AeAe banana, everybody wants one.

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AeAe banana, everybody wants one.
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One of the most highly sought after bananas for any collector. Currently though, tissue culture remains elusive for the Ae Ae banana so it continues to demand a hefty price for a prized pup.

Is there a cheaper way to purchase an Ae Ae? Simply put the answer is NO!

As with most edible bananas, the Ae Ae is sterile. Do not be fooled and misled by sellers trying to convince you they have seeds of this elusive plant available for sale. They may have banana seeds, however they certainly don't have Ae Ae seeds if that's the plant you are really wanting. Furthermore for arguments sake, let's say you are able to successfully cross the Ae Ae with another type of banana - you will have seeds of a new hybrid not the Ae Ae you are desperately seeking.

Before wasting money buying seeds of Ae Ae, contact knowledgeable sources such as, or a rare fruit council, there are plenty of people out there willing to help you so you don't get ripped off by unscrupulous sellers.
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