Stone Island - HOW TO SPOT A FAKE

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To the average bloke on the street and to the peddlers/makers of fake rubbish the art number is just a jumble of letters and numbers. To people in the know, the Art number tells them, what year & season the garment is from, the brand i.e. Stone Island, CP Company, SI Denims etc., the type of garment i.e. Jacket, Shirt, Knit etc., the style and manufacturing process.  Very early pieces just have limited information and don't show the season/year or brand. 
The first two digits of the Art number refer to the Season/Year we are currently in S/S (Spring/Summer) 2013 so the code is 58 counting back 57 is A/W 2012 (Autumn/Winter) and 56 is S/S 2012 so on and so forth.  The next two digits tells you the brand these are listed below:

13 - CP Under 16
14 - S.I. Denims
15 - Stone Island
16 - Stone Island Junior
18 - CP Company
19 – SI Shadow Project
20 - CP Donna
25 - Collaboration ( Ortlieb, Nike, Porter etc.)

The next digit is the garment type a list of these is below.
0 - Leather
1 - Shirts
2 - T-Shirts
3 - Trousers
4 - Shoulder Pieces
5 - Knitwear
6 - Sweatshirts
7 - Long Coats
8 - Suit
9 - Bags/Hats/Accessories
A - Jacket/Blazer
B - Swimming Trunks
G - Waistcoat
L - Bermuda Shorts
M - Jacket
S - Shoes
The last 3 digits refer to the garment manufacture and dying processes.  So using this guide if you are looking at a brand new Stone Island t-shirt that has an Art number of  39184231 you know to leave well alone as the Art refers to an A/W 2003 CP Company Shoulder Piece (Jacket)  Always check that the Art number on the washing label is the same as the Art number on the swing tag, if it isn't something is not right!  Recently Stone Island have been reissueing past season items these are identified by the ART No. starting with 1015
The Washing Label - By far the easiest way to spot a fake.  There have been many incarnations of the washing label over the years, Up to early 90's the garments had CP Company labels (even Stone Island pieces had these), then came Gruppo GFT labels and finally the Sportswear SPA labels from around 1994 onwards.  The latter ALWAYS has the Art number and country of origin on them if yours doesn't you can say to 99.99% accuracy that it's dodgy.  There are tell tale pointers that you pick up by seeing fake and genuine labels these you pick up over the years by experience, the main difference is the font used, this is pretty hard to explain but you will get to know what is real and what isn't with the more genuine items that you buy.
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