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  • Neues AngebotLCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening (Vinyl 2LP - 2010 - EU - Reissue)

    LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening - EU.
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  • Vladislav Delay - Espoo

    Vladislav Delay - Olari 8:27. Vladislav Delay - Kolari 7:37. Artist : Vladislav Delay. Label: Raster-Noton. Produkt Typ: LP (Vinyl).
    EUR 18,47
    Von Schweiz
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  • Richard Marx Children of the night (1990) [Maxi 12"]

    The Largest Collection in Germany. Second Hand and New. Children of the night (1990). Richard Marx. [Maxi 12"]. Hier können Sie die Musik Hits der 70er, 80er und 90er supergünstig und in gutem Zustand kaufen.
    EUR 7,45
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  • LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Vinyl 2LP NEU 0350070

    LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening. Nevertheless, in a given case we’ll of course try to encounter you with the best goodwill. Vinyl 2LP. Zustand: Neu. 2017 Reissue - Double Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve.
    EUR 26,22
    EUR 3,90 Versand
  • Skinny Puppy Cleanse Fold And Manipulate Capitol Records Vinyl LP

    LP:Skinny Puppy,Cleanse Fold And Manipulate. Label: Capitol Records. Rockn Roll/Vocal/Evergreens. Downbeat/ TripHop/ NuJazz. 7"-Singles. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge. VINYL / Medium: VERY GOOD.
    EUR 26,32
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  • Godflesh Streetcleaner NEAR MINT Earache Vinyl LP

    7"-Singles. Cover / Case: NEAR MINT. VINYL / Medium: NEAR MINT. Punk / Grunge. Label: Earache. Catalogue Number: MOSH 15. Country: UK. PublishedYear: 1989.
    EUR 44,72
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  • Chris & Cosey Songs Of Love & Lust Rough Trade Vinyl LP

    LP:Chris & Cosey,Songs Of Love & Lust. Label: Rough Trade. [we listened carefully & playgraded this record]. 7"-Singles. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge. Catalogue Number: ROUGH 64. Unsere Preise verstehen sich inkl.
    EUR 81,27
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  • Ensemble Economique - In Silhoette (Vinyl LP - 2017 - EU - Original)

    Pyle’s latest opus dials up the cinematic flourishes that have graced many of his earlier recordings, through his sinewed synth-tone undulations, polyphonous ostinato, Wolfgang Voigt pulses, and fractalized cascades of generative serialism.
    EUR 20,79
    UVP Vorheriger PreisEUR 21,99
    EUR 3,99 Versand
  • Babyland You Suck Crap NEAR MINT Flipside Records Vinyl LP

    LP:Babyland,You Suck Crap. Label: Flipside Records. Soul/ RhythmnBlues/ Funk. Cover / Case: NEAR MINT. Catalogue Number: FLIP 044 LP. 7"-Singles. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge.
    EUR 13,67
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  • LP Nurse With Wound Homotopy To Marie LIMITED EDITION NEAR MINT United Dairi

    LP:Nurse With Wound,Homotopy To Marie [LIMITED EDITION]. Limited Edition. First Edition of 450 Copies. Specifications: Limited Edition. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge. VINYL / Medium: NEAR MINT. Label: United Dairies.
    EUR 108,91
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  • Liquid Metal Hasta la vista, baby (1992) [Maxi 12"]

    Hasta la vista, baby (1992). Hier können Sie die Musik Hits der 70er, 80er und 90er supergünstig und in gutem Zustand kaufen. Deutschlands größte Auswahl an Second-Hand Schallplatten und CDs. The Largest Collection in Germany.
    EUR 6,49
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  • Front 242 Official Version Animalized Vinyl LP

    LP:Front 242,Official Version. 7"-Singles. Punk / Grunge. Label: Animalized. Cover / Case: EXCELLENT. 1/2 Front 242- Rerun Time. 1/1 Front 242- W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. VINYL / Medium: VERY GOOD.
    EUR 14,65
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  • LP Laibach, Lustmord, S.P.K. Vhutemas Archetypi RARE DARK AMBIENT Side Effec

    LP:Laibach, Lustmord, S.P.K.,Vhutemas Archetypi [RARE DARK AMBIENT]. New Wave/80s. Super hard to get comp w Laibach, Lustmord, S.P.K., Gerechtigkeits Liga. Specifications: RARE DARK AMBIENT. Soul/ RhythmnBlues/ Funk.
    EUR 50,72
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  • Consolidated The Myth Of Rock NEAR MINT I.R.S. Records Vinyl LP

    LP:Consolidated,The Myth Of Rock. New Wave/80s. Cover / Case: NEAR MINT. 70s Rock. Rockn Roll/Vocal/Evergreens. 7"-Singles. Country: US. Punk / Grunge.
    EUR 10,10
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  • Jon Anderson Animation NEAR MINT Polydor Vinyl LP

    LP:Jon Anderson,Animation. Cover / Case: NEAR MINT. VINYL / Medium: NEAR MINT. 7"-Singles. Punk / Grunge. Label: Polydor. Animation 9:07. All In A Matter Of Time 3:06.
    EUR 9,50
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  • Final Cut Deep In 2 The Cut Full Effect Records Vinyl LP

    LP:Final Cut,Deep In 2 The Cut. Label: Full Effect Records. Downbeat/ TripHop/ NuJazz. 60s Beat. New Wave/80s. Rockn Roll/Vocal/Evergreens. Unsere Preise verstehen sich inkl. 7"-Singles.
    EUR 21,95
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  • P2 Blunt NEAR MINT The Releasing Eskimo Vinyl LP

    'Orange cover. The print is on the the PVC protection sleeve and not on the cover itself. Included are a manifest from P2 and an extra record cover in yellow colour. Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies.
    EUR 9,48
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  • Rammstein - Sehnsucht 12 Inch 2 Vinyl LP Record Remastered 180 g Neu

    DVDs & Blu-Rays. Vinyl LPs. Karaoke CDG & DVDs. Music CDs. Our range of Karaoke CD G's are professional studio versions of songs. They are not original artist recordings. You will need a CD Graphics compatible player to view on-screen lyrics.
    EUR 36,60
    Von Großbritannien
    Preistendenz EUR 42,23
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  • Konrad Sprenger Stack Music LP

    In ‘Largo’, he utilises the software Melodyne to generate midi notes from a original guitar system recording. Within his live performances and on this new recording, his music is influenced by the insistent rhythms from Minimalism, Krautrock and Techno, and their shared focus on transcendence through a propulsive, full-spectrum sound.
    EUR 28,00
    oder Preisvorschlag
    EUR 6,10 Versand
  • Warning Electric Eyes Vertigo Vinyl LP

    LP:Warning,Electric Eyes. 7"-Singles. Punk / Grunge. Label: Vertigo. VINYL / Medium: EXCELLENT. [we listened carefully & playgraded this record]. Cover / Case: EXCELLENT. 2/4 Warning- Electric Eyes.
    EUR 59,60
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  • Martin Rev Clouds Of Glory RED VINYL NEAR MINT New Rose Rec Vinyl LP

    LP:Martin Rev,Clouds Of Glory [RED VINYL]. New Wave/80s. Limited issue on transparent red vinyl. Label: New Rose Records. Soul/ RhythmnBlues/ Funk. 60s Beat. Specifications: red vinyl. Downbeat/ TripHop/ NuJazz.
    EUR 34,88
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  • Ensemble Economique - In Silhouette

    In Silhouette is one of Ensemble Economique's most electronic releases, doing away with the shoegaze and psychedelic influences of previous albums and increasing the cinematic suspense. As the piece progresses, bells clash, tense synth-strings rise, and everything becomes more frantic and possessed, until the resonant bell tones are left at the end.
    EUR 26,90
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  • Consolidated Play More Music Nettwerk Europe Vinyl LP

    LP:Consolidated,Play More Music. New Wave/80s. Soul/ RhythmnBlues/ Funk. 7"-Singles. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge. 1/1 Industrial Music Is Facism. VINYL / Medium: EXCELLENT.
    EUR 16,31
    Kostenloser Versand
  • Numb NEAR MINT Lively Art Vinyl LP

    LP:Numb,Numb. Cover / Case: NEAR MINT. Label: Lively Art. 7"-Singles. 70s Rock. Punk / Grunge. VINYL / Medium: EXCELLENT. Unsere Preise verstehen sich inkl.
    EUR 15,18
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  • The Young Gods NEW OVP Wax Trax! Records Vinyl LP

    LP:The Young Gods,The Young Gods. Wax Trax Records Inc. Techno/ House. Label: Wax Trax! 80s/New Wave. Black Music. 1/1 The Young Gods- Nous De La Lune. 1/2 The Young Gods- Jusqu'au About.
    EUR 23,02
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