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Details zu  Low noise Portable Oxygen Concentrator physical oxygen generation carrying bag

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Low noise Portable Oxygen Concentrator physical oxygen generation carrying bag
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04. Mai. 2015 10:15:49 MESZ
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BEIJING, 北京, China

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator


First of all, we promise customers our item is high quality and warranty.


We have professional technicans to check the quality of all the items from factory, and each item will be rechecked carefully before sent out to ensure our customers received great quality items!! At the same time, all our item have 2 years free warranty, and life time after-sale service.  so there is no extra worries!!

Completely physical  rich oxygen supply.  much safer, more environmental and health friendly

Fully filtrate harmful substances 

in the air, such as dusts, virus and bacteria , and refresh the air with rich oxygen, environmentally and health friendly.

Concise film button , simplified operating procedure

Convenient earphone breathing apparatus

Low noise , mute motor, physical oxygen generation

Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands

Portable and light

Most cost effective source of oxygen therapy

Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow

specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use

Furnished with chargeable lithium battery

CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification



State-of-the-arts design and 10 functions

1. 29%+/-2% concentration, life standard clean rich oxygen supply

2. Efficient oxygen supply

3. Concise film button, simplified operating procedure

4. Portable and light 

5. Energy efficient, Economical Consumption

6. Convenient earphone breathing apparatus

7. Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation

8. Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands

9. Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow

10. Standard parts: worldwide voltage adapter

Optional parts: specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use.

Optional parts: specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use.

The latest membrane separation technology

As dissolving penetration rate of molecules in membrane is different, the technology can separate oxygen and nitrogen molecules from each other for generation of around 29%+/-2% concentration oxygen. 


Generating 28%+/-2% high oxygen and aseptic air

1. In cooperating the latest biological membrane separation method for rich oxygen generation based upon the theory of different dissolving penetration rate of molecules in membrane.

2. The appliance generates pure rich oxygen.

3. Macromolecule membrane can fully filtrate harmful substances in the air, such as dusts, virus and bacteria, and refresh the air with rich oxygen, environmentally and health friendly.

Completely physical rich oxygen supply, much safer,  more environmental and health friendly.

Special recommendation for 8 groups of potential consumers

Rich oxygen, life benefits Regular breathing rich Oxygen increases physical ability and life activity.

White-collar women: skin care, maintenance o skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status.

Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy

Pregnant women: beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development

Businessman: relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.

Students: improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue.

Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability.

Patients: increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

Plateau tourism lovers: Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau.

Mini oxygen plant resolves the oxygen supplement problem.

Note : This is a supplementary medical equipment and is not intended for serious disease or those

 who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.


1. Styled design, selected material, compact structure, simplified ear-phone shaped oxygen.

2. Mild airflow supplied for a harmonious atmosphere.

3. Advanced  technology  incorporated  for precise oxygen concentration  control to 29+/-2% for rich oxygen achievement.

4. Simplified  concise control system  with intensive design under the control of only 1 knob.

5. International  standard adapter (100-240v) safely  withstands  serious  change of power pressure and frequency.

6. Furnished with  Chargeable  battery can be used at home, in a car and even the place without power supply.

7. Direct  Currency and  brushless  motor ensuring quiet running and economical power Consumption. Vector frequency conversion bringing powerful driving.


1. Mechanical Principles

This machine incorporates physical mechanism to generate and supply rich oxygen of 29+/-2% concentration by the means of vacuum pump and macromolecules.

2. Application

Ambient temperature: 5~40    Humidity: below 90%RH

3. Storage

Ambient temperature: 0~40    Humidity: below 80%RH

4.Control Button

Caution: This appliance should be kept away from dusts and oil vapor. If the appliance is operated in an area where temperature and humidity values are beyond required degree, or altitude is high, oxygen concentration and air flow might be affected.

Safety Precaution

1.Do not stop the appliance by directly disconnecting the power supply. 

2.Children or handicapped should be looked after while the appliance is in operation in order to avoid physical hazards.

3.Ensure that the area is well ventilated while the appliance is in operation.

4. Keep the fan and side air inlet clear from obstacles and clean the filter regularly depending on the usage frequency ,but never be over 6 months.

5.Damaged electrical cable must be replaced  by the wire designated or provided by authorized distributor or the manufacturer.

6.Prevent any liquid substance from entering the appliance. If this happens, cease the operating appliance and contact competent technicians for repair.

7.Do not tilt the appliance when the appliance is in operation to avoid collision between the compression pump and case, excessive noise and wobble.

The adapter and the chargeable battery are specialized for the appliance.

Change to other specifications will result in uncertain operation or damage to

generating unit.


Operation guide

1. After unpacking, assemble the parts of holder frame and the generating unit.

2. Connect all the parts the holder frame to the oxygen outlet of the generating unit with the oxygen hose.

3. Connect the appliance with the power supple. There is no indication on the control panel as shown in the figure.

4. Press button 2 to initiate the appliance, the LBD indicator by digit 15 and air supply indicator goes on, and the appliance will keep operating for 15 minutes. Press button 1, the LBD indicator by digit 30 and air supply indicator goes on while the indicator by the digit 15 goes off, the appliance will keepoperating for 30 minutes. If button 1 is pressed the third time, the LBD indicator by digit 60 and air supply indicator goes on while the indicator by digit 30 goes off, the appliance will keep operating for 60 minutes. If button 1 is pressed again, all digits light, the appliance will keep operating for 8 hours. If selected operating period expires, indicators by digits 15,30 or 60 will go off and the operating of appliance will cease. In the process of time setup, all indicators by digits 15,30 and 60 will go off if button 2 is pressed and the appliance will be turned off.

5. In the process of time setup, the front light will be kept on until the very end. All indicators and the front light will goof and the appliance ceases operation when button 2 is pressed.

Caution: It is strongly recommended that 30 minute status be chosen and the appliance be set operational every day.


1. The housing of the appliance is smooth and glossy and should be prevented from scratches by sharp edges.

2. For  cleaning  of  the appliance, soft cloth damped with water  can be used.  Never use corrosive or organic solvent. Otherwise the cleaned surface will lose luster. 3. When the generating unit finishes the operating, disconnect the power supply promptly.

4. Do not modify the appliance to avoid influencing the outlet and inlet of the air and resulting in negative effect to the appliance performance.

5. Only authorized technician can handle the interior piping system.

6. If the appliance does not work properly, check the appliance under the guide of Trouble Shooting.  If  the trouble  shooting does not work, contact  the local retailer  for  technical resistance. If  the appliance is beyond  warranty  coverage, cost fee will  be  charged for replacement parts and materials.

7. Water build up in the capsule should be immediately.

8. The  filter of  the generating unit  should  be cleaned  regularly, usually  once  every 3 months. Remove the  filter,  then clean the  filter  with  detergent  and rinse the filter with clean water finally dry it and reinstall it.


1.Only in initial period,  the generating unit and oxygen hose migh produce slight ordor.

2.If the appliance is not placed on solid place,  excessive  noise  might  be generated.

3.Tilt ,upend the appliance, excessive noise and wobble might be generated.

4.The generating unit might be stopped power supply by adapter to protect the system in a long time operation. The appliance  will continue to operate in several minutes.

5.When the ambient temperature below 20?, the appliance will automatically preheat, which  will  increase  the  outlet  air  flow and generate excessive  noise.  The state  will disappear in several minutes.

Technical Information

Airflow outlet: Approx 3+/-1.5L/min(standard atmospheric pressure)

Concentration: 28%+/-2%( standard atmospheric pressure)

Size: 260(L)X110(W)X170(H)

Wight: Generating unit: adapter       2.0KG

Generating unit + adapter + lithium battery (15V, 4A) +charger     2.4KG

Power Consumption: average below 32W

Rated Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-15V

Noise: below 50dB

Packing list

1 x Main oxygen concentrator

1 x Power adapter

1 x Carry Bag

1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule

1 x English Manual

1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery

1 x Lithium Battery charger

1 x Nasal Cannula

1 x Power Cord

1 x Car Charger




CE Certification:

We accept payment by PayPal. PayPal enables you to make payment quickly and securely online.

We only accept payment via PayPal.

Please pay the money within 5 days after the auction ended.

Please offer home or mobile phone when the item's Value exceeds 100 (USD, EUR, AUD, GBP), so that we can make sure you get the item safely.

All items will be shipped by e packet or Airmail post within 1 business days.

The trade is cross-border and Airmail is the cheapest post way,

so it take some time for delivery.

If you don't want to wait time, please kindly contact us for other shipping method.

Meanwhile, we offer other choices in the shipping method which you can choose yourself.

We are not Responsible for your Customs duty.

We don't add taxes, VAT or other hidden charges. You pay us what you see on the invoice, i.e. goods subtotal +

shipping cost (not include duties).

Please find out as much as you can about your import taxes in your own country before bidding the item.

You need to pay for the import duties in case that occurred for certain goods.


Delivery Time

Working Days(not including holiday)








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We guarantees new equipment other than accessories to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months (6 months for spare parts)

from the date of shipment under normal use and service.

Our company's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing, at our company's option, any part which upon our company's examination proves defective.

Return Policy :

If you receive a defective item which you want to return, please contact us within 2 days from the day you receive the item.

All return items must be returned with its original packaging and accessories.

If we confirm the damage happened during the shipment, we will bear the shipping cost for return.We will refund the money to you when we get the return items.

Or replace item for you free of charge.

We are the manufacturer and distributor of medical equipments for more than 10 years. 

If you are interested in the distribution work, please feel free to contact us.

We will reply to you within 24-48 hours. Please kindly wait for us.

During the duty time ,we can give you a quick respond.

 If we are out of work ,please kindly be patient and considerable to give us a little more time ,

not just leave the neutral or negative feedback without communication ,thank you for your cooperation !


The following FDA Disclaimer is required for all eBay listing in Healthcare category and is included for



The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state

and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If

the item is subject to FDA regulation, We will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item

before shipping of the item.



Email: medexcellence66@gmail.com

MSN: risingmed033@gmail.com

Sales Department

We are located in Beijing, China. Welcome to visit us!






Rechtliche Informationen des Verkäufers

Suite 302A, No. C Building, Xinyuan Science Park, Manjing, Shahe
102206 BEIJING, 北京



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