• 100 Löcher Size0 # Kapsel Abfüllmaschine Werkzeug Transparent Acryl Filler

    Specifications: Material: Acrylic Hole Quantity: 100 Holes Size: 0# Capsule Percent of Pass: Greater Than Or Equal To 99.8% Color: Transparent Quantity: 1 x Set of 6Pcs Capsule Plates 1Pc Handle Type: Capsule Filler Function: Production For Small-amount Homemade Capsule Package includes: 1 x Body Plate 1 x Alignment Plate 1 x Cap Plate 1 x Middle Plate 1 x Powder Spreader 1 x Powder Pressing Plate 1 x Handle Note: 1. Not include anything except capsule filler in the pictures. 2. Please do not disinfect it with boiled water in case of deformation. 3. Please do not expose it under the sun or use a blower to dry it after wash.
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