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  • CD Keane - Hopes and Fears

    CD Keane - Hopes and Fears

    Löse meine CD Sammlung auf! Keane - Bend and Break 3:40. Keane - Can't Stop Now 3:38. Keane - This Is the Last Time 3:28. Produkt Typ: CD. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know 3:57. Keane - We Might as Well Be Strangers 3:12.
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  • Act of Faith - One Vision

    Act of Faith - One Vision

    Act of Faith - Summer in the City 4:34. Act of Faith - Love Not Love 4:04. Act of Faith - All for Love 4:04. Act of Faith - Looking at the World 4:55. Act of Faith - Lost on a Breeze 3:59. Act of Faith - Doing It With Love 3:34.
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  • Suzanne Vega - Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega

    Suzanne Vega - Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega

    Suzanne Vega - Marlene on the Wall 3:41. The DNA Disciples / Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner 3:49. Suzanne Vega - Book of Dreams 3:24. Suzanne Vega - Tired of Sleeping 4:25. Suzanne Vega - Left of Center 3:30.
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    Draw Me Closer 3:59. - Captured 3:41. - Heyo 3:23. - I'll Meet You Again 3:35. - I Could Sing 3:01. - Nothing Left to Say 3:54. - Friend Needs a Friend 2:53. - I Will Fly 3:34.
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  • Melky Sedeck - Sister & Brother

    Melky Sedeck - Sister & Brother

    It should come as no surprise that Melky Sedeck, a duo comprised of Wyclef Jean's young sister and brother, are heavily reminiscent of the Fugees, or any of the Refugee Camp side projects. It isn't a matter of the music being in the blood, or any other silly cliché -- it's a matter of a shared sensibility.
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  • Hugh Syme - Bust a Nut

    Hugh Syme - Bust a Nut

    In fact, Bust a Nut's only major flaw was exuding a palpable sense of resignation in the face of impending doom. Otherwise, excellent songs like "Shine Away," "Need Your Loving," "Mama's Fool," and "A Lot to Lose" -- with their classic rock riffs, clever acoustic passages, and memorable choruses -- would have served the band very well in a less hostile musical climate.
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  • Beth Hart - Live at Paradiso

    Beth Hart - Live at Paradiso

    This live date from Beth Hart was recorded at the famed Paradiso Theater in Holland. Hart is an artist who knows no boundaries when it comes to confessional disclosure and in a live setting it works well.
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  • Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega [UK Bonus CD. by Suzanne Vega.

    Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega [UK Bonus CD. by Suzanne Vega.

    When Suzanne Vega emerged in the mid-1980s, she heralded the arrival of a new kind of troubadour, one who merged the contemplative singer/songwriter tradition of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, et al, with a decidedly modernistic outlook influenced by the likes of Lou Reed, David Byrne, and Laurie Anderson.
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  • Monifah - Mo'hogany

    Monifah - Mo'hogany

    Monifah's second album, 1998's Mo'hogany, featured the biggest hit of her career thus far, the infectious Top Ten pop hit "Touch It," which sampled Laid Back's mid-1980s hit "White Horse.". Despite some dull moments and less-than-inspired lyrics, Mo'hogany winds up being a decent and relatively enjoyable album.
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  • Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith

    Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith

    Keep the Faith reintroduced Bon Jovi after almost four years of side projects and hiatuses. The musical climate had shifted considerably in that time, a fact that wasn't lost on the band. Faith blatantly brought to the surface the Bruce Springsteen influence that was always lurking in Bon Jovi's sound, and used it to frame Faith's more serious interpretation of the band's pop-metal groove.
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  • Bellydance Superstars, Vol. 6 [Digipak] by Bellydance Superstar.

    Bellydance Superstars, Vol. 6 [Digipak] by Bellydance Superstar.

    8th Gate, The - Galactic Caravan/Issam Houshan. Escape - Beats Antique. Release Date : 17 February, 2009. Country : USA. Studio/Live : Studio. Format : CD (1 Disc); Stereo. Producer : Clarence Jey, Amir Sofi, Issam Houshan.
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  • Nelly - Nellyville

    Nelly - Nellyville

    Nelly's debut album, Country Grammar, was a left-field surprise smash hit, racking up a number of hits and turning the Midwestern pop-rapper into an overnight superstar. It's perhaps little surprise then that his follow-up, Nellyville, sticks to the script.
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  • Andrew Lloyd Webber - Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber

    Andrew Lloyd Webber - Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber

    WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD - The Music Of The Night. WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD - The Phantom Of The Opera. WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD - All I Ask Of You. WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD - With one look. WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD - I Don't Know How To Love Him.
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  • Elton John - Sleeping with the Past

    Elton John - Sleeping with the Past

    The past Elton John has in mind is the era of soul music of the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, and although all the songs are new, he recreates it well here. The album's most notable selection is the ballad "Sacrifice," which amazingly became his first-ever number one hit in the U.K. ~ William Ruhlmann.
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  • Allstars - Allstars

    Allstars - Allstars

    Allstars - Going All the Way 3:47. Allstars - Things That Go Bump in the Night 3:24. Allstars - Land of Make Believe 3:22. Allstars - Back When 3:28. Allstars - Love Is 3:38. Allstars - Best Friends 3:39.
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  • Ronan Keating - 10 Years of Hits

    Ronan Keating - 10 Years of Hits

    10 Years of Hits boasts quite a title; at the time of its release, Ronan Keating had only been a solo artist for four years, and not one of his hits from the six previous years as lead singer for Boyzone is featured in its original form.
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  • Low Estate by 16 Horsepower.

    Low Estate by 16 Horsepower.

    Sixteen Horsepower's second full-length album, Low Estate, finds them at the peak of their powers, moving their hypnotic, rustic country-rock into neo-gothic territory. Producer John Parish helps the group reach its potential, accentuating the darkness and mystery inherent in its music.
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  • HICKS HINDA - Hinda

    HICKS HINDA - Hinda

    Artist : HICKS HINDA. Artist : Hinda Hicks. Genre: Pop englischsprachig.
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  • Emilia - Emilia

    Emilia - Emilia

    Emilia - Sorry I'm in Love 3:07. Emilia - Kiss by Kiss 4:00. Emilia - Before I Fall 3:20. Emilia - Girlfriend 2:57. Emilia - Playin' It by Heart 3:54. Emilia - If It's Gonna Be You 3:10. Emilia - What If I Told You 3:53.
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  • Cud - Showbiz

    Cud - Showbiz

    Artist : Cud. Genre: Pop/Rock.
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  • SNAP - Essential Mix Show

    SNAP - Essential Mix Show

    ~ John Bush. Artist : SNAP. Artist : Snap! Genre: Electronic/Dance. Produkt Typ: CD.
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  • Tokio Hotel - Humanoid

    Tokio Hotel - Humanoid

    Not that it would be surprising, as the band's shtick was always kind of thin; in fact, it was, and still is on Humanoid, built on intentional simplicity. The guitars churn out gloomy rehashes of U2 and blink-182 riffs, streamlining them as much as possible while adding synths or even pianos in the background to make them even more sentimental, and the whole thing rumbles along at midtempo rhythms with Bill Kaulitz's wailing teen voice.
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  • Universal Distribution - Ready to Run

    Universal Distribution - Ready to Run

    Sinéad Quinn - Ready to Run. Sinéad Quinn - Love Me All the Way. Label: Universal Distribution / Mercury. Sinéad Quinn - Fire Me Up. Record Label : Universal Distribution. Sinéad Quinn - What You Need Is.
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  • Universal Distribution - Folklore

    Universal Distribution - Folklore

    Despite (or perhaps because of) her youth, she was willing to try anything, blending a number of sounds and styles, all of which were tied together by her sincerity and audacious desire to say something grand, or at least say everything grandly.
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  • David Charvet - Leap of Faith

    David Charvet - Leap of Faith

    David Charvet - Prisoner of Love. David Charvet - Take You There. David Charvet - Jusqu'au Bout. David Charvet - All I Want Is You. David Charvet - Apprendre a Aimer. David Charvet - Teach Me How to Love.
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