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We have been the leading vendor of original Thomas Sabo branded jewelry on eBay since more than tow years and do therefore feel obliged to adress the actual situation, which can be currently found on eBay in the category "Branded Jewelry -- Thomas sabo".

We have recently been receiving numerous enquiries from irritated customers regarding competitors, who are having their company seat in China or Hongkong and who are offering "Thomas Sabo 925 Charms" at dumping prices.

If you do not want to buy plagiarisms (which are eventually seized by customs), you should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Pay attention to the company seat of the supplier:
    The country from which the supplier is offering his goods is contained in every offer in the supplier details. If the supplier has his company seat in China or Hongkong, you should be very careful.
  2. Pay attention to the delivery fees:
    Vendors, who are pretending to offer original goods for 1,-- $ and are charging up to 20,-- $ for the delivery are unreliable.
  3.  Pay attention to the sellers`status:
    some vendors of Chinese plagiarisms are changing their accounts every 2 - 3 weeks, after the first articles have arrived at the customer and are followed by negative ratings. Secure shopping is offered by vendors with top ratings. These vendors fulfill eBay`s very high quality demands.
  4. Pay attention to the price:
    Although it is very seductive to buy a pretended original Thomas Sabo pendant for 5 - 15 $ including delivery fee, this is not advisable. Original Thomas Sabo Charm pendants are starting at a recommended retail price of 25 $. New, original Thomas Sabo Charms for 1 -5 $ do not exist!
    The plagiarisms are made of sheet, even if the offer promises 925 silver and shows a Thomas Sabo script. A "buy it now" price of 1 - 15 $ marks a fake.
  5. Don`t let yourself be misled from original Thomas Sabo photos:
    Original product photos from Thomas Sabo on eBay are being used from all suppliers without permission. Vendors, who are offering 1:1 fakes, are not concerned about stealing original photos from Thomas Sabo`s website in order to deceive their customers. The poor fakes could be easily made out as cheap plagiarisms, if the real photos of the goods were shown. Therefore, such suppliers ars hiding their fakes behind original product photos.
  6. Professional and reliable vendors always have their own product photos:
    This takes time and money. The positve replies from our customers and our success shows us, that this is a worthwhile effort. Our photos also serve as a brand recognition. Attempts from vendors to use our photos without permission for their offers will continuously be tracked quickly and without any problems  due to the eBay VeRI-Program. Such offers, once reported to eBay, will be easily deleted by eBay and forwarded to our lawyer for prosecution. If you see our photos, the article is real.
  7. Dont let yourself be deceivedby alleged "authentic" stamps:
    Vendors, who are offering 1:1 fakes, are usually also copying the script "Thomas Sabo" and the "925" silver stamp, which are certifying the Thomas Sabo jewelry as originals. Quality has its price. If you doubt that the Charm you have received as a gift is an original, ask a jeweler who is offering Thomas Sabo jewelry. In comparison with original Thomas Sabo jewelry, fakes can be easily recognized as plagiarisms, which often are not made of 925 Sterling Silver.
Thank you for your attention and your positive rating.
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