armbands that were worn by Holocaust prisoners

Mag ich anklicken, wenn dieser Ratgeber hilfreich war
Hi all,
I´m from germany and found this article (see title) by accident.
I was really shocked, cause the truth is, there where no such armbinds! They are all faked.
Please excuse my english, I try as hard as I can..
When the sorting out started Jewish people where bound to carry marks to show their Jewish herritage to everyone.(Nürnberger Gesetze)

That was a.) a second name in the passport, "Sara" for woman and "Israel" for men and the "Jewish Star" which was a piece of yellow cloth, formed of two triangles, with the writing "Jude" -german for Jew- in the middle.. the lettertyp was looking a bid like hebrew, which was intended to make "fun" out of them. The stars had to be stiched on all "upper cloth" such as shirts, blouses, coats, etc. These stars are called "Davidstern".

I hope, that you will find usefull information also in english wikipedia if you search for this word.
There were no armbinds. The people in prisons and Lagern hat to wear uniforms where the Davidstern was allready embroidered.

The only use of armbinds was in the war itself, when people had to do duties of all kinds. Everything was chaotic and messed up and there was no such thing as uniforms or workcloth and some also had to be changed to fast. The non working german woman, that had to save the folk by producing children, all of a sudden had to work in the "Luftabwehr" (air raid defence) and to operate Flak-Geschütze (flak-cannons?!). Or air raid shelter caretaker, who had to organize the in and out of the people when there was an alarm, cause not everybody was aloud to enter every shelter. Many jobs and many people. They simply put on the armbind and were in charge. In military ways, for example all kinds of counters, short time leaders, or duties of the easy replaceable kind.

Please search for "Davidstern", "Kleiderordnung", "Nürnberger Gesetze" and find out yourself.

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