Columbus Blue Jackets Memorabilia Buying Guide

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In Columbus Ohio, the Blue Jackets are a professional hockey team in the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Blue Jackets franchise was formally recognized as an active member of the NHL in May 2000. Although a young team, the Blue Jackets qualified for their first Stanley Cup playoff game in 2009. During that same year, goaltender Steve Mason became the first Blue Jackets player to win the Calder Memorial trophy for "rookie of the year."

The Blue Jackets name was inspired by the uniforms of the Northern soldiers during the Civil War. While not the first professional hockey team to find home in Columbus Ohio, the Blue Jackets are the only Columbus professional franchise to find home in the NHL. The team hosts home games at Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus.

There are many venues from which to purchase Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia. These items can be purchased online or at brick and mortar stores like hobby shops or retail stores. This buying guide describes to potential customers the different types of memorabilia relating to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Fans and collectors alike can purchase trading cards, game-worn or replica jerseys, pucks, sticks, and even ice skates. The buying guide also details helpful information on purchasing Blue Jackets memorabilia online from eBay.

Investing in Columbus Blue Jackets Memorabilia

Although hockey is not known for being as lucrative as other sports in the United States, the right memorabilia will hold value and can be worth a great deal. There are several types of merchandise, collectibles, and equipment to invest in when collecting Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia. First of all, there are cards created from companies like Upper Deck, Topps, and Pacific. There are pieces of game-used equipment such as jerseys, pucks, sticks, and skates . These items are more valuable if they contain an autograph. There are also bobbleheads, figurines, and diecast items to collect.

Columbus Blue Jackets Trading Cards

Although hockey cards may not be as valuable or popular as baseball or basketball cards, there are still many valuable cards printed each year. Trading card companies create cards for nearly every player in the NHL. Trading cards are small and made of a thick paper. On this paperboard, an image of a player is put on the front of the card with his stats typically summarized on the back. The basic card set usually contains several hundred cards, and each set is produced in large quantities. Trading card sets also come with inserts and special edition cards. These may involve a slightly different image or a special edition feature, like a gold or silver frame.

There are also autographed cards and game used jersey cards inserted randomly into packs of cards. A company like Upper Deck may purchase a game-used jersey and then cut the jersey into small pieces, which can then be placed in each card. There are fewer of these cards in circulation, therefore, they are worth a great deal more. They can be found randomly in packs or purchased individually at hobby shops or online. Usually printed on the back of each card pack will be the odds of pulling a special edition card. The pack may give a 1-to-24 ratio on the back. This means that there is a chance of a pulling a special edition card in one pack out of every 24.

Columbus Blue Jackets Game-Used Equipment

During every game, every player wears a jersey, gloves, skates, and pads. These uniform items, in addition to the pucks used during official games, are frequently requested memorabilia. All these items are collectible and available from hobby shops, sports stores, and online retailers. These items, especially when autographed, can be extremely valuable when accompanied by some type of authenticating document.

Blue Jackets Jersey

Hockey jerseys are required for each player. The jersey helps officials, other players, and fans identify each player. On the front of the jersey, the team name is proudly displayed. On the back, the player’s name is usually spread across the shoulders, with his number on the center of the back. Hockey jerseys come in larger sizes than other sports jerseys because of bulkiness of the padding worn underneath. Jerseys can be worn by fans to represent a favorite team and may be fairly expensive. An investment in a game-used or autographed jersey can be preserved by putting it away for safekeeping or by displaying it behind protective glass in a case or on the wall. Autographed, game-used jerseys are very valuable and may increase in value over time, depending on the lifetime statistics of the player. Jerseys that haven’t been used in a game but are still autographed are also valuable to investors and collectors.

Blue Jackets Puck

The hockey puck is a small black object the size of a doughnut with no hole in the center. The goal of the game is to use a stick to pass the puck around with a main objective of shooting the puck into the net. Hockey pucks can be purchased with specific labels or logos, like that of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Having a puck is like having a piece of the game. This is another item that is more valuable if it has seen game play or a player has autographed it.

Blue Jackets Stick

Hockey sticks are made of wood and/or plastic and each player has a stick to pass and catch the puck on the ice. Each stick is customized to different lengths and angles based on the player’s characteristics including position, height, and skating style. Hockey sticks are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that can be autographed. Like a baseball bat, each player has a stick and uses it for every game. If the stick is autographed, it’s usually signed at the bottom where the stick touches the ice.

Blue Jackets Skates

Game-used ice skates are one of the rarer items to find. Players go through many pairs of skates each season, and many are tossed out after use, making these items highly collectible when they become available for sale. An autographed skate or pair of skates is highly valuable and rare to find.

Columbus Blue Jackets Autographed Memorabilia

Besides game-used memorabilia, there is an array of other items available to have autographed. Pictures and cards are perhaps the most common. One factor that distinguishes whether the item can be purchased as an investment is the availability of the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). A valid certificate makes the autographed memorabilia official and easier to resell. It usually specifies a setting where the player who signs the piece is being contracted to sign a certain number of items.

Purchase Columbus Blue Jackets Memorabilia on eBay

For anyone interested in purchasing Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia on eBay, you must first register for a free account. Then, potential customers can search the auction listings for memorabilia. By simply entering "Columbus Blue Jackets" into the search bar, eBay will filter its multitude of items down to Blue Jackets items.

Sorting by Category

Once the search has completed, there will be a list of categories on the screen. Under the Category listing, users will find Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop. In this category, items can be further sorted by subcategories, such as Cards, Fan Apparel & Souvenirs, Autographs- Original, Game Used Memorabilia, and Vintage Sports Memorabilia, among others. These categories will help fans and collectors narrow down a search to find a specific item to purchase.

Research the Seller

Like any online purchase, it is a good idea to get to know the seller before making a purchase. Check the Feedback from past customers to gauge the seller’s level of customer service. Another procedure is to search for listings from Top - rated Sellers to make sure reliability and customer service are a number one priority. Sellers with the Top-rated Seller badge are those that have proven their worthiness over a long period of time. Many of these sellers also have store links available with additional items available for sale.


Although there are a number of Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia items for sale, some are more valuable than others. First, a person must decide if he or she wishes to simply display items as a fan or purchase items as a true investor. Hockey cards aren’t as valuable as other types of sports cards, but some are worth a great deal. Game-used equipment includes the most valuable items. Popular game-used equipment consists of jerseys, pucks, sticks, and skates. These items, like other memorabilia, are more valuable if they have been autographed. To make sure an item is official and keeps its value, look for an official certificate of authenticity. EBay is a convenient online source for Columbus Blue Jackets memorabilia items. Collectors and fans can confidently purchase Blue Jackets items on eBay by examining the customer feedback and top-rated seller information provided.

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