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Ace v1.3.0
Information: Ace is needed to Make Creative Addons easier and gives more performance(suggested by Cartas)

Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
Information: This Work Just like Scrolling Combat Text, but it gives everything a better look with jump in texts and such.

Information: This Remove more then half of your unneeded Grapichs and save a lot of space, it also gives a nice look.

Information: Just Like TipBuddy, but its easier to manage also have some cool features with the extra options.

SW Stats
Information: Wanna track your Party's or raid's Healing and Damage? this is the addon!

Information: Works just like Titan but require less to run, it also got a smooth background.

Atlas Loot
Information: Wanna stay updated with drops in instances? this helps you a lot! but require Atlas installed.

Atlas Quest
Information: This gives you Informations about every quest in instances, you need Atlas for it.

All the addons list above you will find them in curse-gaming com

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