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Details zu  Micomsoft XRGB RGB SCART to 21 Pin jp. plug adaptor

Micomsoft XRGB RGB SCART to 21 Pin jp. plug adaptor Originalangebot aufrufen
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14. Mär. 2011 17:27:35 MEZ
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Warrington, Großbritannien


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Plug adaptor for Euro SCART>XRGB input


Please click here to contact us via eBay if you have a question about this item. Or call us on 01925 654723.

This cable supplied at request of a customer to enable our RGB SCART cables to work on the X-RGB RGB to VGA encoder unit popular with gamers in the USA and elsewhere.

As you may know, the XRGB accepts a Japanese 21 pin style RGB connector, which is visibly and physically identical to SCART bar one important point - the wiring is completely different! Meaning SCART leads sold for games consoles in Europe won't work on the XRGB.

This adaptor allows you to use any Euro RGB SCART lead on any XRGB unit, or indeed anything else that accepts the Japanese 21 pin standard, such as monitors and some Japanese TVs. Simply plug the SCART lead into the socket end on this convertor, the other end into your XRGB unit, and enjoy glorious colour and clarity from your console! Please be aware though that the SCART leads you are purchasing must be RGB compatible to work with this convertor cable. Some SCART leads sold on eBay and elsewhere are AV only, in fact certain consoles and computers (the NES, the Commodore 64) only output AV and SCARTs for those systems won't work on the XRGB unit.


  • Plugs into the 21 pin socket on your XRGB for the optimal signal from your console or other device.
  • You need do nothing other than plug and play - this is an external adaptor with no effort required to get it working.
  • Cable is shielded to prevent loss of quality
  • Works on all models of games consoles or other devices which output RGB and come equipped with RGB SCART leads.

Why purchase from pcenginesales?

  • We are a registered UK business selling on eBay.
  • We use only the highest quality components built of fully screened, thick cable and nickel or gold plated solid metal connectors that will not warp or damage your sockets.
  • All our SCART cables include the additional components needed for perfect colour.
  • All our cables are tested and guaranteed for three months.
  • We strive to sell at the most reasonable price. Other sellers listing articles as "highest quality" for a higher price are selling articles of similar quality to our own.
  • We are an international supplier, with contacts in the USA and Japan. Our main expert has spent 4 years living in Tokyo, having returned to the UK in August 2008. Shipping internationally is one of our areas of expertise.
  • Instant shipping of your item:

    I will post this cable immediately upon purchase, either on the day or day after payment clears.

    There is a full guarantee to cover any issues you may have and aftercare to help with technical problems. Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the compatibility of your system.

  • I can make special cables to order - please enquire and I will arrange to list your requested cable in an ebay sale. 

    Payment Options We accept Paypal, bank transfer or collection only.

    I will ship on the day/day after purchase.

    Customer Service & Shipping Policy In case of missing items, we will endevour to replace your product with one in similar condition. Please do not make Paypal complaints without emailing us first. All items are insured so the worst that can happen is we will refund you. If items are damaged, we will also provide replacements.
    Please email me with any questions. Good luck and thanks for looking.

    Rechtliche Informationen des Verkäufers

    Rachel Ryan
    25 Oakdene Ave
    United Kingdom



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