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Studio von Wolfenton Music Austria
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Studio von Wolfenton Music Austria

Create Music on Computer

all you need is Inspiration....
What do you need to Start?
a Pc (Dual or Quadcore 4GB is OK!)
a Soundcard with "Asio" features
a Software like Ableton or FL-Studio
a Midi Keyboard to play IN!
a Soundsystem & Headphones!

Every Produce-journey begins with a first step, but taking that first step isn't always easy. In fact, many people find that starting a hobby like this is the most difficult part of the First Step process. Fortunately, Youtube is here to help – here are many Videos you can look if the well of inspiration has temporarily run dry. Type on Youtube words like "FL Studio" or  "Ableton" or "Make Music with PC"  and you find many Help! Enjoy and believe on Music Friends all over Wolrd. You need no more Hardware like a PC / Soundcard / Midikeyboard to start! If You work on Laptop - it´s OK too! You can use a external USB Audio Card!
But you always can ask me too! All you need -> you buy on Ebay for easy MONEY!
Search on Google or Youtube and Facebook "WOLFENTON MUSIC"  ..
I´ll be there if you have any question!  your Musican Friend Wolfenton!
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