Seguso Vetri D'Arte von Marc Heiremans (2014, Gebundene Ausgabe)

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At Seguso Vetri d'Arte in Murano, many noted artists worked, including Napolene Barovier, Luigi Ferro, Antonio and Angelo Seguso, Vittorio Zecchin, Flavio Poli, Mario Pinzoni, and Vittorio Rigattieri. The most spectacular objects were produced during the 1950s, when experiments were made with the 'sommerso' technique, whereby several layers of transparent glass were moulded together, resulting in fantastic colour effects. These masterpieces were shown at international exhibitions of Murano glass, and even after half a century have remained as fascinating as ever. A complete catalogue with a full list of models, original design books never published before, splendid colour photographs and many historic illustrations make this book an absolute must for all connoisseurs of Murano glass.
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