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Gucci – Spotting the Fakes!

Don't get fooled with cheap Asia-Fakes anymore! You have a buyer protection garanty when you buy over ebay and pay with paypal . Internet platform is polluted with fake-sellers who advertise their products to be authentic Gucci. Especially in the new collection the label protects itself through hightech features on their products, which are almost impossible to copy. So be aware of those signs of authenticity for Gucci, and check out our list below, if you wanna be sure to buy the Original, and – to be absolutely sure- next time buy at our shop!

Gucci - Signs of Authenticity (Bags, Shoes, Wallets)

- Dust bag: a (new) authentic Gucci bag comes with the Gucci dust bag. If the seller doesn’t send it with the bag or even doesn’t offer it with the bag, then be suspicious! The dust bag alsways has a serial number and says „Made in Italy“.

- Quality: authentic Gucci leather products are crafted in excellent quality with high standards, and for sure they are always made of real leather!! Gucci mostly uses calf leather, wild boar skin, cow hide or emu skin, no synthetic products! The stitches are perfect, no crooked lines, no imperfection whatsoever. Still these are handcrafted products, which might differ slightly from each other, each of them being unique. But they never compromise on quality! You can see, smell and feel this!

- Serial number: Gucci bags have the serial number behind the small leather label inside the bag which indicates "Gucci made in Italy". This number consists of the article number, the model number and the Gucci season code. Shoes have it printed inside followed by the shoe size. Wallets have the serial number inside. Character of those numbers is always very clear and in the typical Gucci type font. With fakes it happens to bet hat the numbers are not as clear and clean printed or stamped as a real Gucci, and the type font is different.

- Monogram: the „GG“ Gucci monogram on bags, wallets or shoes has the letters clearly separated. Therefore as the „GG“ touches each other, be suspicious!

ATTENTION: Since the fake producers sometimes manage to copy one or two of these authenticity signs, make sure that all of them apply to your Gucci product!

Protect yourself from fakes and make sure you buy real Gucci quality products from honest sellers on Ebay! Check out our Trensandbrands Shop, cause with us you're on the safe side! We carry all the European and US high brand labels for reasonable prices with lots of winter specials right now!

We'll be happy to answer any further questions!


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