What is Fair Trade?

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If you acquire a product of the fair trade, so you support thereby the projects in over 50 countries at the same time. The producers, craftsmen likewise arms and helpless ones, have thereby a further chance. They are motivated thereby additionally and each coffee, each rice, each piece of scenery and all articles “fair trade” contribute to it

The “fair trade” needs you - each gesture, each purchase gives to those energy and courage for the future, which are disadvantaged. Try with us the world to change.

According to an estimation of the United Nations, live world-wide 1.3 billion humans below the poverty border. Most in the countries of the “third world”.

"Let's shake hands - render help together"

Above all small producers can cover their living costs of proceeds of their products - for example coffee, cocoa or sugar - often hardly. Because on the price structuring at the world market they do not have influence. Different it is with the fair trade.

The producers, receive prices for their products, which lie over the world price with the fair trade. They are supported with the structure of independent marketing structures and are independent of middlemen. But fair trade functions only, if consumers are ready to buy fair acted products. Beside food, there is today a multiplicity of other products, which are fair acted. These are offered in the meantime at very different places, begun of world shops over distance selling up to supermarkets. However the today's market share of up to 3% is still clearly riserable. A success history: For over 25 years there is fair trade in Germany. In the fair trade, groups of producers and consumers exert themselves together, for a fair world. What can cause fair trade? Each sales, fair acted products, benefits the producers directly. The fair trade makes it, for disadvantaged producer families possible in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve their conditions of work and life. The fair trade stands for partnership and reliable trade relations. The fair trade places humans into the center and promotes the social justice and careful handling the natural bases of life. Each consumer can change and to somewhat more justice contribute a piece of world with the purchase. Fair trade means partnership over many borders away. Between the partners close contacts exist - and they orient themselves at the same criteria. For the world shops in Germany the convention of the world shops forms the basis of the fair trade.

Agreements keep! The principles of the fair trade refer to all involved ones: the producers and their organizations, the importers accepted by the world shops, that respect world shops and groups of actions themselves humans and environment. Beside the high-qualityness of the acted products, their quality exists particularly in social and environmental compatibility. In addition belong social conditions of work and commercial conditions, which offer genuine development chances. Higher prices contribute to the existence safety device of the producers, who production partly before-financed, and ecological and social projects of the partners (schools, medical supply etc.) are supported.

Its reliability pulls the fair trade particularly from comprehensive transparency: Who gets how much money? How are decisions made? Both with producers and importers, and with world shops, view can be taken in its function, its ownership structure and the trade routes. Contribute. A partnership understanding is relevant also within the respective organizations. World shops co-operate only with partners, which give themselves democratic structures and ensure an extensive participation of all coworkers. Meaningfully is no goal manages maximization of profit. Proceeds are invested again into the fair trade, a part flow into joint tasks as well as education work. Co-operate on a long-term basis. The continuity of the trade relations creates the reliability, which is necessary for lasting managing. Continuity points itself for example in long-term supply contracts and intensive consultation to the advancement of products. This partnership co-operation is still more important to many producers than the higher prices. Politically information about the world trade interferes to make accessible has a high value in the work of the world shops. Apart from the information to products and producers world shops take part in political campaigns.

Proponents of the fair trade generally support the following principles and practices with trade relations: Chances for economically disadvantaged manufacturers create Fair trade is a strategy to the Linderung of poverty and for the promotion of lasting development. Its purpose consists of creating chances for manufacturers that were economically disadvantaged or pushed by the existing commercial system to the edge. Transparency and responsibility Fair trade means transparent management and commercial relations, in order to deal fair and respectfully with trade partners. Structure of capacity and know-how The fair trade is for the manufacturers a means, in order to develop independence. Fair trade relations bring continuity, because the manufacturer and their marketing organisations can improve their authority in the management and its entrance to new markets. Payment of a fair price The condition that a fair price in the local and regional connection is paid, which came by dialogue and participation. It considered not only production costs, but makes possible also a production, which is socially fair and pollution free. The manufacturers can obtain fair prices. In addition the principle of the same payment for same work is converted, which guarantees that women and men receive the same payment for the same work. The supporters of the fair trade guarantee immediate disbursement to their partners and help the manufacturers as far as possible to finance the Vorernte or the pre-production. Equal rights of women Fair trade means that woman's work is entlöhnt in the correct kind estimated and accordingly also. Women are paid always for their contribution in the production process and strengthened within their respective organizations. Socialcompatible conditions of work Fair trade means a safe and not health-endangering work surrounding field for the manufacturers. Exploitation, child and slave work are forbidden.
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