Enya DVD The Video Collection

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For every Enya fan, the DVD "The Video Collection" is almost a must. But, after a short time the DVD wwas withdrawn, and so illegal copies appeared on the scene. Because the DVD became such a rarity and there are many illegal items, how do can you decide the offered item is legal or not? Here is the answer: http://discography.enya.com/index_02.asp The official discography lists all legal items. Even if you are looking for a CD album or single you find tracklists, covers and other information. Here is the link for the DVD: http://discography.enya.com/videos/02.asp legal copies must have a normal black dvd (no picture DVD!), a 2 page leaflet and are either in a clear plastic dvd case or a cardboard box. And finally, all have a green round sticker on the front. If you have any doubt about a offered item or product, just enter www.enya.com and send your question thru the support to the moderators. An answer will be given within a short period! Many greetings from Enyaland!
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