Mercury Magnetics Vox transformer upgrade testimonials

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                             Mercury Magnetics Vox AC30 Transformer Upgrade Testimonials

Vox AC-30 (OT: VXO-30W, Choke: JMI-30C) Lauri from Finland

…….. I tried the amp and WOW! That‟s all I can say, it`s like playing a different amp. My tech changed other parts also, some filters etc. But overall, I‟m very happy with my new amp. My tech said Mercury`s OT and choke are very good clones of the originals. I want to thank you again for providing these great parts.

Vox AC 30 Italian product from the „70s (OT: VXO-30W, PT: MMP-V30W, Choke: JMI-30C) Mario from Germany

It's done... The AC30 is finished.
I attached some pictures how the amp looks now. The Mercury trannys on it look so damn cool I think.
And yeah, it sounds great! Now it has the sound that I expect a good AC30 to have.
It already sounded great after changing the output tranny (this was the key point).
The power tranny and the choke didn't bring any change in sound (which I didn't expect them to do), but it gives the amp beautiful stability when cranking it up.
With the old power tranny the sound got quite muddy and blurry when driving it into saturation. I never understood how people could like the sound of a distorting AC30... Now I can.
It stays pretty tight and has a rich, dynamic saturated tone, which I love. Great!
I love the amp now! I don't know if it's as good as an old JMI... But it sounds superb to me.
Cannot imagine what an old "original" could do better.
Peavey Valve King (OT: SE-9K-M) Oliver from Serbia
This evening I mounted MM in my ValveKing112 and played few notes and chords... Absolutely new dimension...It's not just a stupid "placebo effect" for having MM's, this is true sound! I must have more time to discover and understand "what's happened with my amp". Also the next step is to install the choke into amp.
Thank you and Patrick for choice and purchase of this tranny. Especially thanks to you... I'm so happy.

Vox AC30 (PT: VXP-30/240) Dezso from Hungary

I've got the transformer today and it works very good. The best sounding transformer that I've ever heard. Thanks for the fast shipping.

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