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Hello friends cinema !!!

Beamer / Projector!
Anticipating word:

This is important and should not be underestimated, it's your money! Read the text description of the eBay / in increasingly good through good assessment is trust - not bad, compare the offer
on eBay.
Old Projector                                                      New Projector

Knowledge is power! No,
applied knowledge is power.

A beamer / projector with new electronics or older? All beamer / cinema projectors make a board with
Components from one old Beamer / projectors are very large and make the device very heavy today with microelectronics, all comments small, lightweight, inexpensive. In the dark watching movies make sense, a beamer / projector can also be at home in daylight in the room used from 1000 lumens no problem. The sun has in the summer of 10,000 lux at the equator 80,000 mc even be possible, as you can out there with no direct sunlight See movie make. Buy a home theater and watch them like in the movies, is practically a canvas you can always look after the Canvas top roles. My tip: If you have a white wall is also without a few black canvas strips 16:9 or 4:3 relocated and it is super fantastic cinema.

All figures are from me has been drafted,
I have A N N A (Langendreer)       
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