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    Moisture from your hands that is transferred to the bulbs will reduce the lifespan and quality of the output of the bulbs. We recommend wearing gloves when replacing your bulbs. The Xenon gas allows the bulbs to run considerably longer than standard halogen bulbs and what’s better is that they are a simple direct replacement, no re-wiring required at all.
    EUR 7,81
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 3,39 Versand
  • 1 x Pair H4 7500K 55W Headlight Dip / Main Beam Bulbs HID Look - Hyundai i10 i20

    Cancelling your item for any reason. It does not however give you the right to try out the goods. Errors Mistakes etc. should you require further clarification. They are 7500k colour which gives off white/blue HID effect.
    EUR 8,50
    Aus Großbritannien
    Bisher: Bisheriger PreisEUR 8,94
    EUR 6,79 Versand
  • H7 100W COB LED Headlight Bulbs Pair 8000 Lumens Canbus Hyundai I20 08-

    Here is our new to the market S2 COB LED headlight kit. Canbus error free. We Pride Ourselves On Our Excellent Service! 8000 Lumen output. Canbus LED Number Plate Bulbs. 100w Xenon Blue Bulbs. 501 Canbus Sidelight Bulbs.
    EUR 32,25
    Aus Großbritannien
    Bisher: Bisheriger PreisEUR 33,95
    EUR 14,72 Versand
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