Apple OSX Software Installation DVD set

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Important facts of every Installation-set

Hi everyone;

What I have seen already countless times on Ebay:
Many "Gray" (OEM) Installation-sets of Tiger 10.4 Leopard 10.5 and SnowLeopard 10.6 are offered for sale whereby there is nothing stated on which exact Apple-computer the offered set will work or - even worse - wrong statements are made about the install-ability. Many people are buying this way unusable software. Afterwards many sets are resold on Ebay. The only one who benefits from this kind of trading is Ebay (and the post company's) themselves.  It's not uncommon that Ebay collectes 4-5 times the selling-fees of these sets.

The Installation script on every DVD is only asking one question to the Computer: What is You exact name (Hardware Model)? The exact name of every Mac Computer is "baked" into the chip on the motherboard itself. You can look that name Yourself with the Programm "Terminal" within the folder "Applications/Utilities". Just type in: sysctl hw.model (enter) and the internal name of Your Mac appears. This description of the name itself is called "Model-Identifier" "Gestalt-ID" or something like this. You can also look it up under "About this Mac" "More Info" "Hardware" "Model-Identifier. Only when this exact name is mentioned in the Installationsscript as "supported" the installation will continue. Otherwise You will become the well-known failure message: "This software cannot be installed on this computer".
An example of such a name is: iMac7,1 (the first aluminum iMac ever produced).

Since 10 Years I collect all kinds of installation-sets with 10.4 Tiger - 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 SnowLeopard.

I would like to help people with advice so they can buy the right set for their Mac. As seller on Ebay I can also give You advice on how to sell Your set in a better way on Ebay. Should anyone have any question about that: just email me directly or through the Ebay-system.

Doy You have a set from which You don't know on what Mac it can be installed? Just send me the codes printed on the DVD itself and I will mail You the exact names of Macs it can be installed on.
The codes You have to look for are like these: 2Z691-2693-A.
Best greetings from Emmen - the Netherlands. You can call me at 0031-6-20484850.
You can also ask me for the right set of any Apple Computer directly: just mail me: macfan55 (at) gmail etc.
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