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Details zu  RTMC1B LCD Controller Logic Board Lvds Cable Inverter Kit for Lots of LCD Panel

RTMC1B LCD Controller Logic Board Lvds Cable Inverter Kit for Lots of LCD Panel

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RTMC1B LCD Controller Logic Board Lvds Cable Inverter Kit  for Lots of LCD Panel

LCD Controller Kit(Q06215751)  - B2CQSHOP


   This is a great set of easy-reassembling LCD controller kit which is used to turn a bare laptop LCD panel into a desktop/PC monitor. It will be a surprise that your bare LCD will be of good use, and no longer be a waste. It supports most of the LCD panel from 8.4" to 19" with a LVDS interface and a resolution lower than 1440*900, plug&play kit, no need soldering.

    Please remember to leave us your LCD Model Number Before placing the order, it is very import for us to prepare the right kit for you.

   Size of controller board: 108mmX51mm

   Necessary Accessories for turning a LCD to desktop monitor: LCD Controller board, Inverter, LVDS cable, Keypad, VGA cable, Power Adapter. If you have already had a VGA cable and a power adapter (12V,4A), this kit is a great choice for you, else there are some other kind of kits for options in our store, click here.

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)


  Have a try and you will get great surprise!

  Then, are you going to get this kit?


   Important Steps to Process your order with this kit:

   Step 1: Please provide your LCD panel model no. by sending us the ebay message before bidding this item, so that we can advise a right kit for your LCD.  (Usually, the model no. can be found on a sticker on the back of the LCD panel. If needed, disassemble the plastic shell and you will find the sticker). If possible, please give us as more specification of your LCD as you can. Then wait for our reply.

   Step 2:   We will give you the reply as soon as possible after carefully selecting , and then you can place the order, and pay for it. We will send the package via HongKong Post as soon as possible after cleared payment. (If you prefer express shipping, please contact us to pay additional shipping cost before payment.) 


   Step 3:  Waiting for the package.

   We will write corresponding program into the lcd controller board to match your LCD, so this kit will match against one very specific LCD Panel or others that have exactly the same specification. However, a programmer could help on different LCDs, that is, change the firmware of the LCD controller board by yourself. Be aware that different LVDS cables and Inverters will be needed to match different LCDs. 



   1. Please make sure that your LCD is ok before bidding this item, else you will be responsible for the incompatibility. 

  2. If you concern much about resolution setting, please reconsider before bidding!

  3. We will try our best to prepare the right kit for you, such as writing the corresponding program into the controller board, selecting the suitable LVDS cable and the suitable inverter. But as we don't have an LCD exactly as yours at hand, we can just test the controller with our own LCD. For yours, you need to test it yourself to check if it works well or not. As you know, there are so many LCDs with many varieties in the market, sometimes we can't promise the exact compatibility. Please consider it before bidding! However, we have gained many success in preparing the kit for our customers in real store. So why not have a try to get surprise!

  4. If you are not specialized in electronics or have doubts in operation, please contact us for instruction, as we are not able to responsible for wrong operation.

  5. After finishing the connecting, please don't rush to power on! First, use multi-meter to test whether the GND of the LCD is connected with the GND of the controller board. If not, please check the connection again. If yes, please test whether there is a short circuit between the red wires and black wires of the LVDS cable. If there is a short circuit, it means opposite connection or other errors. Any problem, please feel free to contact us. DIY needs a certain professional knowledge, please kindly take the responsibility of the risk. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board, otherwise short circuit may occur, which may cause unavailability of the controller board.

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

  Successful Example (radicalboy_fr -- a French friend's Project ):

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)

  LCD Controller Kit (Q01415750)


Instruction to connect the controller board to the LCD:

LCD Controller Kit (Q01415953)

1. Take away the old inverter and old LVDS cable from the LCD panel.

2. Connect the new inverter and LVDS cable to your LCD panel.

3. Connect controller board with PC by VGA cable.

4. Input power of 12V,4A. ( Please don't revised the voltage jumper setting on the lcd controller board before confirmation from us, because wrong revising of this voltage will get your lcd burnt. By the way, please don't connect the lvds cable wrongly, some wrong connecton can get your lcd burnt too, if you are not sure, please feel free to contact us.)


 We have collected a few of the model no. in the following table which we have gained success for reference. However, no matter your model no. is listed in the table or not, welcome to contact us for more details, we probably will be able to find the solution for you as we are located in a huge electronic market in shenzhen, China. 

Samsung LM171W01-B3 Samsung LTN154X3-L06 Torisan TM150SP-02L02
Samsung LT121SU-121 Samsung LTN154X1 Torisan TM150XG-26L06
Samsung LT121SU-123 Samsung LTN154X1-L01 Torisan TM150XG-26L10C
Samsung LT121SU-125 Samsung LTN154X1-L02 Torisan TM150XG-26L10H
Samsung LT150X04 Samsung LTN154X1-L03 Torisan TM190SX-70N01
Samsung LT150X1 Samsung LTN154X1-L04 Toshiba LT133DEVJK00
Samsung LT150X1-101 Samsung LTN154X2-L01 Toshiba LTA121C33SF
Samsung LT150X1-102 Samsung LTN154X2-L02 Toshiba LTD104EA5S
Samsung LT150X1-131 Samsung LTN154X3-L01 Toshiba LTD104EA5W
Samsung LT150X1-302 Samsung LTN154X3-L02 Toshiba LTD121EX90
Samsung LT150X1-302 Samsung LTN154X3-L03 Toshiba LTD121EXPA
Samsung LT150X2-122 Samsung LTN154X3-L04 Toshiba LTD121EXPD
Samsung LT150X2-124 Samsung LTN154X3-L09 Toshiba LTD121EXPK
Samsung LT150X3 Samsung LTN154XA-L01 Toshiba LTD121EXPS
Samsung LT150X3-122 Samsung LTN156AT-001 Toshiba LTD121KA0S
Samsung LT150X3-124 Samsung LTN160AT01-C01 Toshiba LTD121KM2M
Samsung LT150X3-126 Samsung LTN160AT02 Toshiba LTD121KM7K
Samsung LT150X3-128 Samsung LTN170BT08 Toshiba LTD121KX5V
Samsung LT150X3-130 Samsung LTN170WX Toshiba LTD141EA0D
Samsung LT150X3-132 Samsung LTN170WX-L01 Toshiba LTD154EX0C
Samsung LT150X3-134 Samsung LTN170X2-L02 Toshiba LTD154EX0D
Samsung LTA150XH-L06 Samsung LTN190E1-L01 Toshiba LTD154EX0K
Samsung LTB190E1-L01 AUO B084SN02 Toshiba LTD154EX0T
Samsung LTM150XH-01 AUO B121EW06 Toshiba LTM06C310
SAMSUNG LTM150XH-L01 AUO B121EW07 Toshiba LTM14C433
Samsung LTM150XH-L06 AUO B133EW01 Toshiba LTM15C458M
Samsung LTM150XI-A01 AUO B133EW03 Toshiba LTM15C458T
Samsung LTM150XO-L01 AUO B140EW01 Toshiba LTM15C503
Samsung LTM150XS-L01 AUO B140EW02 ChungHwa CLAA102NA0ACW
Samsung LTM150XS-L04 AUO B140PW01 ChungHwa CLAA102NA2CCN
Samsung LTM150XS-T01 AUO B140PW02 ChungHwa CLAA140WA01
Samsung LTM170E8-L02 AUO B141EW01 ChungHwa CLAA140WB01
Samsung LTM170EU-L01 AUO B141EW02 ChungHwa CLAA141PA01
Samsung LTM170EU-L02 AUO B141EW03 ChungHwa CLAA141WB05A
Samsung LTM170EU-L11 AUO B141EW04 ChungHwa CLAA150HX-01
SAMSUNG LTM170EU-L11 AUO B141PW01 ChungHwa CLAA150PA01
Samsung LTM170EU-L31 AUO B141XG03 ChungHwa CLAA150PB01
SAMSUNG LTM170W1-L01 AUO B141XG05 ChungHwa CLAA150PB03
Samsung LTM190BT03 AUO B141XG08 ChungHwa CLAA150XA03
Samsung LTM190E08 AUO B141XG09 ChungHwa CLAA150XG
Samsung LTM190E1-L01 AUO B141XG10 Chunghwa CLAA150XG09F
Samsung LTM190E1-L03 AUO B141XG13 Chunghwa CLAA150XH01
Samsung LTM190E4-L01 AUO B141XN01 ChungHwa CLAA150XH03
Samsung LTM190E4-L02 AUO B141XN02 ChungHwa CLAA150XH-1
Samsung LTM190E-L21 AUO B141XN03 ChungHwa CLAA150XP01F
Samsung LTM190ET01 AUO B141XN04 ChungHwa CLAA150XP01Q
Samsung LTM190EX-L21 AUO B150PG01 ChungHwa CLAA154WA01
Samsung LTM190EX-L31 AUO B150PG02 ChungHwa CLAA154WA02
Samsung LTN106W2-L01 AUO B150PG03 ChungHwa CLAA154WA03
Samsung LTN106W2-XX AUO B150PG04 ChungHwa CLAA154WA04
Samsung LTN121W1-L01 AUO B150PH01 ChungHwa CLAA154WA05
Samsung LTN121W1-L02 AUO B150PN01 ChungHwa CLAA154WA06
Samsung LTN121W1-L03 AUO B150XG01 ChungHwa CLAA170EA
Samsung LTN121XJ AUO B150XG02 ChungHwa CLAA170EA02
Samsung LTN121XJ-L01 AUO B150XG03 ChungHwa CLAA170EA-07
Samsung LTN121XJ-L02 AUO B150XG05 Chunghwa CLAA170EA19
Samsung LTN121XJ-L03 AUO B150XG06 LG Philips LB150X02
Samsung LTN133AT07 AUO B150XG07 LG Philips LC150X01
Samsung LTN133W1-L01 AUO B150XG08 LG Philips LC171W03-A4
Samsung LTN140W1-L01 AUO B150XN01 LG Philips LC171W03-C4
Samsung LTN140W1-L02 AUO B150XN03 LG Philips LC230W01-A2K8
Samsung LTN140W1-L03 AUO B152EW01 LG Philips LM150X08
Samsung LTN140W1-L04 AUO B154EW01 LG Philips LM170E01
Samsung LTN140W1-L05 AUO B154EW01-V9 LG Philips LM170E01-A5
Samsung LTN140W1-L06 AUO B154EW02 LG Philips LM170E03
Samsung LTN140W1-L07 AUO B154EW03 LG Philips LM181E05
Samsung LTN140W1-L08 AUO B154EW04 LG Philips LM190E03
Samsung LTN140W1-L09 AUO B154EW05 LG Philips LM190E05-SL03
Samsung LTN140W2-L02 AUO B154EW06 LG Philips LM190E08
Samsung LTN141AT03 AUO B154EW07 LG Philips LP121WX1
Samsung LTN141P1 AUO B154EW08 LG Philips LP133WX1
Samsung LTN141P1-L01 AUO B154PW01 LG Philips LP133WX1-TLB2
Samsung LTN141P1-L02 AUO B156XW01 LG Philips LP133WX-TLC1
Samsung LTN141P1-L04 AUO G084SN03 LG Philips LP133X4
Samsung LTN141P2 AUO G084SN05 V7 LG Philips LP133X7
Samsung LTN141P2-L01 AUO G121XN01-V0 Hydis HT10X21-311
Samsung LTN141P2-L02 AUO G150XG01 Hydis HT141WX1-100
Samsung LTN141P4 AUO G150XG02 V0 Hydis HT141WXB-100
Samsung LTN141P4-L01 AUO G150XG03 Hydis HT14P12-100
Samsung LTN141P4-L02 AUO G170EG01 Hydis HT14X11
Samsung LTN141P4-L03 AUO M150XN07-V2 Hydis HT14X11-103
Samsung LTN141P4-L04 AUO M170EG01-V8 Hydis HT14X11-105
Samsung LTN141P4-L05 AUO M170EG01-VD Hydis HT14X13
Samsung LTN141W1-L01 AUO M170EN05 Hydis HT14X13-100
Samsung LTN141W1-L02 AUO M170EN06 Hydis HT14X13-101
Samsung LTN141W1-L03 AUO M170EN07 Hydis HT150X02-100
Samsung LTN141W1-L04 AUO M170XW01 Hydis HT150X02-100
Samsung LTN141W1-L04 AUO M190A1-L09 Hydis HT15X13-100
Samsung LTN141W1-L05 AUO M190EG01 Hydis HT15X13-200
Samsung LTN141W1-L06 AUO M190EG02 Hydis HT15X15-D01
Samsung LTN141W1-L07 AUO M190EN02 Hydis HT15X33-200
Samsung LTN141W1-L08 AUO M190EN03 Hydis HT170E01-300
Samsung LTN141W1-L09 AUO M190EN04 Hydis HT17E11-200
Samsung LTN141WD-L01 AUO M190PW01 Hydis HT17E11-300
Samsung LTN141WD-L05 Chi Mei G121S1-L01 Hydis HT17E12-200
Samsung LTN141WD-L07 Chi Mei G121X1-L01 Hydis HT17E12-210
Samsung LTN141X7 Chi Mei G150X1-L01 Hydis HT18E22-200
Samsung LTN141X7-L01 Chi Mei G150X1-L03 Sharp LQ121S1LG55
Samsung LTN141X7-L02 Chi Mei M150X3-L05 Sharp LQ121S1LH01
Samsung LTN141X7-L03 Chi Mei M170E1 Sharp LQ121S1LH02
Samsung LTN141X7-L04 Chi Mei M170E4 Sharp LQ121S1LH03
Samsung LTN141X7-L06 Chi Mei M170E5 Sharp LQ141F1LH02
Samsung LTN141X7-L07 Chi Mei M170E5-L05 Sharp LQ150X1LBA2
Samsung LTN141X8 Chi Mei M170EN04 Sharp LQ150X1LBE4
Samsung LTN141X8-L00 Chi Mei M170EN05 Sharp LQ150X1LBE5
Samsung LTN141X8-L00 Chi Mei M170EN07 Sharp LQ150X1LBE8
Samsung LTN141X8-L02 Chi Mei M190A1-L02 Sharp LQ150X1LBH3
Samsung LTN141X8-L04 Chi Mei M190A1-L05 Sharp LQ150X1LBK3
Samsung LTN141XA Chi Mei M190A1-L07 Sharp LQ150X1LBS2
Samsung LTN141XA-L01 Chi Mei M190A1-L09 Sharp LQ150X1LBS3
Samsung LTN141XA-L02 Chi Mei M190E2 Sharp LQ150X1LG71
Samsung LTN141XB Chi Mei M201P1-L01 Sharp LQ150X1LGN2
Samsung LTN141XB-L01 Chi Mei N121I3-L01 Sharp LQ150X1LGN2A
Samsung LTN141XB-L02 Chi Mei N121X5-L02 Sharp LQ150X1LGN7
Samsung LTN141XB-L03 Chi Mei N121X5-L04 Sharp LQ150X1LH62
Samsung LTN141XB-L04 Chi Mei N133I1-L01 Sharp LQ150X1LH63
Samsung LTN141XB-L05 Chi Mei N133I1-L02 Sharp LQ150X1LH66
Samsung LTN141XB-L06 Chi Mei N133I1-L03 Sharp LQ150X1LH82
Samsung LTN150P1 Chi Mei N133I1-L04 Sharp LQ150X1LH82
Samsung LTN150P1-L01 Chi Mei N133I1-L05 Sharp LQ150X1LH93
Samsung LTN150P1-L02 Chi Mei N140A1-L01 Sharp LQ150X1LHA2
Samsung LTN150P1-L03 Chi Mei N140A1-L01 Sharp LQ150X1LHC3
Samsung LTN150P1-L04 Chi Mei N141C3-L01 Sharp LQ190E1LW01
Samsung LTN150P1-L06 Chi Mei N141I1-L03 Fujitsu FLC48SXC8C
Samsung LTN150P1-L08 Chi Mei N141I1-L04 Fujitsu FLC48SXC8V-XX
Samsung LTN150P2 Chi Mei N141I1-L06 Hannstar HSD100IFW1
Samsung LTN150P2-L01 Chi Mei N141I1-L08 Hannstar HSD121MS11-A
Samsung LTN150P2-L03 Chi Mei N141I3-L01 Hannstar HSD150MX12
Samsung LTN150P2-L03 Chi Mei N141X1 HannStar HSD150MX15
Samsung LTN150P3 Chi Mei N141X101 Hannstar HSD150PK12
Samsung LTN150P4 Chi Mei N141X1-01 Hannstar HSD150PK12-A
Samsung LTN150P4-L01 Chi Mei N141XB Hannstar HSD150PX14
Samsung LTN150PE Chi Mei N141XC-L02 Hannstar HSD15MX17
Samsung LTN150PE-L01 Chi Mei N150P2-L04 Hannstar HSD170ME13
Samsung LTN150PF-L04 Chi Mei N150P2-XXX HannStar HSD190ME12
Samsung LTN150PF-XXX Chi Mei N150P3-L01 HannStar HSD190MGW1
Samsung LTN150PG-L01 Chi Mei N150P3-L01 Hitachi TX36D37VC1CAA
Samsung LTN150PG-L02 Chi Mei N150X2-L01 Hitachi TX38D12VC0CAA
Samsung LTN150PG-L03 Chi Mei N150X3 Hitachi TX38D17VC0CAA
Samsung LTN150PG-XX Chi Mei N150X3-L03 Hitachi TX38D31VC1CAA
Samsung LTN150X3-134 Chi Mei N150X3-L05 Hitachi SVA150XG10TB
Samsung LTN150X4 Chi Mei N150X3-L08 Hitachi TX38D73VC1CAC
Samsung LTN150X4-L01 Chi Mei N150X3-L09 Hitachi TX38D81VC1FAE
Samsung LTN150X6 Chi Mei N154C4-L03 Hitachi TX38D88VC1GAA
Samsung LTN150X6-L01 Chi Mei N154I1 Hitachi TX38D88VC1GAB
Samsung LTN150X6-L02 Chi Mei N154I1-L02 Hitachi TX38D88VC1GAF
Samsung LTN150X6-L06 Chi Mei N154I1-L07 Hitachi TX38D88VC1GAF
Samsung LTN150XB Chi Mei N154I1-L09 Hitachi TX39D80VC1GAA*
Samsung LTN150XB-L01 Chi Mei N154I2-L01 Hosiden HLD1505-010120
Samsung LTN150XB-L02 Chi Mei N154I2-L02 Hosiden HLD1505-02012
Samsung LTN150XB-L03 Chi Mei N154I2-L05 IDTech ITSX95
Samsung LTN150XC Chi Mei N154I3-L04 IDTech ITXG76
Samsung LTN150XC-L01 Chi Mei N154I4-L04 IDTech ITXG77
Samsung LTN150XD Chi Mei N154I5-L01 IDTech ITXG77C
Samsung LTN150XD-L01 Chi Mei N170C1-L02 INNOLUX MT150XN03 V.0
Samsung LTN150XD-L02 Chi Mei N170C2-L02 INNOLUX MT170EN01
Samsung LTN150XE-L01 Quanta QD141WL01 INNOLUX MT170EN01
Samsung LTN150XF-L03 Quanta QD14FL02 INNOLUX MT190AW01
Samsung LTN150XG Quanta QD14FL07 INNOLUX MT190AW02
Samsung LTN150XG-L01 Quanta QD15AL01 Mitsubishi AA104SG01
Samsung LTN150XG-L02 Quanta QD15AL02 Mitsubishi AA121SL03
Samsung LTN150XG-L03 Quanta QD15TL01 NEC NL10276BC30-15
Samsung LTN150XG-L04 Quanta QD15TL02 NEC NL10276BC30-18C
Samsung LTN150XG-L05 Quanta QD15TL03 NEC NL10276BC30-33D
Samsung LTN150XG-L06 Quanta QD15XL04 OPTREX T-51639D084JU-FW-A-AB
Samsung LTN150XG-L07 Quanta QD15XL05 SVA SVA150XG10TB
Samsung LTN150XG-L08 Quanta QD15XL06    
Samsung LTN150XN-L01        
Samsung LTN150XN-L01        
Samsung LTN150XN-L02        
Samsung LTN150XN-L03        
Samsung LTN150XN-L04        

Package Include:

  • 1 X LCD Controller Board (RTMC1B)
  • 1 X Inverter  
  • 1 X 5 keys Keypad 
  • 1 X LVDS cable 
  • a few other necessary cables for this kit 

     As we need to select the right inverter and lvds cable to match your lcd for you, so they may be not the same as that shown in the picture. Hope for your understanding. 

    Welcome to customize your own kit!





    Payment Methods

       Please make the payment within 5 working days of the close of the auction. If you are bidding on several of our auctions which will close on different days, please contact us and you may wait until the last auction you are watching has ended for the payment.

       We accept Paypal payment method only. Thank you for your understanding.


    Shipping & Handling

       1. Worldwide shipping via Airmail from China .
    Delivery Time is as follow:
    (A)  United States / United Kingdom / Australia / Canada:   7 - 25  working days.
    (B)  Other Countries : Maybe take up to 3-8 weeks, depends on local despatch and your country's strict Custom Inspection .
       2. We will send the merchandise out within two Business day ter we receive the Payment.
       3. We will ship worldwide except the following regions: INDIA, Macau, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria (please check beforehand).

    Notice : Customs Duties
    Import taxes and Customs Duties in your country are NOT INCLUDED in the item price or shipping charges . These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    If you have trouble in your country's Customs about your parcel , please contact with us!


    Return/Refund Policy

        We want you to be happy with our products.And your satisfactory is very important to us.
        Please contact us if there are any problems and we will do my best to fix it out. Here is our misrepresented & unsatisfied merchandise policy.

        1. We accept returns for replacement or refund within 3 days after receipt of item(s). Items MUST be in their original condition, not worn or altered.
        2. We DO NOT reimburse the return shipping charge. Refunds will be for the original price paid, and will be issued within 7 business days after receipt of the return.

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    518000 shenzhen, 广东省



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