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Mag ich anklicken, wenn dieser Ratgeber hilfreich war

Wolfgang , das hast du jetzt ein Jahr so durchgezogen, das ist bedauerlich. Auch Deine Ratgeber in GB und USA sind ja eher witzig, hast Du nicht englisch gelernt?

How many negative assessments may a shop assistant have

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If I look some shop assistants, I see RED. RED How?! negative assessments and richly It follow discomfort upon discomfort, it is announced in Ebay and it lasts too long to eBay is reacted. Many buyers are helpless and depressed and it follow more and more. Ebay? How much negative assessments you still admit, an imposition his members is to be left so helplessly. If A system in everybody by too many negative assessments makes nothing more may sell and from Ebay trade it is excluded, to the thing was regulated. An imposition is to be collected for honest members instead of stars only negative assessments.

Everybody thinks!?

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Everybody thinks!? it especially feels well to wait with his order up to the last second. This make approx.: 80% of the bidders and mostly
come away empty-handed with this method! Why? With me it has already very often
seemed that I have not got an auction because the Internet was overloaded and the computer has hanged itself. I have been angry very much at the fact which left the product for a bargain price and I could not cooffer.
Therefore, I give my Höchstgebot immediately what I would like to pay for this article. Therefore I can prevent which passes this misfortune to me over again.
If one quite early the Höchstgebot gives one runs danger one is outbid. But rather outbid than long around, otherwise, waited. Many thanks for reading and valuing.

So kennen wir unseren Wolfgang , immer ehrlich und fair :

"Ich werde wieder ein paar Testberichte und Ratgeber online stellen. Wenn die Nein Stimmen nicht aufhören, dann werde ich  jeden Tag 50 Ratgeber veröffentlichen (hintereinander), bewerten lassen und wieder Löschen. Diesen Vorschlag hat mir dieses Mitglied gemacht und ich werde diesen Vorschlag annehmen."

Wolfgang deine Freunde werden immer mehr, einen Abend im Lan-Club und du wirst es merken.

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