A Jackson In Your House/Message T von Art Ensemble of Chicago (2013)

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Since the group's inception in the late 1960s, The Art Ensemble Of Chicago has been a major influence in the world of experimental Jazz. Recorded in Paris for French label BYG in 1969, the three original albums on this double cd are considered to be amongst their best. This deluxe package includes a photo-laden booklet with informative notes by John Masouri. Including an off-the-wall delivery of the poem 'Ericka', the bebop sounds of 'Dexterity' and the storming 'A Brain For The Seine', Jackson In Your House, Message To Our Folks and Reese And The Smooth Ones spotlight the group's extraordinary energy and eclecticism. 'Showcases the Art Ensemble at its bravest and most vulnerable.' - All Music
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