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Welcome To My Dazey Butter Churn Guide

I'm provided this guide for the Ebay community for both buyers and sellers. 

I did not write the following material.  I would like to thank my friends for their permission in allowing me to reproduce their hard work here.  The Ebay community owes them debt of gratitude for their exhaustive research and dedication in preserving a piece of Americana history in Antiquities.

I would also like to point out that there is a lot of other wonderful resources on the internet for Vintage Butter Churns.  I encourage you to seek out those resources before you buy any churn. 

This is just a VERY TINY piece of the original research.   I'm allowed just a small amount of space to provide information and I've done the best I could to bring you the most important highlights of their research.

Please note this material is copyrighted.

Copyright C 2005-2016 - All rights reserved.  The content of the guide and all the images contained in it are copyrighted.  None of the content of this guide or the images contained in it may be reproduced, published or linked to in any way without prior written consent.

Update March 16, 2009 - I highly recommend the book, "The Eggbeater Chronicles" by Ron Thornton.  He has an oustanding section on every Dazey butter churns every produced as well as every eggbeater ever made and Folks, you wouldn't believe how many eggbeaters there have been.  Amazing!  This book is sold right here on Ebay.

Update August 5, 2012 - I refreshed the photos as they were went missing.  Enjoy!

Update March 4, 2016 - Hi there, Folks.  I'm so sorry, but I don't check this page so I won't see your questions.  The comments section below is for just that, comments.  But I welcome your questions.  You can write to me through Ebay Messages.  Have a beautiful and blessed spring...Debby

The Dazey Churn & Manufacturing Company was one of the most prolific maker of butter churns and almost all of their churns are easily identified by the Dazey name embossed on the glass jars.  The downside of this is that Dazey butter churns are being reproduced currently.  Buyers must be very careful to make sure that they distinguish between antique churns and modern reproductions.  Dazey never made a butter churn smaller than one quart.  Pint, half-pint, No. 5, child's churns and salesmen's's samples are all reproductions.  On some of the larger sizes that Dazey did make, the Made in America or St. Louis, U.S.A. line may be misspelled on the jar.  The only original churn frame, (the top or gear assembly), that was marked Dazey was the patent dated style.  Dazey never made the bullseye style frame, (the top or gear assembly), that was embossed with the name Dazey.  (note from provider of guide - at the time the bullseye jars were produced the tops or gear assemblies did not yet bear the DAZEY embossing).  Another difference is in the wood handles.  Often on reproduction churns they are shorter than the original and held on to the crank arm with a threaded bolt rather than preened rivet.  The wood paddles are often not made of maple but rather a wood with a much more instinct grain.  The metal tops of the reproductions will be distressed or acid washed to look old but this will look different than an old metal top that has been aged for years.  If you are not sure ask questions.  It is terrible to tell someone they paid hundreds of dollars for a reproduction butter churn that they thought was old.

These are Dazey beveled edge or horseshoe label butter churns.  The glass is embossed in a horseshoe pattern DAZEY CHURN AND MFG. COMPANY in an arch and ST. LOUIS, MO along the base of the arch.  The base of the jar is embossed with a 10, 20, 30 or 40 depending if it is what is commonly referred to as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 quart butter churn.  The metal tops will not be marked Dazey, the gear will have round holes rather that the later pie shaped holes and the frame will attach to the lid with an arch attachment rather than the three feet on the later butter churns.  (note from provider of guide - these are extremely rare now.  If you see one, be suspicious).  The screw lid will be indented above the upper most thread unlike the later lids.  The butter churns pictured above from left to right are a one, two, three and four quart.  In this series of Dazey butter churns the 3 and 4 quart are less common.  These were the first jar butter churns by Dazey and they probably were produced from 1907 to about 1912.

These are Dazey bullseye or round butter churns.  The embossing on the front of the jar is in a round circle reading:  DAZEY CHURN & MFG. CO.  at the top of the circle and ST. LOUIS, U.S.A. in a banner along the bottom of the circle.  On the one quart butter churn and a 20, 30 or 40 embossed above the circle depending if the butter churn is 2, 3 or 4 quart in size.  SOME of these jars will have MADE IN AMERICA embossed in a line below the circle embossing.  The tops again are not marked Dazey and there is no screen.  Pie shaped holes will not start to be common on the large gear and the frame will attach to the lid with three feet rather than the previous arched attachment.  Dazey probably produced these butter churns from about 1912 till around the end of the decade.

These are Dazey raised screen butter churns.  (note from provided of guide - these are rounded on top, rare), These were the first time Dazey used a whey screen.  They probably were produced just prior to 1922 since some of them incorporated the patent dated style of gear frame.  The glass jars for these butter churns were also embossed in a circle, (bullseye).  The top half of the circle was embossed DAZEY CHURN & MFG. CO. and the bottom half of the circle was embossed No. 40 - MADE IN ST. LOUIS - U.S.A.  Above the circular embossing it was embossed 4 QT (this example would be for a 4 quart butter churn).  The embossing on these jars was very fime compared to the previous bullseye embossed butter churns.

These are Dazey patent dated butter churns.  These jars have lower, sloped upper corners and are embossed:

DAZEY CHURN (in an arch)

NO. 60 (for a 6 qt.)





Also in all but the eight quart size, some jars will have a flower with the word Dazey in the center embossed on the base, (bottom), of the jar and then some of these flower embossed jars will have Dazey churn and NO. 40, (for a 4 quart size), embossed on the backside of the jar.  There can be quite a few combinations to collect.



The tops of these jars will be marked Dazey at the top and have a flower near the gear on all but the one quart butter churn.  These tops also have the removable whey screen on all but the one quart butter churn.  The one quart jar will have the flower embossed on the bottom, embossing on both sides of the far and will be missing the patent date.  Since the Feb. 14, 1922 patent related to the screen and the one quart did not have this screen, the patent did not really apply to the one quart butter churn.  This one quart size Dazey churn is one of the most valuable churns to collectors today.  Previous Dazey butter churns used four wood blades on the paddle but during the run of these patent dated churns Dazey started to use a paddle with two wood blades.  Thus these butter churns can be found with either a two or four wooden blade paddle.

A glass jar very similar to the glass jar used on (Dazey) churn was also used on the DANDY butter churn made by the Taylor Brother Churn & Manufacturing Company.

These two butter churns are an 8 quart and 4 quart Dazey red top or football style butter churn.  These were the last style of butter churn of Dazey manual butter churns and only came in these two sizes.

Notes from the provided of this guide:

Dazey made  S  shaped handles on their earlier churns, but not on later patented versions.  The only metal paddles Dazey made were on the red top, football versions.  Dazey never made a cup shaped whey screen.  Those were an Elgin, Sears or Wards.  The more bubbles in the glass the older the jar - a good thing.  The bullseyes are difficult to distinguish - takes experience.  Basically, if the lettering seems overly large then it may be a reproduction.  If it is fine and clear then it's a safe bet it's an original.  The earlier Dazey tops won't be embossed. 

These are Lighting Butter Churns.  The tops look a lot like Dazey tops except the part that holds the handle on is wider and the gear shaft may slide out with the handle.  Note the  jars are unmarked.

Below are unknown makers - note the metal paddles and cup shaped whey screens.  NOT Dazeys.

A lot of what I see are Dazey jars with another makers top that are being sold as a Dazey Butter Churn as with the S shaped handle or cup shaped whey screen.  Now that doesn't mean that these are not perfectly good VINTAGE butter churns - they are.  They're just not a true complete Dazey.   The people who are selling these are NOT being dishonest.  It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to know what you have.  THAT IS THE REASON I AM PROVIDING THIS GUIDE.  Please DO NOT accuse them of dishonesty.  They still have a perfectly wonderful vintage churn.  I am currently collecting other makers churns as well.  I had my eye on a nice Sunbeam recently but it got away from me.  If you see one let me know. 

I will add to this guide as I learn more.  Please, if this has been helpful, let me know.  It's important.........Ciara0218



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