. muvee autoProducer 6 doesn't support HD or 3D styles, and was designed for Windows XP systems, so it doesn't require as much computing horsepower as muvee Reveal X HD.


"anyone with a camcorder must have this item!"

- timejames (17)

"Wow, this program is awesome. My mind is racing with ideas for my digital pics."

- shy032266 (195)

"Awesome Product and Excellent Seller. Very Happy with this Transaction."

- ianosu (51)

"Quality product..."

- peteman2 (171)

"I love this product! ..."

- bubandshu (1)

"Incredible value..."

- bhark777 (31)

WHAT MAKES muvee Reveal GREAT?

The great thing about muvee software is that all the great features offered don't get in the way of its elegant simplicity. For example, the cool features are usually only a click away.

And there are a LOT of cool features!

Before introducing you to all those cool features, let me point out that the venerable flagship product from muvee, autoProducer, has not been replaced by Reveal, even though both products accomplish essentially the same thing, and almost all of the features that made autoProducer 6 great can be found in muvee Reveal X HD as well. muvee Reveal X HD requires newer hardware (usually newer than 3 years old) to support HD and 3D graphics, while autoProducer 6 is still great for anyone with an older PC (up to 6 years old). But any praise for muvee autoProducer 6 can also apply to muvee Reveal X HD. If you have an older PC, you'll want to find our auction for muvee autoProducer 6 and read up on what it can do.

So just read the descriptive box on the right to see some of the cool things you can do that make Reveal so powerful while still being so easy to use, and the box below to see some of its new features that make Reveal an attractive upgrade for previous users of muvee software:

muvee Reveal Features

My favorite features in Reveal, that I use most often, are the expandable media panel to rearrange photos and video clips, Magic Spot and the ability to control the motion on any given photo, Magic Moments and the easy video editing, redeye removal, adding titles and credits, and the ability to save to mpeg-2 or H.264 format.

But all of the features are logically accessible and therefore easy to use at some time or another, depending on what I want to do with the muvee I create.

If you're upgrading from muvee Reveal 8, here's what's new in muvee Reveal X:

Intertitles - muvee Reveal X now offers Intertitles - blank title slides that you can place in between your photos and videos - to help define chapters within your movie-story.
  Place an Intertitle before the highlights of each day of your 10 day trip, or highlight each game of your kid’s soccer season.
  Intertitles come with cool new text animations with their own entry and exit sequences.
  Captions have also been improved to include support for two-line Headlines and Subtext. Now you are better able to emphasize your messages.

Licensed, Style-Matched Music Included- Ever wondered which music track would pair well with that Style? Now muvee has hand-picked the music for you, and even better, has cleared all licensing requirements so you can safely post your movies anywhere!

Comes with Fonts - muvee hired a renown typography artist to select and design fonts to esthetically match each Style.

Boost Audio at Key Moments - You really want to have that cool new music track drive most of your video, but you wanna hear the Best-man’s speech? Now you can!
  Using the "Clip video into segments" or "Clip video here" feature, you can isolate the video segment where the Best-man delivered his speech. Then go to that clip, and check "Boost Audio". It’s that easy!

Styles re-Styled - Each Style for muvee Reveal X has been refreshed and transformed by adding text animation, and even some with additional video and graphics content.

Select Styles even feature actual video scenes taken by muvee's fans and CEO from their travels from Tahoe to Mexico. Look out for 3D particle sequence loops to give that extra boost to some of the recent Styles.

Updated Social Media video posting tools - muvee has updated their uploading capabilities for YouTube and Facebook to support their 720P resolution streaming service. Saving on the iPhone4 and iPad will also be in 720P H264, with iTunes integration for auto-syncing to your favorite iOS devices.


KEY muvee Reveal FEATURES

  • Easy to use editing tools - Easily crop and control the pan and scan for any photo to zoom in on specific details or faces,  change the sequence of images with drag and drop, highlight key video moments, focus on specific regions of photos, rotate photos and change the sequence of the media. Automatic brightness control, color correction and red eye reduction. You have as much control of what shows on screen as you want, while Reveal X takes care of the tedious things you don't want to worry about.
  • Easy Import - You can pull digital photos or videos from your hard drive, from a CD or flash drive, or from a connected digital camera or camcorder.  One-touch transfer makes it easy to import any media regardless of format.
  • Full HD Support - Make crystal-clear moviews using your photos or HD video.  Choose betweeen 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p) resolutions, and input directly from devices such as the Flip HD or AVCHD/HDV camcorders.
  • Instant Full Screen Previews - Watch your moviews instantly in a full screen, DVD-quality preview, thus allowing you to edit your movies to show exactly the way you want them to before saving.  It's video editing software without all the fuss.
  • Total Automation or Flexible Customization - You tell it which photos, videos, music, and style to use and muvee can do the rest. Or, you can customize your muvee with additional features, such as captioning, voiceover, Magic Moments video editing, Magic Spot cropping and motion control, music trimming, pace, colorization, background, titles, credits, saturation, responsiveness to music, and more!
  • Easy Save & Share - Save your muvees straight to YouTube, Facebook, or in a variety of formats: burn to a DVD or Video CD (VCD), save in a variety of industry standard formats (including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, .AVI, .MOV (Quicktime), .WMV, or H.264) so you can e-mail, upload, or playback your muvee.
  • muvee Cloud - A new way to share movies privately in one click. Upload your muvees directly. Send invites to friends and family to view the album. They can contribute photos or just leave a comment.
  • HD Support - Now, with muvee Reveal you can make crystal-clear movies using your photos and HD video. Choose between 1920x1080 (1080p) or 1280x720 (720p) resolutions. Input HD video directly from a variety of devices including the iPhone, HDV Camcorders, and GoPro Action Cams.
  • Magic Spot - Control the Ken Burns effect (pans, zoom out, and zoom in) for each photo to override muvee's automatic selection
  • Magic Moments - Tell muvee exactly which portions of your video you want it to use or exclude by clicking on either the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button. Divide video into scenes automatically for even greater control over the sequence in which clips show in your muvee.
  • Captions - Add captions to individual photos (using Magic Spot) or video scenes (using Magic Moments). Now, you can easily customize font, size, color, and position.
  • Voiceover - If your system has a microphone, add narration or voiceover to the entire muvee or to selected scenes, using tweak muvee.
  • Music Trimming - Choose the favorite parts of your music. Take out the beginning or use just the the chorus. The choice is yours. Our music trimming feature lets you choose the specific portion in a soundtrack you want.
  • 3D Styles - Styles make it easy to share your content story in just a few clicks. Each of the 5 styles included in muvee Reveal X HD has a unique stylized combination of effects, animations, and transitions that give your production a professional look. Customize the great new 3D music video and slideshow templates (styles) by changing attributes such as color, pacing, and effects to vary the look and feel of the final production
  • Expandable Media Panel - Rearrange your photos and video clips on an expandable media panel where you adjust how many pictures are on-screen and how large they are.
  • Unlimited Numbers of Photos - Now you can add as many digital photos to your slideshows as your PC can handle. Plus, add as many as 70 video and music files. In either case, you'll find that the software and hardware is much less limiting than the attention span of your audience.
  • Supported Languages - Install and use it in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portugese (Brazil or Portugal), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Korean, Russian, or Swedish.
  • Supported Input Formats -
    • Video: ASF, AVI, DV (AVI), MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (MP4), WMV, 3GP, H.264.
    • Photo: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF
    • Audio/Music: Unprotected MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC. No protected formats supported.
  • Supported Output Formats -
    • Video: AVI, DV (AVI), MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, WMV-HD, H.264, MPEG-4, 3GP.
    • Also supports the direct burning of NTSC or PAL DVDs or Video CDs


There are a lot of Mac users who love muvee software and consider it superior to anything available on a Mac. Still, it's Windows software, so you'll need to use BootCamp to run muvee Reveal X HD. If you have Windows 7, Vista, or XP running on your Intel-based Mac using virtualization software such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion, then you'll need muvee autoProducer 6 instead of Reveal. I have a MacBook Pro running muvee autoProducer 6 under Windows XP and VMWare Fusion, and it works great. In either case, you'll want to add Windows to our Mac's bag of tricks just to be able to run muvee software. It's that good, I promise.

What Advantages Does It Offer Me?

muvee Reveal has some distinct advantages over the alternatives of finding and hiring a professional or learning expensive video editing software:

  • No royalties to pay - use it as many times as you like
  • No expensive training required - even beginners pick it up quickly
  • No classes to attend - it's truly so easy to learn that anyone can get started in less than an hour
  • No books to read - everything you need to know is on the QuickStart Guide or in product Help / Tutorials
  • No need to learn intimidating new digital video and photo concepts - autoProducer makes it simple and uncomplicated!
  • Use the music you prefer - you are not restricted to packaged music

Be careful, though - you might just have so much fun you get carried away and start offering to do muvees for family members.  Want some advice from the voice of experience?  Better to turn them onto muvee and have the fun for themselves - they'll send you surprisingly good stuff they do, and you'll have the good feelings that come from sharing something really great.


"When I first visited their Web site I thought it was too good to be true - software intelligent enough to do something creative like edit video? I downloaded the free demo, and the rest was history - I became one of muvee's biggest fans. To understand why, you have to realize that out of the millions of hours of video shot every year on DV cameras, a very small percentage of it gets edited. muvee Technologies has the goal of changing that by eliminating the need for consumers to make complex video-editing decisions."

- Jason Dunn, author of Faster Smarter Digital Video, Microsoft Press

What Are Styles?

muvee's secret is in the styles. Styles let you get the look and feel you want for your content (photos, video clips, and music).

Reveal X HD comes with 6 customizable, 3D styles that will give you plenty of variety. Over the past several releases, muvee has combined what used to be different styles into options in styles, providing you with enhanced flexibility and ease of use. The quality of the Reveal styles are outstanding - so I would argue that with Reveal, you get more styles you'll actually want to use more often and thus greater variety and flexibility then with any other software available anywhere.

For example, using the Ultra Plain style, your muvee will have gentle transitions (blended fades or cuts - you choose), slow zooms and pans (the Ken Burns effect), and a generally unobtrusive look that lets your content shine.

Using the Lifepbook style, your photos will be shown against an elegant background that looks like an elegant scrapbook page (you can even choose from 3 available page backgrounds), and the transition from one page to the next will look as if the scrapbook page is being turned.

With the Kenetic style, your muvee will transform your content to a fast-paced, action-packed music video with special effects, random-length cuts, and everything else you'd expect from a professionally-done, high-energy music video.

In short, each style gives you an entirely different look for your muvees.

muvee Reveal comes with 6 styles, all customizable. Check 'em out:

  • Cube Twist - Life expressed in 6 dimensions.
  • Kinetic! - Give your sports video a kick.
  • Lifebook - Choose a background, tell your story.
  • Strips - They slip, they slide, and re-form like magic.
  • Ulta Plain - Concentrate on your photos and video - nothing else.
  • Uncle Oscar - Lights! Camera! Action! Your content in a smooth scrolling filmstrip.

For many users, those are all the styles ever needed. For other users who want even greater flexility and choice, there are optional stylePacks available that include additional customizable 3D styles made just for muvee Reveal.

Most muvee Reveal stylePacks require a product key to install. There are a few free stylePacks that do not require a License key - check muvee's web site from time to time around holidays; they sometimes make promotional styles available.

Please note that you cannot use autoProducer styles or stylePacks with muvee Reveal, and vice-versa. Both produce industry standard video files and DVDs, but the two products use different graphics models internally and thus cannot use each other's styles.


"Styles are [muvee's] secret sauce, providing variety and inventiveness that other products can't match."

- Jan Ozer, PC Magazine


"muvee automatically makes your boring videos cool...

iMovie seems to have the lock on home video production; however, it's still difficult to just "drop" video in and create a completed quality production in a mere few minutes. A bit of work is needed from you, the producer.

muvee takes a different approach and it becomes the producer, hence its name, autoProducer... I was mightily impressed with the Journal muvee which easily puts your adventure into an easy to understand time line with a high production cost look. Sentimental is an excellent muvee for those heart-tug moments such as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one and anything in-between. Back-in-Time can add some fun and excitement as well as class to just about anything you video tape."

- SvenOnTech


"[muvee] software is a remarkably user-friendly way to add a semi-professional sheen to holiday, vacation, wedding and other family-oriented videos, through the use of its unique style overlays. These templates superimpose a variety of textures and effects to what would otherwise likely be fairly pedestrian footage."

- Ed Driscoll, VideoMaker


In addition to the 6 styles that come standard with muvee Reveal X HD, there are optional stylePacks available. These stylePacks usually cost between $7.99 and $14.99, can be purchased directly from muvee, and are included in this auction's text for your reference and information.

Here's a list of available stylePacks available at muvee's web site:

Adrenaline Rush

New York
Mix It Up
Winter Wonderland

Is muvee Reveal Right for Me?

As much as I love muvee's software in general and muvee Reveal in particular, I'll be the first to admit that muvee Reveal may not be right for everyone. Here are some reasons you may want this particular auction, and some reasons you might want to consider alternatives:

Reasons this version (being sold in this listing) of muvee Reveal WOULD be RIGHT FOR YOU:

  • You want the FULL UNRESTRICTED DELUXE VERSION of muvee Reveal X HD
  • This is the first time you've purchased muvee software
  • You want all of the supurb benefits described in this auction
  • You want the physical version and the ease and convenience of installing from CD
  • You need a product key to activate the trial version of muvee Reveal, or you want a product key for muvee Reveal X HD plus a backup installation CD
  • You want high priority web and e-mail support from muvee
  • You want the lowest price available on muvee Reveal
  • You'd like a FREE QuickStart Guide - Making installing, using, and getting the most out of muvee easy

Now, here are some reasons you should consider other versions of muvee software:

  • You have previously purchased a full version of muvee autoProducer or muvee Reveal and are thus eligible for our special upgrade pricing on this version of muvee Reveal. Just call us at (801)489-0605 to upgrade.
  • If your PC doesn't meet the minimum system requirements (see the box to the right), then you'll need to upgrade your PC or get a new PC before you attempt to work with muvee Reveal.  You can also get the lower-priced software that runs on older PCs - muvee autoProducer 6. See our other auctions for autoProducer 6.
  • If you have an OEM version of muvee autoProducer installed on your PC, e.g. a version of muvee software that came on your PC or with a camcorder or camera.  In this case, you qualify for OEM upgrade pricing. Call us at (801)489-0605 for details.
  • If you still need help deciding which version of muvee would be best for you, just give us a call at (801)489-0605 during normal business hours (Mountain Standard Time - Denver or Salt Lake City time) and we'll help you identfy just the right software and pricing for you.


"I don't mind telling you that I really hope you bid on muvee Reveal X HD from us (and WIN!), but even more, we honestly want you to be happy with your purchase.

So please be sure that your PC meets the System Requirements below and muvee Reveal will install and work on your PC. That's the only way you'll be happy with muvee Reveal so you'll want to tell your friends and family about us. In fact, a healthy share of our sales come from the strong recommendations of existing users. The more you know about muvee Reveal, the better it is for us."

- Dave Whittle, muvee expert and your eBay host for this listing


  • Processor: 2GHz (or faster) Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent or better, such as a 1.6Ghz Core Duo processor or AMD Athlon 64)
  • System Memory (RAM): 1GB or more (2GB to save in HD).
  • Video Memory (RAM): 64MB or more (256MB to save in HD).
  • Video Drivers: Must support OpenGL 1.4 or higher
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • Other Requirements: .NET framework 3.0. Apple QuickTime is required for .MOV and iPod formats


Yes, this is the latest version of muvee Reveal.

In fact, this version features easy update so you'll always be able to have latest update to this version.

Just Imagine Your Life With muvee...

Now, in conclusion, I want to thank you for spending the time to learn more about how muvee Reveal can enhance your life and bring you many hours and instances of happiness. Please take a moment and imagine sharing a treasured memory, captured on film or video or both, with someone you truly love.

Picture them totally enthralled in an audio-visual feast of hand-picked images and music - wrapped up in the tingling sentiment of the magic moment you've created just for them. Notice how they're captivated by the emotional power of what they're watching. Gone are any possible thoughts of feeling obligated to watch - instead, they're completely drawn into the story you're so artfully telling with your photos, your videos, your muvee-created style, and the music you've chosen. They are literally lost in the moment, feeling or reliving with fond warmth the beautiful scenes and priceless memories.

Then, the second it's over, their eyes meet yours
and you know that their feelings for you have been profoundly stirred.

That has happened to me - and countless others. All of us love muvee for it. Now, you can soon have that same kind of experience. You can share such incredible moments, easily, using muvee Reveal to create compelling video productions you can share and enjoy with your wife and lover, your parents, your children, your friends, and even with strangers on the Internet.

I look forward to shipping you this magical software. Just click below to bid or call us at (801)489-0605 if you have any remaining questions.


"autoProducer is going to revolutionize how people work with digital media. You'll be blown away by its genius - guaranteed."

- Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome.com, CPU Magazine


"I downloaded your software and within minutes knew I had found the solution to what I have been looking for. I just put 475 digital photos with music on a CD and played it for my wife. The look on her face tells me I made the right decision in buying your software and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for what you have produced, and for what you are allowing me to do without spending thousands of hours doing it. I will be recommending this software to anyone who will listen. You should be at the top of the list for anyone who has a digital camera."

- Bill Taylor, Fairborn, Ohio


This auction is for the full, unlimited version of muvee Reveal X HD, in our exclusive Deluxe DVD Box Edition, manufactured in the U.S.A. under license from muvee Technologies, Pte. Ltd., the developers of this outstanding software.


Ship you a brand new, never used, fully legitimate, shrink-wrapped copy of muvee Reveal X HD, Deluxe DVD Box Edition within one business day of receipt of your payment. If you pay before noon (U.S. Mountain Standard Time or GMT -7:00), we will almost always ship your software that same day. Please call us at +1(801)489-0605 if you need to verify that we can meet your delivery expectations - otherwise, please allow us two days for shipping and the postal service time to deliver it (coming from Provo, Utah, USA).


You can pay by Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express (just call us at +1(801)489-0605 with your credit card #).

To ensure the fastest shipping, use Paypal or call us with a credit card number.


This is the latest version of muvee Reveal X HD, or will quickly update to the latest version of muvee Reveal upon installation.

By purchasing this software from us here on eBay, you will be eligible for free updates (bug fixes only), and special pricing on upgrades (new features and versions).


If you are not delighted with muvee Reveal, just return it to us within 30 days for a full refund of the price you paid for it. We'll even refund your return postage if you ask us to - we're THAT confident that you will love muvee Reveal.


We guarantee that we can meet or beat any legitimate price you can find. If you think someone else is offering a better price, then either snap it up, or better yet, e-mail us the link to the better price offer and we'll sell it to you for that price less $5.


We gladly gift wrap-it for you and ship it to an alternate location - for only $4.95 more. Just provide the instructions in your PayPal payment or call us at (801)489-0605.


We welcome orders from anywhere in the world. Just check www.usps.com for countries served, under International Shipping.


Support is provided by muvee through their web site and via e-mail, but we provide customer service if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. Please read and understand the minimum system requirements before purchasing; note that this program only works under Windows 7, Vista, or XP.


By calling +1(801)489-0605 or by eBay Contact email.


1 business day.


Sundays, U.S. Holidays (i.e., whenever the U.S. Post Offices are closed), and Utah Holidays (July 24th weekend)

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