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  • YAOSM 3.2 Nintendo Wii Drivechip (Wii Modchip)

    YAOSM 3.2 - Drivechip for the Nintendo Wii. IMPORTANT: Installing this chip requires you to solder thin wires from the chip directly onto the circuit board of the Wii Disc Drive, this can be very difficult if you are not familiar with soldering.
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  • D2CKey - Wii Modchip for D2C consoles

    D2CKey is the worlds first wii modchip that is compatible with D2C consoles. Before D2C it was a lot easier to mod a console as there was a massive security flaw left open by 'the Big N'. They have now closed this flaw, and for 2 months, people with D2C console had to sit there with their thumbs in their mouths.
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  • XBOX 360 Rapid Fire MOD CHIP, DIY Modded Controller, X COD one PRO @XMOD 18 MODE

    XMOD RAPID FIRE KIT. ONE XMOD RAPID FIRE KIT, ready to install. BURST fire modes. OurXMOD kit uses theRIGHT TRIGGER to fire your weapon. Simply choose the rapid fire speed you are most satisfied with, and press RT to fire.
    EUR 13,08
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