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When press on the "right" button on our shocker, a voltage discharges in the finger. In each case, two poles must be touched simultaneously on the article, only you can feel the electric shock. If you only touch a pole, then no current flows. When press on the "right" button is indeed emitted from the shock - references, a high voltage, but only a very small power. Because of the relatively high output voltage you can feel the electric shock but still. Several factors are decisive for the strength of the shock: The residual capacity of the batteries, contact resistance of joke articles on hand and of course the time of pressing. The maximum surge is already physically limited by the capacity of the built-in batteries. The Battery ( in our cases usually button-cells) can give only this, what was is given to her by the manufacture. Even with minimum contact resistance and permanently applied voltage the current reaches a very small value. The use of more powerful batteries or other power sources is therefore expressly prohibited.

Therefore, our products are all safe and will not cause damage in healthy people .
Note it please and read the safety instructions.

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