Shooting At The Moon von Kevin And The Whole World Ayers (2015)

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[ENG]Shooting at the Moon (1970) is the second solo album ofKevin Ayers. Following the release of his solo debut, Joy OfA Toy [MOVLP1257], Kevin Ayers created The Whole Worldto take the album on the road. Following the tour, the band (including Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill, Mick Fincher, Robert Wyatt and David Bedford), found itself in the studio. In October 1970, Ayers introduced the world to the Whole World with the release of his followup Shooting At The Moon.Shooting At The Moon is a solid, unique Pop record. However, Ayers has presented the material in the guise of progressive, arty Rock. No songs in Ayers' discography are more representative of his amiable musical nature than these.
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