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Details zu  AXA NANO PLUS USB Steady ND LED Front Light 50 LUX

AXA NANO PLUS USB Steady ND LED Front Light 50 LUX

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EUR 65,99
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Bautzen, Deutschland
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Type: Head Light
Features: Dynamo, Water Resistant Bulb Type: LED
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AXA NANO PLUS USB Steady ND LED Front Light 50 LUX  

AXA NANO PLUS USB Steady ND LED Front Light 50 LUX

Model: 40727931
Manufacturer: AXA
Basic price: Stk / 65,95 Euro
Product Description
AXA NANO PLUS USB Steady ND LED Front Light 50 LUX

Always the right perspective - at any speedIntelligent Beam has the objective to enable a demand-oriented illumination of the route in front of you. Assisted by the unique Intelligent Beam ® technology, the light of 50 lux NANO Plus is automatically brought into a defined and needed illumination level, depending on the speed and therefore adapted to current circumstances.

- up to 50 lux light output
- Intelligent Beam Technology
- USB port for charging mobile phone, GPS or MP3 player ....
- high-power LED
- optimum light distribution
- 30,000 hours
- stand light condenser with at least 4 min
- clear glassautomatic starting
- free-form surface technique
- double connection (2 x power / 2 x mass)
- double Cable: 60 cm
- housing made from shock resistant plastic
- surge protection
- splashproof
- suitable for hub dynamo
- OEM packed
- without pin assignment
- weight: 150 g

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