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Home Enema Set - Full colonic irrigation, douche and anal cleansing enema bag
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18. Nov. 2012 14:55:19 MEZ
EUR 18,50
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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Großbritannien


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Artikelzustand: Neu Brand: Pic Solution
What is it?

This is a do it yourself Home Enema kit. Comes with a 2 litre blue bag, a hose, on/off nozzle and 2 tips (one for vagina douching and one for the other side depending what you want to use it for).

Why do this?

There are many reasons for having an enema. Here is just some of it.

  1. To clean the anus, rectum and colon: whether for the health benefits of colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy, to detox, for the beautiful skin a clean colon gives or for the pleasure of being clean from the inside 
  2. To clean the vagina for immediate relief from uncomfortable periods as well as for regular feminine cleanliness

To use simply fill the bag with body temperature water, preferably not from the tap as the chlorine in tap water can make some people feel queasy.

Use the hanging handle of the enema bag to hang it about chest height.

Make sure the tube is free from air bubbles by squeezing the tube or releasing the on/off valve whilst holding the tip higher than the bag. 

Place a towel on the floor and lie on your right hand side (one should lie on one's right hand side as this makes it easier for the water to enter the colon due to the way the colon is shaped). Lubricate and insert the tip the tip gently.

Turn the on/off valve and allow the water to enter slowly. The higher your enema is hung the faster the water will enter. It's a gentle process and you can stop the valve and move to release the water at any point. Once you feel full inside, turn the valve off, get up and go to the toilet. Sit upright and enjoy the instant feeling of relief you get!

It is best to do several rinses. The rectum and lower colon is often full and restricts the user to just a small amount of water entering. By returning to the enema and cleansing a second, third and more times, the water will move in easier and deeper each time, leaving you cleaner and more refreshed.

For vaginal douching, follow the above instructions but rather than lying, sit on the toilet or use a shower cubicle or bath as the water will rinse out immediately the without retention the colon has. Many women advocates of douching state that it immediately lessens their period pains. In addition, a mix of pure water with a tablespoon wheatgrass powder may be used to assist in the relief of thrush and vaginal itching. 

How can you tell if this is a good quality product?

This home enema kit is made to high standards in Italy by Pic Solution, a world leader in medical grade healthcare disposables and diagnostic tools. Pic Solution have been making healthcare products since the 1950s and do not sell direct to the public, only via distributors like us at The Detox Shop. The manufacturing process is ISO 9001/2000 accreditted to reassure that all materials used in this intimate use product are non-toxic and suitable for contact with your sensitive areas as well as up to the rigorous standards of medical professionals. We only recommend home enema kits by Pic Solution because we want our home enema kits to give you assurance that you have medical grade quality for your health and hygiene needs.

What else should you know?

For your discretion, this is supplied in an unmarked brown padded envelope so your health and hygiene secrets will remain yours. This item is brand new and unused and ships from our distribution center in London, UK. Customers in Ireland get tracked shipping by International Signed-For delivery as standard (that's 3 - 5 working day delivery) or the option of fast courier delivery (order by 2pm for 2 working day delivery) so you can start using you home enema kit really quickly. Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours Monday to Friday and if you need assistance we're here to help between 10am and 5pm on 0208 123 9800.

Colon cleansing is non-toxic and can be used as frequently as is desired. Cleopatra was famous for use of it as part of her beauty regime and many natural health clinics will recommend regular colon cleanses as part of a detoxification and health building protocol.

This home enema kit allows you to do that at home whenever you want for the mere price of some bottled water! To colon cleanse in a clinic can easily cost more than EUR 60 a session plus you can only go when they are available. Now you can go whenever and experience and enjoy the pleasure that feeling clean from within brings!

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