• Frogkisser! - A Magical Romp of a Fairytale-NEW-9781848126374 by Nix, Garth

    ISBN/EAN 9781848126374. Autor: Nix, Garth. Der Autor lebt mit seiner Familie in der N?. von Sydney. A Magical Romp of a Fairytale. 'Wise and wondrous' - Holly BlackGarth Nix is on hilarious form as he spins his very own fairy tale, featuring Princess Anya, who, with her loyal dog, must embark on a terribly important (capital Q) Quest to acquire the ingredients for a reversal lip balm, the vital item needed to change a frog back to a prince. . oh, and save her kingdom from her villainous step(step)father.A brilliantly funny take on fairytales and quests for younger readers.
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