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Details zu  Marshall 425A Vintage modern Cabinet 4x12 Greenbacks

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Marshall 425A Vintage modern Cabinet 4x12 Greenbacks
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09. Nov. 2012 09:13:46 MEZ
EUR 598,00
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's-Gravenhage, Niederlande


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Artikelzustand: Gebraucht Instrument: E-Gitarre
Marke: Marshall
Zemaitis / Greco GZ301 Electric Guitar / Electrische GitaarThe GZ series is manufactured under license by Greco, japan no.1 quality guitar builders. one piece mahogany body and neck, ebony board, schaller tuners, DiMarzio pafs, comes with original case

This Cabinet is USED! 

Marshall 425A Cabinet 4x12 with Greenbacks.

Max Guitar LTD buys & sells fine, vintage and rare instruments, Tube amps and effects. We are located in The Hague, the Netherlands, Europe. We are a small dedicated family business, you can fall back on! My name Is Robbert van der Ende. Here at Max Guitar everybody is helping and dedicated to make your experience the best.. We try hard!!  We pride ourselves on our friendly service and quick postage. We will ship on the first working day after receipt of the funds. We ship standard UPS with notification and tracking. Your shipment is uninsured, but for 1% extra we will insure the package. ASK US for the upgrade! Or if you would like to upgrade to priority or Express shipment, let us know and we will get you a quote. Thank you for your order. let us know if we can assist you further! To serve is to Rule!

Call me your international code followed by 31 (0)70 4490333 We speak these languages

  • We Speak English, old Chap!
  • Wij spreken Nederlands..joh!
  • Wir sprechen Deutsch!
  •  Magyarul beszelünk!

or Email me with questions or comments. Robb@maxguitar.nl

Unlike many other Ebay sellers, we are a genuine brick and mortar store and therefore ALL OUR NEW ITEMS ARE COVERED BY A 12 MONTH WARRANTY! Our used items are not covered by any warranty.

Note: because of the Dollar Exchange rate our European pricing can seem high to USA buyers! Sorry Guys!

Our Prices are inclusive of 19% VAT (salestax) on new items and a variable (from zero to 19%) amount of VAT on USED items. We can export deducting the tax in question. Read below at 'taxes'!!!

Note that some guitars are in new condition but were actually bought from a collector, making them officially used.

USA made guitars are free of duty/import taxes when returned to the USA. 

  • Feel free to buy! You will be totally satisfied with your purchase. No hidden issues or flaws unless clearly stated!
  • all guitars come with full factory paperwork , warranty card and case candy when applicable only when new and unless otherwise stated. bid with confidence  and be sure to check out my other offers!!!
  • Shiping continental Europe is generally between 25 for western Europe and between 40 and 75-100 euro to Mediterranean CountriesI accept paypal, Credit Card, bank/wire transfers also accepted.
  • Items will ship when Payment is in!
  • Attention: No Bidders from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore etc. Orders from these countries are only taken in combination with bank transfer payments!!! No exceptions!
Bank account
Max Guitar Inc. The Hague, the Netherlands
ING bank 67.52 45 168
IBAN:  NL96 INGB 0675 2451 68
Paypal: Paypal account must be verified and shippable to a confirmed address. i will only ship to a confirmed Paypal address. it is your responsibility to make sure your Paypal account is accurate, verified and confirmed. if your information is incomplete, i will not ship the item and i will not refund your Paypal payment until alternate payment is sent.
We ship standard UPS with notification and tracking. Your shipment is uninsured, but for 1% extra we will insure the package. ASK US for the upgrade! Or if you would like to upgrade to priority or Express shipment, let us know and we will get you a quote.
Note that we do not accept returns or refunds!!!! 

Thank you for your order.

Rough Indications for UPS:

  • Deutschland – Luxembourg - Belgium:  € 35.00
  • UK-France-Poland: € 50,00
  • Schwitzerland-Austria-Czech republic-Ireland: € 60,00-100,00
  • Italy - Portugal-Spain-Sweden-Poland-Finland-Norway: €80.00  
  • Greece-Romania €125.00  
  • USA-Canada: €155.00  
  • Australia-Japan: €200.00  
Other countries please ask
If you make an offer or agree with the asking price, you expressly agree to pay whatever shipping fee UPS charges to your address. I will not tolerate buyers who wish to haggle over charges after they have already bought the item, or try to back out because they did not know the shipping cost higher than they thought. ignorance is not an excuse to back out of the sale  so contact me before you bid and we can find the best shipping solution. i will not look for alternate shippers unless we negotiate before you bid!!!

Everything will be shipped quickly, and will be packed safely. We are a  shipping specialist. We ship goods all over the world and are dedicated to handle our goods with care. We will ship anywhere in the world 

  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for any shipping and (outside the EU) your local import taxes and/or duties. 
  • There are NO extra taxes or costs inside the European Community.
  • We can sell without VAT/salestax when: 1: you have  a verifiable tax number. Or 2: when you are located outside the E.U. ask us for more information! (However this is only interesting when your local VAT rates are much lower than ours (19%) as you will then have to pay your local percentage of VAT at the border.)
  • European community based business dealers outside the Netherlands that can identify themselves with a traceable VAT/MWST/BTW number won't  be charged with the 19% VAT. Shipping address has to be the actual and traceable VAT registered address.
  • Our Prices our inclusive of 19% VAT on new items and a variable (from zero to 19%) amount of VAT on USED items
  • USA made guitars are free of duty/import taxes when returned to the USA. 


Max Guitar LTD. is a family business and we believe in serving customers. Fair and Square is our Motto. We treat our customers the way we like to be treated. We hope our customers treat us with the same respect we treat them.. so please return as soon as possible. 

We allow returns only when the item is incorrect, faulty or defective as long as we are notified in writing within 24 hours of receipt of item. Damage because of shipping the article is at the full risk of the buyer and any insurance claims (when applicable) will have to be made by the buyer) any return shipping is at cost of the buyer unless we made a mistake, which of course could happen….

You may also exchange used items for any other within 14 days of delivery with prior notice within 48 hours of delivery. Vintage items are known for wear and tear but we describe them as detailed as possible. We use terms like Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Excellent+  It is impossible to describe every piece of wear and tear and we ask you not to hold us to an impossible standard here! That is why we advise customers to call or email us for a detailed description on hand prior to bidding.

Max Guitar BV - Laan van Meerdervoort 612 - 2564 AK - Den Haag / The Hague - The Netherlands
Max Guitar NijmegenBV V
an Berchenstraat 3-B - 6511 BA Nijmegen - The Netherlands 

Phone:  0031 (0)70 4490333  Fax: 0031 (0)70 4490237  VAT/Tax: NL 818072684B01 KvK: 28100772  email:

Max Guitar BV is a registered Limited Company - The Hague Chamber of Commerce 28100772 – VAT nr: 1458.86.128 B02 

Rechtliche Informationen des Verkäufers

Max Guitar
Robbert van der Ende
Laan van Meerdervoort 612
2564 AK
2564 AK the Hague

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: NL 145886128B02


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