The Making of Polder Cities von Fransje Hooimeijer (2015, Taschenbuch)

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Sehr gutes Ex. - In the Netherlands, climate change has brought more frequent and extreme rainfall causing pluvial flooding. Though the Dutch have dealt with water for centuries, since the Industrial Revolution urban water systems have become very inflexible and are now unable to deal with these new conditions. Despite the long tradition of building in wet and soft soil conditions, there has been little systematic research on building-site preparation and its relation to urban development and design. This book addresses this issue, investigating the relation between the available technology, the attitude towards the natural conditions, and the urban design in a framework of seven phases. Until the Industrial Revolution methods of construction were the basis for the urban design. However, since technology has made it possible to start with the urban design, the connection with the natural system of the landscape has been lost. By understanding the hydrological system and appropriate met
The Making of Polder Cities. A Fine Dutch Tradition. Niederlande; Wasser; Poldersystem; Stadtplanung / Architektur. Sehr gutes Ex. Unsere Bestände befinden sich in Berlin-Tiergarten.
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