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I was searching for a 12 string guitar, left-hand model and was prepared to pay up to €1000.-
In Germany, the left-hand market is small, and for a 12 string almost non-existent. 

Upon searching, I found the ebay shop "Gitarrenschmiede" that sells mostly Weller Guitars. Weller is a German instrument luthier with a shop in Hessen. 

Mr. Weller has a very bad online reputation. Several Guitar forums have flamed and ridiculed him for producing "trash" or reselling Chinese produced guitars.  I read many of these entries and came to the conclusion that NONE of the arrogant, ridiculing people making these statements had ever played or even seen an instrument from Mr Weller. Ironically, it's this empty and baseless ridicule that made me decide to order the guitar and give Mr Weller a chance. I wanted to see for myself.  I ordered a 12 String Jumbo, Maple back and sides, Solid Spruce top, Abalone inlays for €465.  

I have played guitar for 20 years. I own a Takamine EAN10 Western (€1100) and a Martin DCPA4 (€1200) and a few others, so I know what to expect in that price range. The guitar I received from Weller exceeded any of my expectations and can more than hold its own with the models named above. There are 4 things I look at when buying a guitar, in order of importance: 

1. Sound
2. Playability
3. Price
4. Aesthetics

The weller 12 string has an extremely easy and low string position with no buzzing, has a wonderful sound with very full bass and scintillating high tones is wonderfully finished (clear gloss finish) with extreme attention to detail. Real Abalone inlays around the entire binding and sound hole. Just gorgeous. 

I was so impressed, I ordered the last left-hand dreadnought guitar (6 string) in their shop the SAME DAY the 12 string was delivered. I do not know how Mr. Weller can produce guitars of this quality for so cheap, and frankly, I don't care. I've got mine and they are both absolutely wonderful. 

I can completely recommend a Weller acoustic guitar to anyone looking for quality at an (insanely) low price. 
It seems good quality at a more than fair price is still out there.

Some advice: don't believe people's negativity in online forums. Always consider the source and research until you find qualified information. I'm glad I did.

That's my .02

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