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  • BARBARELLA Charles Fox/Bob Crewe CD EXPANDED

    This updated version of Barbarella - originally issed by us in 2001 - now contains the original full-length music for the opening title sequence as well as two alternate versions of the main themes. We hope you enjoy Barbarella 2011!
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  • SEBASTIAN Jerry Goldsmith/Tristram Cary CD

    Comment : A much sought-after score by the Hollywood Master! From the cold-war era, when those damned Russkies were ever-so-annoying and sending up pesky Sputniks into space spying on everybody! Goldsmith’s playful and ever-inventive music issupplemented on this terrific CD with the electronic world of Tristram Cary who composed the pivotal Sputnik Code that was central to the whole film.
    EUR 18,95
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  • ON ANY SUNDAY Dominic Frontiere/Steve McQueen CD

    Comment : This little-known Steve McQueen starrer comes from the early 70’s with a driving, yet laid-back distinctive score by Dominic Frontiere. Filmed with zeal and delight by Bruce Brown, is now very much a cult-classic with bikers around the world.
    EUR 18,95
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  • 5 Miles To Midnight - The Third Dimension Filmmusik - Mikis Theodorakis CD HRKCD

    Ttransparente Weise, wie zuverl?ig wir als Anbieter sind. Nat??. ch werden wir dasselbe f??. Wir werden sicherlich eine L??. 5 Miles To Midnight - The Third Dimension - Colonna Sonora Originale - Mikis Theodorakis.
    EUR 19,98
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  • HOUSEBOAT George Duning/Cary Grant/Sophia Loren CD

    Comment : Following on from the superb music for BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE (Harkit HRKCD 8099), here's George Duning again with a perfect fit of music to the movie. The ever-so delectable Sophia Loren heard here on two songs.
    EUR 18,95
    EUR 2,50 Versand
  • Harkit Records - Five Miles to Midnight

    Theodorakis' abrasive, often sinister cues beautifully underscore the paranoia that unfolds as the narrative evolves. Harkit's 2006 reissue easily meets the label's high standards, including extensive notes and production stills.
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