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Details zu  Avid Media Composer 8 Vollversion + Matrox MXO2 mini + HP Z420 Workstation

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Avid Media Composer 8 Vollversion + Matrox MXO2 mini + HP Z420 Workstation
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Avid Mediacomposer v8 + Matrox MXO2 mini + HP Z 420

****Komplett installiert - Sie können sofort loslegen - Ready to Work****

Direkt vom AVID Partner

HP Z420 Xeon Workstation 1x E5-1650 3.2GHz/16GB RAM/1TB HD/NVIDIA K2000/Win7_64 + 4 TB Videospeicher

Media Composer | Software
The professional's choice for creative editorial

What is Media Composer?
Media Composer is proven and trusted by professional editors in every segment of film, television, and broadcast. Designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, real-time collaboration, and powerful media management, eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story. And now the choice is yours—edit on premises, remotely through the cloud, on demand, through a low-cost subscription, or purchase a license outright—making Media Composer the most versatile and accessible tool for professional creative editorial.

New features

The choice is yours
Media Composer now gives you more choices in how you acquire and use the software. Edit on premises or remotely through the cloud. Work on a Mac or PC. Access the software through a monthly or annual subscription or on demand with a floating license. Or own the software outright forever with a perpetual license. In addition, you can configure it your way with the options you need to get the job done, from real-time remote collaboration through Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere), to advanced color correction and mastering tools, iNEWS and ENPS integration, and software for creating effects, titles, and more. It’s the only professional editing solution that’s available everywhere you need it, the way you want it.

Get easy access to the industry’s most trusted tools
Significantly lower your cost of entry and get support every step of the way by accessing the latest Media Composer | Software and Media Composer | Symphony Option on a recurring monthly or annual (most cost-effective) basis. Or buy and own Media Composer outright (perpetual license) and get one year of standard Avid Support and software upgrades, with additional upgrades available thereafter by renewing your support plan anually.

Deploy licenses on demand
For large-scale media enterprise, post-production houses, and educational institutions, Media Composer now offers floating licensing, enabling you to purchase a “pack” of shared licenses to deploy across your entire facility using a single system ID. This enables multiple editors to use Media Composer on any number of workstations when licenses are available (not actively in use).

Stay up to date with the new application manager
Media Composer comes with a new application manager that keeps you up to date with your software. See what Avid software, AMA plug-ins, and related third-party applications you have installed on your system. Get notified when new updates, upgrades, and renewals are available. Activate and download new software, updates, and upgrades from the interface. And if you’re interested in a new product or upgrade, you can even see if a software trial is available to try it out first. It will even alert you about special offers, upcoming webinars, and events.

Accelerate your high-res workflow
More content today is shot with high-res cameras, but the majority of programming is still HD. With the new FrameFlex tools, you can immediately start working in HD directly from high-res sources and maintain full creative control of the image reframing and keyframing, from beginning to end. In addition, 1D/3D Look Up Tables (LUTs) and Color Decision Lists (CDLs) make it easy to perform real-time RAW and LogC to Rec. 709 color space conversions.

Automate your media management
Gain more time for creativity with new features that accelerate and simplify file-based workflows. With Dynamic Media Folders, noncreative media tasks such as transcoding, copying, and consolidating can be automated in the background, without disrupting your editorial flow. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind as Media Composer now fully manages AMA-linked media as reliably as it does with native Avid media.

Edit and collaborate remotely in real time
Edit, share, tag, track, and sync media and projects with everyone on your editing team—no matter where you are in the world. Media Composer enables you to connect to Interplay | Production systems through Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere), making remote cloud-based collaboration easy and cost-effective. What’s more, you can edit just as efficiently as you would if you were all at the home facility, using the same tools and workflows you know and trust.

Gain total audio control
Forget wasting time mixing down audio levels by trial and error. With the new Master Audio Fader, you can insert RTAS plug-ins to tweak tones and optimize the overall program loudness, making broadcast regulation adherence quick and easy. You can also now make audio adjustments to any clip directly in the timeline—independently of any track-based automation—with the Clip Gain control.

Streamline the video workflow with Pro Tools users
Video Satellite is now included with Media Composer, enabling audio editors and mixers to play Avid HD and SD video sequences directly in sync with their Pro Tools session, while maintaining full system power. In addition, Pro Tools | Software now includes the Avid Video Engine, enabling Pro Tools sound editors and mixers to play HD video of the latest Media Composer cuts directly in the Pro Tools timeline.

Expand your creativity with options
Edit with the exact tools you need by simply adding options for the workflows you want. Add advanced and secondary color correction tools, mastering tools, and the Boris Continuum Complete Lite effects pack with the Media Composer | Symphony Option for online editing. Integrate Media Composer into iNEWS and ENPS workflows with the Media Composer | NewsCutter Option for news editing. Find the right clips or the best takes fast with the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option or Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, which both offer powerful dialog search capabilities to locate relevant clips quickly. And capture, monitor, and output video with a hardware-accelerated Media Composer | Nitris DX or Media Composer | Mojo DX video I/O interface.

And more…
• Create cut lists and EDLs from within Media Composer
• Do multicam editing in stereoscopic 3D
• Get 9-way real-time multicam support for Long GOP (XDCAM) media
• Select multiple clips in the timeline without the filler
• Edit without interruption with new audio waveform caching
• View location sound metadata from Broadcast Wave files with support for iXML
• Deliver finished sequences to a standardized AS-11 (AMWA) MXF OP1a file
• Work with Alpha channel media using the new AMA QuickTime with Alpha plug-in
• Edit easier with new AMA enhancements:
- Find what you need faster with the new AMA navigation window
- Consolidate or transcode only AMA clips in your sequence
- Relink to specified video and audio tracks in your timeline
- Speed through tasks with drag-and-drop support

Software options

Media Composer | Symphony Option
Correct color and master faster by adding advanced and secondary color correction tools, plus mastering tools, to your editing workflow with this option for Media Composer | Software. What's more, it comes with Boris Continuum Complete Lite, enabling you to create stunning 2D and 3D graphics and effects to get the look you want.

Media Composer | NewsCutter Option
Integrate Media Composer directly with iNEWS and/or ENPS systems to streamline your news editing to on-air workflow with this option for Media Composer | Software. This option adds the functionality of the NRCS Tool found in NewsCutter, which is now discontinued, though many of its features and settings are now a part of Media Composer.

Media Composer | PhraseFind Option
Find the right clips fast with this powerful dialog search option for Media Composer | Software. PhraseFind indexes all clip dialog in your project, enabling you to search for content quickly using a keyword or phrase—a huge timesaver for reality TV shows and other dialog-driven material.

Media Composer | ScriptSync Option
Find the best takes fast with this powerful dialog search and analysis option for Media Composer | Software. Ideal for scripted TV shows, movies, and transcribed documentaries, ScriptSync analyzes all clip dialog in your project and then syncs all relevant clips to the script, so you can find and compare all associated takes and make decisions quickly.

Hardware options

Whether you want to capture, monitor, and output video; record voiceovers, overdubs, or other audio; or speed up your editing with hands-on precision, you have a wide range of powerful and reliable Avid and third-party hardware to fit your needs and budget—for Mac and PC.

Video I/O and monitoring options
Capture, monitor, and accelerate your editing workflow with these Avid video interfaces. (Please note that older Avid video hardware is no longer compatible with the latest Avid editing software.)

• Media Composer | Nitris DX: High-performance, dual link, customizable analog/digital I/O and monitoring
• Media Composer | Mojo DX: High-performance digital I/O and monitoring

System requirements

For optimal performance and reliability, be sure that your computer or laptop meets the following minimum system requirements for the latest version of Media Composer.

Important: Avid dedicates a significant amount of engineering resources and time to test and qualify specific platform configurations. Our Customer Success and Engineering teams are equipped with these systems in our development and support labs. For an optimal experience with Media Composer, we strongly recommend choosing an Avid-qualified system. We cannot guarantee performance, compatibility, or the resolution of issues with other systems.

• Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer
• OS:Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit), Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise (64-bit)
• Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 or Quad Core Xeon processor
• Memory:
- 4 GB RAM minimum (6+ GB recommended)
- 8 GB RAM minimum required to support Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)1, background transcoding, and Dynamic Media Folders
- 16+ GB RAM recommended to support full-frame stereoscopic 3D, simultaneous background transcoding, Dynamic Media Folders, FrameFlex 4K workflows, Raw format AMA plug-ins, Long GOP media editing, and other high-performance workflows
• Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro family2 (Q600 or higher recommended), Intel HD4000
• Internal hard drive: Minimum 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA drive, 128 GB SSD

Mac OS X
• Computer: Avid-qualified Mac-based computer
• OS: Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks (64-bit)
• Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 or Quad Core Xeon processor
• Memory:
- 4 GB RAM minimum (6+ GB recommended)
- 8 GB RAM minimum required to support Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)1, background transcoding, and Dynamic Media Folders
- 16+ GB RAM recommended to support full-frame stereoscopic 3D, simultaneous background transcoding, Dynamic Media Folders, FrameFlex 4K workflows, Raw format AMA plug-ins, Long GOP media editing, and other high-performance workflows
• Graphics card:NVIDIA GeForce family2 (recommended), Intel HD4000 or ATI Radeon family (as supported by Apple) )
• Internal hard drive: Minimum 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA drive, 128 GB SSD

Additional compatibility information
• QuickTime: Avid has tested and qualified Apple QuickTime X for Mac users and QuickTime 7.6.9 for Windows users
• Windows Media Player: Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 is required to export certain formats and to work with VC-1 material

1 Media Composer | Cloud is not supported on systems using background transcode or Dynamic Media Folders. Avid recommends 12+ Gb of RAM for Media Composer | Cloud workflows involving HD long GOP media, such as AVCHD, MPEG-2, and XDCAM. For more information, please consult the Media Composer | Cloud product page

2 NVIDIA cards are recommended; full-screen playback requires a minimum of 128 MB of graphics memory. For information regarding the graphics card supported with your specific configuration, please refer to the Avid-qualified Windows-based computer list or Avid-qualified Mac-based computer list.

What's included

Media Composer (monthly/annual subscription)
• Media Composer—Edit SD, HD, and stereoscopic 3D material
• Media Composer | Symphony Option—Add advanced color, effects, and mastering tools
• Boris Continuum Complete Lite—Create 2D and 3D graphics, effects, and more
• NewBlue Titler Pro v2—Create 2D and 3D video titles
• Sorenson Squeeze Lite—Optimize and deliver content
• EDL Manager—Export timecode metadata
• FilmScribe—Export film metadata
• iZotope Insight 30-day trial—View and troubleshoot audio mixes
• Standard Avid Support (includes software updates/upgrades)

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COLOR & LIGHT Computergraphics, Carlos Ogando
Carlos Ogando
Kronenmattenstr. 3
79100 Freiburg

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE 142055402
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