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  • Volvo 140 145 P121 P1800 P2000 Amazon Battery Isolater Cut Off Security Switch

    Battery Isolater Cut Off Security Switch. Volvo 140 145 P121 P1800 P2000 Amazon. Simplyunscrew the Green Knob to disable your Starter Motor. A fuse link is supplied. If fitted, this supplies a small current to alarms, clock, radios etc. but won't take the current required for ignition.
    EUR 19,23
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 56,68 Versand
    oder Preisvorschlag
  • Smart Automatic Battery Charger for Volvo 140. Inteligent 5 Stage

    Fitted with 3 Pin UK mains plug. Battery Size: Between 3Ah - 120Ah. Compact and light design for easy storage. LCD information display.
    EUR 39,70
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 10,20 Versand
  • Car Battery & Alternator Tester for Volvo 140. 12v DC Voltage Check

    Simple and clear tool use and a tool box essential. 6 light led system that shows the battery and alternator state Professional tool for commercial or occasional use Suitable for testing the vehicles 12V battery and charging systems 6 Colour LED display for accurate state of the battery Easy read LED traffic light system indicates the status of the battery and alternator charge Simple to use simply clips to the battery Voltage test range – 10 V DC – 17 V DC FREE and FAST shipping this item. Worldwide nternational shipping also available
    EUR 11,31
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 5,66 Versand
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