Aim TTi TG120 Signal Function Pulse Generator

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I bought this function generator  on ebay , but had to give it back because I was facing a few problems:  

1. TTL signal has a considerable overshoot peak at the beginning of each cycle, even with frequencies below 20 KHz.
2. When altering the duty cycle, also below the specified symmetry range of 500 KHz, the output amplitude changes. This is very untypical for a function generator. That is why you use a function generator in general, instead of other kinds of signal generators, because of its constant output amplitude!
3. With higher frequencies, output signal seems to break down close to the edge of the range, when varying the duty cycle, because of signal overlapping (although signal should not overlap within a given range of 1:6 to 6:1 according to data sheet) !
4. Square wave signal above 15 MHz has no square wave form anymore, but is pretty much sine wave shaped (measured with an oscilloscope with high bandwith, that can even display proper 25 MHz square wave signals). Aim-TTI should not make a claim for the TTI 120 generator to perform in a 20 MHz range, when it is not able to.

Update: I bought this instrument again and this time it`s been working perfectly so far, without the issues mentioned above. 
Aim-TTI TG 120
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