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Carl Martin Surf Trem neue Version DEMO! Nur 1 Stk !
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19. Feb. 2012 16:04:58 MEZ
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Kufstein, Österreich


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Carl Martin Surf Trem neue Version!

Demogerät aus unserem Shop !





Remember the great tremolo tones of the 50's and 60's? The 'Surf Trem' gets its' trem circuit from the CM Tremovibe. With just a 'speed' and 'depth' control (just like our old tube amp) those classic tones are easy to achieve. The retro heavy diecast case with 9 volt battery compartment, cool colour and heavy duty bypass switch, make the 'Surf Trem' a must have in every pedal box.


VINTAGE GUITAR (USA) MAY 2006 Vintage Series
First up we tried the Surf Trem and with excellent results, it proved to have a lush 50s Fenderish style tremolo effect with an un-choppy deep swish and smooth wave form that sounded great.  Switching the pedal in and out several times revealed that it did not color the tone at all and did not add any noise, clean and transparent, just adding the an outstanding tremolo effect.  We compared the Surf Trem to the tremolo circuit in the Fender Bandmaster, and could get them to sound nearly exactly the same, in fact we almost preferred the Surf Trem because of its ability to produce a deeper effect and its wider range of speed settings.

Carl Martin Surf Trem
Price Paid: USD 98
Submitted 07/17/2009 at 08:23pm by Walter

Ease of Use : 10
2 chicken head knobs spaced apart far enough that you can use your feet to adjust each separately.

Sound Quality : 10
It's not just for surf. Deep, rich, thick, even on lower depth and rate settings. High rate and low depth gives almost a chorus-ey shimmer. Very nice. Does not effect tone when on or off. That's not a signal drop you're hearing, that's the volume drop when the trem cycles. That's what a trem does, duh.

Reliability : 10
Plugging in/out of the jacks is difficult. These aren't those plastic Dano jacks. They're tough. Never had an issue with this or any of the other 2 Carl Martin Classic series effects.

Customer Support : No Opinion

Overall Rating : 10
I don't like to gush over things or give all 10's willy nilly, but for under 100 bucks, you can't beat this. It does take up a lot of space, but that's the price to pay for foot-controllable knobs. The people who complain about the huge footprint are the same ones who would say Boss knobs are impossible to turn with your foot. You can't have it both ways. It's not Lovetone size, but it's not MXR size either. I find that the wide top part fits nicely up against Boss/Mxr pedals. It slopes at just the right spot for the narrow part to go up against an angled cable end so you can kind of snug it in without wasting a ton of space.


Carl Martin Surf Trem
Price Paid: AUD 150
Submitted 01/18/2009 at 07:37am by Mike
Email: mikejmeehan<at>hotmail dot com

Ease of Use : 10
No need for firmware, instructions etc. It's a trem. It doesn't even have a wave knob. You have to try to get a bad sound from this.

Sound Quality : 9
Just great for what it does. I'm using Fender Mustangs and a Jag into a string of pedals and a Laney LC-30 tube combo or, on special occasions, a Vase Trendsetter 60 valve head (through a Marshall 212 cab).

The only criticism I can find is sometimes there's a slight pop when engaging it, but a couple of my pedals get that, so it may be my set up.

I admire companies that just pick one sound (ie., one trem wave shape) and run with it, instead of having all the variations under the sun. Shows some confidence in their tone. I have an old old old MXR Phase 45, with only a rate knob. They banked on every other adjustment for the pedal being perfect- and they were right. As were Carl Martin.

Reliability : 10
I have a few tremolos, as it my favourite effect, so I have plenty of back ups. BUT I don't think I will ever need one. This pedal looks and feels very solid. I've had it for at least 2 years now and no problems at all.

NOTE: Someone has to confirm this but I'm sure that when I first got it, I emailed Carl Martin and they said that these pedals are not made in Denmark, nor is any of this line. They are budget pedals manufactured in the Far East. It doesn't detract from the quality of them but it's still noteworthy.

Customer Support : 10
The clown in the music shop couldnt work out how the battery compartment lid fitted and snapped it trying. I emailed Carl Martin about it and they emailed back straight away. They had a new compartment cover mailed to me (in Australia) within a week.

Overall Rating : No Opinion
Just does what it says it does. Emulates Fender amp tremolo. No harshness, no volume drop, no machine gun stutter. I'm so glad it doesn't have any other adjustments- just speed and depth, like a trem should.

I play indie stuff, but it should be great for surf, country or whatever genre you choose to invent (and please do).

Great pedal.

Carl Martin Surf Trem
Price Paid: USD 70 USED
Submitted 11/19/2007 at 03:33pm by Surfer Beto

Ease of Use : 10
This pedal seeks to emulate the tremolo of an old school Fender amp. It has two knobs: speed and depth. It's very simple. Unplug input to disconnect the battery, if you use one.

Sound Quality : 10
I have Fender Super Sonic combo amp (60W) with great reverb, but no tremolo. Back in the 80s I owned a black-face Fender Pro Reverb, with great reverb and tremolo. This pedal is exactly the ticket to give my new Fender amp the tremolo of my old blackface Fender!

I play a '79 Fender Stratocaster (Kinman Woodstock + pups, K9 switching) > Crybaby wah (Garmopat mod) > Carl Martin Surf Trem > TS-9 > Fender SuperSonic combo amp (effects loop: Ibanez Fl-7, Digitech x-series delay) > THD Hotplate attenuator.

The Surf Trem plays nicely with all my other pedals. I just got a little Roland Micro Cub practice amp (so I can rock with headphones late at night), and the Surf Trem plays nicely with that too.

It is dead quiet. They say it is not a true bypass pedal, but it achieves that effect in any case. No loss of my guitar's lovely tone when in bypass mode. The effect also adds very little noise when it's on. Just sweet, clean volume modulation.

Tremolo seems like a very simple and basic effect. I demo-ed a few boutique trem pedals (Smart People Factory, one or two others) at a local shop and found them all surprisingly noisy- added annoying, very noticeable hummy hiss to my signal. I bought a used Carl Martin pedal on eBay based on the strength of the HC reviews, and am really impressed with the sound.

It is warm, smooth, and has a good range of response on both knobs. Just like the effect in my old Fender amp. This is definitely my favorite pedal at this time. I use my digital delay less now that I have this.

You can sound like Peter Buck on the REM's "Monster" album (with lots of additional fuzz), or like Creedence back in the day, or like any surf guitar hero from the DelTones on down. Set speed to max, the trem is a very nice complement to some overdrive for a frenetic, punky, new wavey sound (think Sonic Youth). Everybody from Carl Perkins to the latest 14 year old garage rocker needs some tremolo sometimes!

Reliability : 8
I've only had it about 4 months now, but it seems really solid. I would gig without a backup, because I'm too poor to own much/any extra equipment. This company's reputation is very good. My rating here is a gimme.

Customer Support : No Opinion
No need for contact. No opinion.

Overall Rating : No Opinion
I play surf guitar, rockabilly, and 60s-90s rock 'n 'roll. Against all odds I now find myself in a church band.

This pedal is exactly what I was looking for, which is the trem effect of a blackface Fender amp that my modern Fender tube amp lacks. I can't imagine a pedal that does this better.

I use it in a variety of ways. Slow (several second) sweep, with depth set around 10:00, faster vibe (3 sweeps/ beat) with more depth, high rate augmenting my overdrive pedal.

I'm about to get a compressor, and assume I need to put the compressor upstream of this pedal so it doesn't strive to cancel the trem's effect.

I would replace this pedal without a second thought if it were lost.

I love the powerful, glorious teal color and sturdy metal case. By far the most attractive pedal on my board. It is rather large- I could probably fit two Boss pedals in the footprint this one occupies. But I could defend myself in a bar room brawl with this thang; it's big and solid. Rubber feet make it hard to velcro to the pedal board (same problem with my wah). I'll work that out someday

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