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Details zu  Münzprüfer, Multi Coin Acceptor Selector Mech for Vending machine for Euro Coins

Münzprüfer, Multi Coin Acceptor Selector Mech for Vending machine for Euro Coins

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Multi Coin Acceptor Selector Mechanism Vending machine


We are professional manufacture of coin selector , coin acceptor , and LCD counter  company .If you demand a large quantity , please feel free to let me know .We can cooperate in B2B model.

This is Model number : CH-926

 Please notice :

The item is in Germany , you will receive them in 1~5 work days by Depost or DHL.

 We also have model no. CH-922~CH-928 , that can accept up to 2~8 different kinds ofcoins.if you demand different types of them , you can also Visit My eBay Store: chowhe electronics


CH-926 is a multi coin selector, can accept up to 6 kinds of different coins at the same time. This type of coin selector is widely used in Vending machine, Arcade Game, Message chair, and other self–management system. CH-926 is mainly based on material, weight and size to identify coins. We use the most up to date algorithm to design software. Therefore, CH-926 is very stable and accurate even when environment changes such as temperature, and humidity etc… In order to increase the accuracy, we suggest different version of coins use different channel to set up.


(1)Capable of accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens.

(2)Intelligent CPU software control, and high accuracy .

(3)Self-programming without PC.

(4)Accept 1~6 different kinds of coins at the same time.

(5)Free to set up pulses' output.

(6)Prevent not only electric shock but also electromagnetic interference. 

(7)Automatic self-test for problems.


Coin diameter15mm~32mm
Coin thickness1.2mm~3.8mm
Atmospheric pressure86Kpa—106Kpa
Accuracy rate of identification99.5%
Working voltageDC +12V ±10% 
Working current65mA ±5%
Working humidity≤95%
Signal outputpulse



User Guide


The Process of Setup for Parameters

(1)Press the "Add" and "minus" buttons at the same time for about three

    seconds,then the letter "A" will appear from the LED display.

(2)Press the "setup" button once, and the letter "E" will appear.

    Next,us the buttons to choose how many kinds of coins you

    would like to use; then press the"setup" button again to finish.

(3)The letter "H" will appear after pressing the button. Use the

    "Add" and "minus"buttons to choose how many samples you

    would like to insert later. Next press the"setup" button again to finish.

(4)The letter "P" will appear after pressing the button. Use the

    "Add" and "minus" buttons to choose the amount of output's

    signals/pulses you want. The quantity limited is 50 times.

    Next, press the "setup" button to finish.

(5)The letter "F" will appear after pressing the button. Use the

    "Add" and "minus" buttons to choose accuracy. The value

    is from 1~30, and 1 is the most accurate. Normally, 5~10 will be fine.

    Next, press the "setup" button to finish.

(6)So far, you have successfully set up the first coin. please repeat all

    above procedures until you have set up all the coins. The letter "A"

    will appear again after all above procedures are finished.

(7)Press the "setup" button, and the letter "E" will appear.

    Finally, turn off and turn on the power. The setup will be stored.

 You can start sampling after the setup is finished. Please choose at least 20 coins. The sampling process will affect the accuracy of coin selector.



(1)Press the "setup" button, then letter "A" will appear from the

    LED display.

(2)Press the "setup" button again, then letter "A1" will appear.

    Next, start to insert sample coins. The LED display will show how

    many coins you insert. The letter "A1" will appear again after finished.

(3)Press the "setup" button again, then the letter "A2" will appear.

    Next, Start to sample 2nd coin, and repeat No. 1 and No. 2

    until all the coins are set up .

(4)After finished the sampling, press the "setup" button.

    then turn off and turn on the power.

    Now you can start to use it.


Connections' manual




Coins can't pass through

(1)Check if the connection is correct or poor connection.

(2)Check if sampling is appropriate.

(3)Check if there is something stuck inside.

Can't identify outputs

(1)Check if 2 way switches -NO. NC.- are correct.

(2)Check if Singal wire is connected correctly .

(3)Check if there is pull-up resistor with signal wire(not allowed).

(4)Check if there is something stuck on the channel where the coins pass out.

Coins can not pass smoothly

(1)Check if the parameter is set up appropriately.

(2)Check the accuracy switch

(3)Check if there is something stuck on the channel where the coins pass out.  


Name and Function


1.LED light-The light of indicidation.

2.4pin Socket

3.Two way switch-signal output NO. or NC.

4.Three way switch-Output signal-fast: 20ms , medium: 50ms , slow: 100ms

5.2pin Socket-Electromagnetic valve DC 12V

6.“Setup” button

7.LED display

8.“Add” button-Plus "+" value

9.“Minus “button-Minus “-” value

10.Coin slot

11.Press-button for removal of blocked coin

12.Return slot of Coin

13.Position of electromagnetic strobe 


  • We accept Paypal payment only which provides full-scale buyer protection policy up to $500.
  • All major credit cards are accepted through our secure payment processor PayPal.
  • Payment must be received within 7 business days of auction closing.
  • We ship to paypal verified address only.

  • For Germany customer , we will send by Depost or DHL , delivery time usually 1~5 work days.
    better to contact us first to check if we still have stock in Germany.

  • For other Euro countries , We will  mainly ship by DHL .
  • We also provide Express Shipping Service (UPS/DHL/FEDEX./EMS) options if you need it urgently.
  • Delivery time depends on destination and other factors, for Euro countries ,it may takes up to 2~10 business days. If you are not sure how long it will be delivered , you can contact us first.
  • sometime it's possible to meet problem during deliver , in this case ,please try to contact us for help.


  • Please note that we are not responsible for custom duty or import tax if generated, in order to reduce your expense, we take actions like marking-down the product value and describing the parcel as gift/sample in Custom Declaration slip etc. 
  • Please contact us if you are not satisfied. Please trust us any problem could be amicably resolved through communication.
  • If item defective after 3 months, you are still welcomed to send it back to us for exchange. Shipping fee may be inccurred.

 we are manufacturer of most of products we sell , and we also trade some products for our partners , we welcome for B2B or B2C cooperation , please feel free to contact if you would like to be our agent in your country : sales@coin-selector.com

All emails will be answered in a very timely manner. If you do not receive our reply, please kindly re-sent your message via both email and eBay Message system. email:sales@coin-selector.com
if you are not satisfied with our service , please also complaint to manager@coin-selector.com



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