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    BATTERIA TUDOR TL 600. Batteria Tudor EFB Micro Hybrid 60 Ah. START E STOP. Per vetture Micro-Hybrid di alta gamma dotate di sistema Start&Stop con recupero energia in frenata. Estrema durata: 3 volte più resistente al ciclaggio di una batteria standard.
    EUR 105,00
    Aus Italien
    EUR 30,00 Versand
  • Smart Automatic Battery Charger for Fiat 500X. Inteligent 5 Stage

    $6/12V 4Amp Intelligent Car & Motorcycle Smart Battery Charger With LCD Display ---Streetwize SWIBC1 6v / 12v 4A Car Van Motorcycle Bike 5 Stage Fully Automatic LCD Display Smart Battery Charger. ---Microprocessor controlled, 5 stage charging cycle. ---Suitable for Batteries-SLA [Sealed Lead Acid], Wet/Flooded [Liquid Electrolyte], GEL & AGM. ---Compact and light design for easy storage. ---Built-In protection against sparks and overheating. ---Short-Circuit Protection. ---Reverse Polarity Protection. ---Battery Size: Between 3Ah - 120Ah. ---Reverse polarity, Voltage compensation and temperature protection, indicated by LCD information panel on the unit. ---Trickle (long) & Winter (cold) charging modes. ---LCD information display. ---Fitted with 3 Pin UK mains plug. ---Instructions manual included. ---CE Approved.
    EUR 39,97
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 10,27 Versand
  • Car Battery & Alternator Tester for Fiat 500X. 12v DC Voltage Check

    Click here to see description.
    EUR 11,39
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 5,70 Versand
  • Car Battery Cell Reviver/Saver & Life Extender for Fiat 500X.

    Revitalises old batteries Prolongs life of good batteries Removes harmful deposits from batter plates During the normal charge and discharge cycle, lead sulphate is deposited on both the positive and negative plates of your car battery. When this sulphate becomes hard and loses its ability to be recharged, both the capacity and the life of your battery are reduced. Bat-Aid tablets have been scientifically developed to discourage the formation of these hard lead sulphates and they have been for more than 20 years successfully extending the useful life of batteries. Contains 12 tablets.
    EUR 11,41
    Aus Großbritannien
    EUR 5,70 Versand
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