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    Among them also Claudius Dornier Jr., the son of the famous German WW2 aircraft builder. In the mid 50’s, the Spanish Air Ministry was looking for a new STOL aircraft and having received the order for such an aircraft, Dornier designed the Dornier Do 25 type, a high wing aircraft for a crew of four.
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  • MRA n°578 ASK 18 Dornier Do 27 Pilot QB 15 H

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  • VQ Models 63in Dornier Do 27 'Zebra' ARF (EP/GP)

    Now VQ releases the DO-27 with Military version and Zebra version. Wingspan: 63in (1620mm). Two-piece wing with Aluminium wing joiner. Transmitter, Motor, Propeller, Servos, Battery, Extension Leads, Glue, Tools and Silicone Fuel Line (For GP).
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