Schwarz Kfz-Ladegerät Für Apple iPhone 3G 3Gs 4 4S iPad 2
Ever had your mobile phone batteries go dead in the middle of a holiday or a night out on the town? For times like those when there's not a wall socket in sight, you'll need this mobile phone in car charger. Fits easily into any glove compartment, letting you take your mobile phone out on the road whilst keeping your battery charged. The car charger has a 55 centimeter curled cord that can stretch up to 1 meter in length. It also has an LED power indicator that lets you know whether your mobile phone is charging or fully charged. Use it with any 12 Volt outlet or a vehicle's cigarette outlet. No need to worry about power surges, either. This mobile phone car charger is fused and filtered for your mobile phone's protection. So if you're always driving out on the street, it's a good idea to get your very own Think Mobile mobile phone in car charger.

• With built-in IC and fuse
• Stable current with short circuit protection
• Input voltage: 12 - 24V DC
• Compact and light weight
• Spring design to prevent loose of the plug from cigarette lighters
• 2 hours for full charge from dead battery
• Compact and light weight
• With LED power indicator
• With long and durable coil cord
• Plug-in easily, fits in all standard cigarette and auxiliary power adapters
• Car Charger has a 55 centimeter curled cord that can stretch up to 1 meter in length
• Weight: 42g
• Brand New
• CE Approved
• 100 Day Warranty


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Kompatibel mit: iPhone 3G/3Gs/4/4s